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  1. My condolence to Dave family and friends.. He was an amazing guy and always a delight to be around. He will be greatly missed by many. I'm thinking about a way the forum can honor Dave..
  2. Welcome to the forum Grand and Donna.. I hope you enjoy the forum and Merry Christmas!@
  3. Welcome to the forum. And Merry Christmas..
  4. Hey blown. Where do you live? I have a friend that's an avid snowmobiler that ships sleds north(not sure if it's only his sleds) He's in the Kitchener area and might be worth calling them (JR Hall Transport in Ayr)
  5. Only one chromosome away from their neighbor?
  6. That's sad news.. I checked their website and it's for sale.. I love that place!!!!! Jake's Place Restaurant is For Sale. Below are some pictures and basic information about Jake's Restaurant. Please contact Jake or Donna Weller at 705-757-2012 for more details. http://www.jakesrestaurant.ca/index.php/for-sale/
  7. It is impossible to lick your elbow!!!

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  9. Hey Rick

    get a good avatar for Luc

  10. I heard that!!!! Do you mean beat me with a snowmobile helment?

  11. Monkey See.. Monkey Do...

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