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  1. Your accusation of "a pile of conspiracy theory filled, occasionally racist, sexist or homophobic crap, I shall stir it" is your second warning. If that's how you feel about the Monkey Barrel you might as well not be part of it. There has been zero racists posting or anything else that has offended anyone except for you, accusations like that are just your liberal way of smearing something you don't like. I did a search for the word libtard and it came up 3 times, twice posted by you and one other one not referring to you. What do you speak of?
  2. That kind of conduct in the Monkey Barrel will result in being voted off the island. Same as at my house, people trying to cause problems are removed immediately. Thread lightly
  3. I can't wait to give you your first 1 week vacation lol... and yes, you're at 1.... ish And not a total ban just from the Monkey Barrel.
  4. Hey OX... There was a lot of fighting going on in the Rant of the Day thread. Some members thought that covid and political posts didn't below on this forum. I wanted to end the fighting and a boycotting of the forum and try to make everyone happy. The Monkey Barrel is a place that people can post whatever they want without a fight breaking out. If members doing like it, they keep quiet and move on. The 3 warning and a week off the Monkey Barrel forum makes it easier for us to enforce and we don't want to ban people from the entire forum unless it's for the worst of offences (death threats/tre
  5. I visited your club's Facebook page and see lots of content but no requests for volunteers. When I joined the New Dundee SC, I started a website and got a lot of new people come to meetings which resulted in many more club members helping with trail staking etc. We had monthly club meetings especially during the riding season were very popular. We'd go out for a ride after the meetings too. The New Dundee club was being run by the same 6 people for many many years. The club's need new blood. With 1000 people liking your page, getting 20 volunteers should be fairly easy.
  6. Great job!!! Thanks for sharing with us. How many volunteers does your club still need? This forum is a good place to get some.
  7. I hope he's gonna be OK.... Police say a Cambridge man has serious injuries after his snowmobile flipped over in Woolwich Township. The Waterloo Regional Police Service says a man was injured Sunday in a snowmobile crash in Woolwich Township. Emergency responders were called to a field near Vance Road and Shantz Station around 12:30 p.m. Police say a 72-year-old man was driving the snowmobile when it flipped. He was taken to a hospital outside Waterloo Region with serious injuries. Police say their investigation in o
  8. I use these wifi temp and humidity sensors. They work great. I also have the water sensors. They have all kinds of wifi sensors and on/off switches. From Amazon WiFi Temperature and Humidity... https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08PVKLZHC?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  9. Hi Marni.. Thank you for posting this. I hope many oc.com members donate to help out Wild Bill's (Bill Park) grandson. Bill has helped many here on the forum. My prays are for baby Hardin and his family. Please keep us updated. Rick
  10. Who set the new price? Doctor Evil? We will increase it $5. Hehehehe
  11. I love playing the Ban game lol...
  12. How bout putting the word out to your club members and ask them or people they know with a business to advertise on your map. .It open up your options alot. How much is the ad? I know a few people that might be interested
  13. This is what my signature is about too.. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. A amazing way to live, and having a great wife is what makes that all possible. Respect for both Lynne and you.. Cheers
  14. Happy Birthday Nunz.. Have a great day
  15. Hey.. you've been added since your first request. I forgot to hit the like button. Anyways, welcome to the Monkey Barrel and please don't get offended by anything.
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