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  1. I do think, like with all forums, we had a small tight knit group from the beginning, until FB hit the internet. then the internet became a who's who, of big business buying popular forums, interjecting their ads, views, policing etc... this made members of the "family forum", leave looking for the same thing they just lost. and on FB, there were hundreds of small groups, just like ours. the beginning of the end for individual owned forums. (there are very few left). FB started off great, and the idea was solid... contacting and interacting with friends, family, old and new. and th
  2. the last version was ok, and a lot better than the first version. I am assuming the newest version from a new owning entity, will be state of the art. like a Swipe, Pump, and GO, type card reader. Ski
  3. I think Sksman was talking about a driver/delivery error but, there could be nefarious reasons as well. i wouldnt want to be the distributor, or retailer getting caught doing that, though. Ski
  4. that is probably the most wrong way to buy fuel. mid grade is probably the least purchased fuel out there. most people are too cheap to buy more than the cheapest. those that need premium for performance autos, lawn equipment etc... know the value of premium fuel and buy that. mid grade just sits. the thought is for a few pennies more, I can buy premium, or I save this much buying regular. your results may vary. there are lots of premium fueled toys in Dubreuilville. fuel will be ordered and delivered as use dictates. they dont completely fill the tanks and wait for it to drain dry
  5. Now, next Friday come I didn't have the rent, And out the door I went. Ski
  6. Trump will be too old by then, I really hope he doesnt run, it will only take away from another republican who could have a chance. too many people in the Orange Man BAD camp. it would just be a wasted vote, and campaign. and another complete clusterF@#K I would support Candace Owens (if she would be old enough by the time the next president would be sworn in), or Ron Desantis (Gov of Florida). or the South Dakota Governess, or the Alaska Governor... etc.... anybody but, sleepy joe, OMG this is terrible. Ski
  7. maybe there should be a sub-forum in the off topic forum for political posts. we have one in a motorcycle forum,I frequent. they call it the dungeon. if anyone posts political responses in anything but, the dungeon threads, they are warned first, then the infractions after are: temp suspensions, 1 day, 3 days, a week, a month... you get the picture. the mods and admin's run a tight ship, posts get up to almost infractions but, most people know the rules, and dont want to be banned so, things stay pretty civil except in the dungeon threads. then it gets heated. just a
  8. that dont be-front me, as long as I get my rent by Friday. lemme tell ya a little story, about the house rent blues. Ski
  9. my .02 is rant of the day is just that... us ranting on stuff that upsets us. we vent by putting it in print here, trying to make our case, or feel better. if people dont like the rant, they can just choose to not comment, or all the way up to ignoring certain members that conflict with your likes, beliefs. as far as all threads going to covid, or going political... that is going to happen in, the Off Topic forum which is just for that, non snowmobile related threads, what I did today, or the rant of the day thread. it is just going to happen. if some members dont like that, move
  10. Slomo used to be an easy going, make us laugh, and think, kind of person. he has some great stories, ideas, and reviews of products, and services, throughout Canada, and generally a great person, and a friend and asset to myself, and the site. But, being honest, in the last year or so, he has definitely changed quite a bit on this site, in my opinion. And although I respect @Blake G sticking up for @slomo, and do not want to see anyone banned, or voted off the island... I have noticed his (slomo) patience shorten, and his intolerance to many things, grow quickly. we all do not kn
  11. wasnt pointing anyone out at all, just stating, rick's house, rick's rules... there isnt censorship, there are rules. Ski
  12. the point is, this is Rick's house. if he doesnt like or want what people post (no matter who they are), it isnt censorship... it is his rules. dont like the rules, move on, mind your manners, or be removed. we all need to step back, take a breath and understand we wouldnt say certain things to certain peoples faces. just be civil, be a good person, bite our tongue's, now and then. rule one for the internet... "if you wouldnt write it on a billboard, and walk around in public with it on, you probably shouldnt type it, and hit send". rule 2, arguing on the
  13. White River doesnt even have a club at all. Craig Colbourne of the Marathon club, is the driving force in the area to get these trails back up, connected and running. the marathon club opened, groomed, maintained trail from marathon, to Dubreuilville's turn around with White River, with only help from Jeremy and Cynthia at the Fishing moose lodge on Hammer lake (the former H&C lodge on hwy 17). that has been in place for several years but, logging, time, manpower, funds, prevent it from opening up regularly. this year, he and his group of volunteers in Manitouwadge opened the t
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