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  1. White River doesnt even have a club at all. Craig Colbourne of the Marathon club, is the driving force in the area to get these trails back up, connected and running. the marathon club opened, groomed, maintained trail from marathon, to Dubreuilville's turn around with White River, with only help from Jeremy and Cynthia at the Fishing moose lodge on Hammer lake (the former H&C lodge on hwy 17). that has been in place for several years but, logging, time, manpower, funds, prevent it from opening up regularly. this year, he and his group of volunteers in Manitouwadge opened the t
  2. the prostarr hybrid with the rear ramp, is on my short list of trailers I would buy. I need one for the house in Dub but, because of travel restrictions, and not having sleds here in the states now, I have not been actively searching, or wanting to order one. personally I am looking at the 13' for the extra room to kick the tails out, and be able to haul the fishing sleigh. these trailers are built in michigan, and seem to be a decent build package. Ski
  3. cite the source, where this came from. and in what context the question was asked, to get this type of answer. genuinly curious... this is how nasty rumors get started. Ski
  4. Cannot like this enough PLC. Ski
  5. your post is the first I have heard of it. I honestly dont know what the thinking would be. the only thing I can link it to is, the orv/sxs user group association, has linked themselves to the snowmobile association, for a strength in numbers thing, in the past year or so. knowing you really cant snowmobile without a helmet due to the cold, the only reasoning I can see is, the SXS group cant smoke and drink beer, while driving through the woods, trail, or down the road (yes some can be street legal, it has went back and forth 2 times now, if they can be street legal or
  6. play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I wish these idiots would have to sign a legal waiver stating, if they get into an accident, have a head injury, or worse, their personal assets are charged, not an insurance company. that would make people think twice. ok, maybe not. Ski
  7. If cat would have offered this with a dual rail set up, I would be all over it. not sold on the single rail, with all the track, and rail issues they are having. we ride too much trail, to the play areas to be on a single rail, tippy sled. Ski
  8. dubreuilville is in Algoma Health region, Chapleau is in Sudbury region. the two could not be linked, per health regulations. dub no longer connects directly to chapleau and hasnt for many years. now you must link from searchmont, wawa, aubrey falls, to chapleau. Dub could not link to Hornepayne for the same reason. marathon, to white river/dub, same issue. different districts. Ski
  9. same way we feel about our little slice of heaven. so much crown land, logging roads, bush trails, heritage trails. can ride for days, never touch the same piece of ground. short cuts, long ways around, portages, lake, river running.... never the same, always something new. Ski
  10. the bad thing is, with conditions like this is, the clubs cant groom, if the night time temps dont drop below freezing. it will only make things worse. the warm wet snow just balls up, and sticks to the drag. best scenario is temps that drop just before dark, until about 10am or so. gives the club, groomer, and mother nature, to help fix the traffic damage. Ski
  11. they asked you to do that because they pay HUGE fees to the online booking sources. this saves them money, and you money. I am sure you can appreciate that. just ask Mo at the NL motel in Wawa, on how much the booking services get. Ski
  12. guess they dont want looping, touring riders there. usually we would stage at a hotel, leave rigs, ride for 3-5 days, return, load up, stay another night, and drive home. they received payment for 2 or more nights lodging, depending how long we stayed, the plan, loop etc... now, if it is a tiny parking area, I can see the need for offsite parking, when you are not onsite but, I wouldnt be excited about staying there again. a couple times in wawa years ago, we had to park offsite, not a fan. voiced my displeasure with my wallet. Ski
  13. lightning is a lesser model than the "regular full legend". look at skin thickness, framing, stud walls, and axle. most of the lightning will have standard leaf spring axle, over the torsion. there is a difference in pricing, and resale. 7' wide will tow nicer than the 8'+ wide, in the wind. not a fan of the front door, or fuel doors, to me they introduce another place to leak. but, with that said, if you dont get one long enough to pull straight in, and stagger the towables... backing one in to load sucks!!! good luck with your decision, and purchase. Ski
  14. thanks @Re:Leaf, maybe next year all the trails will open, the border will be open, and you guys and gals can set up a loop ride, and we can do an old fashioned OC ride in. we need a family reunion after all this. ride safe! have fun, take lots of pics, as @zrtkat says, we enjoy living through your pics, stories, descriptions, when we cant be there ourselves. say hi to the gang for us. Ski
  15. good choice, not that you had one. LOL! My wife is usually the one who kicks my butt, and says, load up, stop whining, let's go! usually ends up great too. safe travels to both of you. hope it is a good week off, and great riding. Ski
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