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  1. wasnt knocking, or mocking them, was more of a public service announcement, to help those plan for their ride around the closure. trying to keep everyone safe, and having good rides, & good memories. but, I see your point, I could have worded it a bit different. Ski
  2. Basecamp is saying the entire loop is closed to the canyon for Wednesday, on the book of feces. plan accordingly. guessing they wont be there to fuel you up, if you decide to ignore the warning, and closure. your results may vary. Ski
  3. you guys can, always have been able to... just have to fly across the border. us on the other hand have no option. Ski
  4. wouldnt that be nice for U.S residents with property in Ontario? Ski
  5. as stated above, closures asked about are from health unit borders. Ski
  6. the companion and the queens are now both owned by the same owner. Ski
  7. article I was referring to: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-canada-is-sleepwalking-into-a-third-wave-and-it-could-be-the-worst-one/?fbclid=IwAR09A7A7tC6m0bZd-Cae1b_Q_1aLJjZRz5PqQho5PiKpmOs8RiBqIfVu8j0 Ski
  8. getting ready for the next round of "issues"... I saw yesterday the fear mongers are already talking about the Canadian third wave of the virus, talking about, it could be the worse than the previous 2. we are never getting out of this. SMH. ready to sell our place, so I can get my belongings back, and move on with my life. Ski
  9. good luck on finding cat parts anywhere. if the dealer doesnt have them in stock, cat/textron backorders just about EVERYTHING. Sorry for your mishap, I wish you luck on the repairs, and parts finding. Ski
  10. and now you understand why people like to ride fresh, virgin, untouched snow, off trail. the feeling of weightlessness, floating over/in the snow, v.s riding a packed groomed road. we all have our reasons we like to sled. some are different than others. Ski
  11. the hardest part about goggle open helmet is, getting the goggle to match fit your face, and the helmet eye opening. you will have a bunch of trial and error here. If you dont get it right you will have leaks, frosting, fogging, too much wind inside the goggle. currently we run 100% Racecraft goggles with dual pane vented lenses. they also make a snow goggle but, I dont like how thick the foam is, as it causes wind, frosting issues for me... Lynne LOVES the thicker foam so... again, lots of personal preference. running these, and the klim arctic (cold weather), and klim glacier (warm weather)
  12. in reality they (ofsc) are doing this to avoid setting a precedent this early, by not closing the trails now. knowing if the lock downs & state of emergency rules dont lighten up... they may have no grounds to open back up. then when they cant open up, the ofsc will owe all those that bought permits, discounts on next seasons permits, which more than likely, the organization cant afford. which could effectively end the ofsc, and its role in organized sledding in Ontario, due to financial failure. all we can hope is the light at the end of the tunnel isnt a train. good luck to u
  13. we use the foam covers for the boom mic's, and either a breath box, or the klim arctic/glacier balaclava's, or both. never an issue with mic's getting wet. now, if they take an impact, or get really dusty on the dirt bike, they will fail. i have had to buy several boom kits which are about 70-80 usd each. but, better than replacing the whole unit at over 200 usd ea. Ski
  14. wow, that is funny, we have had the sena 20S for several years. for a couple, they work awesome. pairing them to more than 2 people kinda is a pain and sux. i like them for the music ability. we have used them on sleds, street bikes, dirt bikes. i like to listen to music, when racing bikes, keeps my mind off my breathing, and muscle fatigue. the sena 30 were the "problem child", supposedly the 50 was to fix all the 30 issues. like i said, we prefer the 20S. Ski
  15. that is robin's doughnuts. the subway is new, very new! Ski
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