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  1. why would an insurance company pay for something, they dont know you have, and havent collected a premium for insuring it? it isnt covered by your home owners, when stored, and not covered by your auto insurance just because it is hooked to your car, truck, suv, space shuttle. think about if you were the insurance company, just for a minute. would you pay someone for their trailer, boat, sleds, atv, if you didnt know they had them, and hadn't collected a premium for the the unit on the policy, they are claiming a loss on? Didn't think so. I am not pro big insurance, costs, or ways out of claims by any means but, you have to have some common sense and business sense, to understand this situation. Ski
  2. Canadians could always fly to the US, even during the whole covid period. ground border was and still is the issue but, as I stated some border guards are not following the ask about the vaccine status policy. it is/was totally hit or miss. imagine setting up a trip, reservations, then drive to a border crossing and get turned away. yes, it could happen. Ski
  3. still closed from canada to us (land border) for unvaxed, until midnight may 12. sad our gov't didnt follow canada's lead to open borders, especially to property owners. some border guards were not asking about vax status on the us side but, it was a crap shoot. you could get turned away, no warning. many people rolled the dice and crossed by land and were allowed entry. sadly some were not. it was a risk you had to be willing to take. glad that will be over for all to travel from canada to the us, land, sea, and air. border traffic for us, will have a significant uptick soon. Ski
  4. Just a touch of ice left on the river, and a few snow banks. Be up in a few weeks, for walleye opener, moose shed hunting, and exploring in a SXS. Time for lawn work, and boat rigging. Ski
  5. Today. Calling for 4-6 fresh for this week too. Ski
  6. We rode the trails the day before, and Luc, and @Canuck, were riding them that day, to pull stakes on the Magpie. Ski
  7. Told you it was going to get ugly fast. Lost it all in 7 days. Ski
  8. That was fast. 2 feet on river, lake ice, Gone, since Saturday. Ski
  9. we saw an adventure bike riding down 17 in Wawa, on the way home sunday afternoon. Ski
  10. Probably the last great looking pic update. Tomorrow starts the big warm up, and long term forecasts show the big change to spring, summer weather and temp patterns. There will be a drastic change in the pics, in just a few days. Get at it, if, and while you can. Ski
  11. https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/weather/ontario/cochrane This weekend will be it. highs of plus 10 or more, and lows above freezing. towns are going to suck, water crossings will be wet, culverts, and washouts will open, and open sunny areas will be bare, very quickly. Ski
  12. The writing is on the wall. Forecast has +10-12 daytime highs, with at or above nighttime lows. Luc, and Norm have been grooming, and we are getting fresh on top but, it isnt enough to stop the sun. Usually I dont worry too much about high temps this time of year, due to night temps arresting the melt. But, once the night lows dont slow the melt, it goes pretty fast. Get at it, while (if) you can. Ski
  13. day time highs and full sun will hurt no doubt but, night time temps below freezing will help. there will be riding up there until at least the 16th, or longer, if more snow falls. just spring riding, with a bit of water, dirt, and bare towns. might have to trailer out past the worse spots. it is going last to be able to fish a few days before the walleye closure on the 14th, by us. Ski
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