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  1. if you are just going in and out of the driveway, to the snow, why the need to turn? line em up on the inside, and drive out, line em up on the outside, and drive in. in reality the v dollies, work pretty well, you can roll, turn, spin the sled around pretty easy. hardest part is getting the rear dolly under the track, by yourself. Ski
  2. those two bridges have been in planning for a few seasons. with the two clubs being in different districts, it is hard for the two clubs to know the entire goings on with both systems. I have been speaking with both clubs on this issue, to make sure both know the issue, and to keep up with the situation, since I found out about it, in August. when I spoke with Matt in Hornepayne last week, he had no idea there was an issue on Dub's end. his quote was, I hope they get it figured out, otherwise the trail to our south, will be a dead end. dont get me wrong, I am not being negative he
  3. yes, there are things "going on" with Halfway haven. not sure to what extent for this season, maybe just for fuel and snacks, no lodging. the problem now is, can Dub connect to Hornepayne, this season, and or in the future. always something in D13. Ski
  4. how about something like this? https://www.denniskirk.com/skinz/ski-guards-sg100-bk.p106040.prd/106040.sku or this is what we use on our asphalt, they have rubber wheels instead of plastic and roll nicely... a lot better than the cheap plastic wheeled caddies. aluminum version: https://www.extrememax.com/product-p/5800.0225.htm steel version: https://www.extrememax.com/product-p/5800.0232.htm they are not cheap but, they roll so nice, even on rough or poor surfaces, sans dirt, gravel. the rubber wheels are the key here. you could buy the c
  5. that was typical when Khan owned the motel. he would double, triple book, and when the motel filled, he would just tell the people 'SORRY'. that happened to Lynne and I for the OC forum ride. Big Reg, and Luc, had the whole motel set aside for our group. when we arrived, luc and reg wanted to go for a ride over to ernie's before everyone arrived. I sent lynne in to get the room, while i unloaded sleds. she came out, almost in tears saying, they dont have a room for us. reg said, give me a minute, and sped off on his sled. came back with keys to one of the mill's bachelorette rooms. told us no
  6. there are 3 newly remodeled motel/hotels in wawa now ox, the reopened the Big Birg, it is gorgeous outside. the remodeled the Sportsman (now called the Outdoorsman), across the street from the Bristol. and a few years ago, they opened the hwy17 motel up on 17 near the OPP and fuel station. personally, I never understood the draw to the Bristol. I respected and appreciated Willy, and Bonnie, and the families support of the trails, and clubs but, the hotel set up was not to my liking. plus one time, when I let someone else make our reservations, we arrived to not enough
  7. the bad thing is, those that need to see this the most, dont support the system, or buy permits anyway so, they are really preaching to the choir. Ski
  8. Bought our 2 today, being optimistic the border will stay open, the weather will cooperate, and we have good friends to ride with. Ski
  9. Patrick and I were talking about your trip in Dub, just Sunday night. Lynne told him, we would love to go, on the next one, if it would work out. Ski
  10. they are mushrooms/fungus, grow better when wet and warm. it means... it has been wet and warm, for them to grow a good crop, this year. see above. Ski
  11. hoping a warmer late fall, will mean warmer lakes, and big lake effect snows. hoping the current border situation doesnt change for the worse, so we can ride a bit this year. ordered a spare belt, and was eyeing up skis, for an update to the sled. Ski
  12. the bridge is open. be fully vaccinated for 14 days, negative test within 72 hours of crossing. download and use the Arrive Can ap to enter your trip info, go through the border, like normal.just a few extra hoops. Ski
  13. we have a finished basement but, no doors to completely close the upstairs from the downstairs but, we dont "winterize" the house, water, pipes. we set the stat for 55 degrees F (lowest our stat will allow), when we are not there, and 74 when we are there. we have an ap for the trane system to be able to monitor the temps, and turn on heat, ac, and change temps at will. usually the morning we are to be traveling to the house, I start upping the temp 1-2 degrees an hour, to raise the temp slowly. by the time we arrive in the evening, the house is warm, and stable. our sy
  14. the want is there for a few but, not enough to convince the masses, to get it done. hoping the mine's could help the township, club, residents. Maybe, they could see the benefit of their staff recreating in the area, and planting roots. I dunno. I know a way to get to hornepaynes side with only 17 km of actual existing trail but, I know hornepayne would have no reason to groom their end, if Dub doesnt have a viable option and a realistic traffic to them. Ski
  15. that is what I was saying Ox, Hornepayne had the foresight to see the need for a permanent trail and get off the roads. Dub did the opposite, and struggle every year, for the touring rider. there is lots of extra money in dub for the residents but, the remainder are just are workers that come in from other regions and provinces in some case, and go home when they get their check (7 on 7 off, or 14 on 10 off, schedules). most locals use the trail for camp access, fishing, and the odd trip to hawk, wawa, or ernie's for a meal/day trip. so, when conditions exist, they will just ride t
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