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  1. Sault Ste. Marie Tuesday November 17th Updates
  2. Mine arrived yesterday, Nov. 4th - Sault Ste. Marie. I was outside working on the sled and the mailman stopped and said 'I have some reading material for you'.
  3. I have not received my renewal policy as of yet, however, my crystal ball says the price is going up. I'm with TD.
  4. I love small towns. As a life-long Northerner, I can relate to the boom-bust-boom cycles these communities go through and am glad the hear the area is on the upward momentum again. I did some technology presentations at the Marathon and Manitouwadge high schools years ago and was amazed to see the school parking lots filled with sleds. The students were very polite and respectful, a real joy to see. As for housing, the whole Northern Ontario is on Real Estate fire. 4 years ago, I. Sold a house in Elliot Lake for $100,000, that same house this year would be selling for $175,000. At the time, there were 150 houses on the market, This year, Elliot Lake had on average 25 homes for sale at any given time. More folks are moving up from Southern Ontario. Will they make it as far as Marathon / Manitouwadge? I hope so. Glad to hear Manitouwadge will be connected again.
  5. Ox said: That's gotta be hard on your ski runners! I hear you Ox, I use the previous season runners until December of each year, then slap on a new pair. They are not that expensive for the wedge sleds. I took the photo of the 2 side-by-sides while I was in my truck coming off the higher elevations into the valley. There was more snow in the higher locations. Signfan said: How much snow is on the ground? It varies within a few miles of one point to another, but up to 6” in some places, while less in others. Warmer temperatures have taken some of that snow away by now. Stoney said: Meh, wear & tear items, easily replaced.... I remember many years ago when we would chase the early snow and ride on marginal conditions, never thought of anything but the enjoyment of getting out early, while some would suggest we were crazy....those were good times and great memories! Sounds like some great times and memories to go with it. Yes, this has been a tradition of mine for more than 25 years. Its exciting to get out and get an early start to the season, especially the comfortable weather to ride in. Nunz said: Thanks for sharing Dan, hope to see you this winter at some point, I clicked on the link to your site, very impressive. It is now on my favourites toolbar. Thanks Nunz, I too am looking forward to meeting up again this winter. I am glad you enjoyed the website, I use it daily to track early season riding opportunities. The overall combination of tools and links helps narrow down snow conditions.
  6. Today's Snowmobile run North of Sault Ste. Marie. This is 2 Weeks earlier than last year. I met quite a few hunters and chatted with several. All were running side-by-sides or ATV. I was the only sled.
  7. I contacted Black Creek last week. Jean indicated it will be business as usual and will be open.
  8. North of Sault Ste Marie A beautiful photo taken by my friend Joey Lethbridge showing how the winter is starting to shape up in the mountains.
  9. Here's a bit of history on the Elliot Lake F Trail. When several uranium mines closed in Elliot Lake in 1990, a few thousand men were out of work. Part of the government funding initiative was to re-train / re-employ mine workers. One of the sponsored projects deployed was the development of a trail link between Dunlop Lake Lodge and the Kindiogami Road. One of my friends laid off from the mines helped clear cut that trail. Obviously some ups and downs and tight corners, but it has improved over time. Hats off to everyone whoever worked on that trail and continues to do so. There may be more history, but that is all I know. I started riding it in the mid 1990's
  10. Another Eliot Lake photo from my friend Andre.
  11. Elliot Lake Snow - Friday October 16th A friend of mine who lives on Dunlop Lake within the City of Elliot Lake, shared this today. Same lake as the Dunlop Lake Lodge
  12. Early Snow - North of Sault Ste. Marie This is projected snow for Friday Night into Saturday (October 17th). This is obviously going to melt by Saturday, but an interesting preliminary start.
  13. December 1st - 2019 - Photos Some early season riding in the Aubrey Falls / Black Creek area last year. One photo taken on the Black Creek Road, the other photo, I am scoping out a cross country route via the powerline.
  14. The Aubrey Falls / Black Creek Outfitters area on highway 129, is another early season riding opportunity. A beautifully secluded, hidden gem in south Algoma that typically is ridable on about the 7th of December, due to adequate snow. This is one of a few regions in the Sault Ste. Marie area to receive early snow, unfortunately, it is also one of the last in District 13 to get groomed. I have been a strong proponent of hoping a Groomer could be stationed at Black Creek Outfitters, then groom in 3 directions, allowing for early season riding. South-East along the Kindiogami on the Elliot Lake F to highway 546, South-West on the D106 to Conacher Lake and North-West along the D201F. We need to support small businesses like Black Creek Outfitters and keep alive the uniqueness it brings to District 13. Its unfortunate this area is not a higher priority on the grooming list. Chad and I do our part every December removing downed trees from the trails and bring some business by making at least 2 visits in the month. Attached are photos of Chad, Don and I working on the Black Creek road on December 8th, 2019. This area will be one of our destinations this upcoming December for some early season riding.
  15. November Riding is fast approaching for north of Sault Ste. Marie. Based upon my years of record-keeping, the average start date should be approximately November 11th. That means 30 Days to go. The countdown begins. I will again be running the 440's this year, a legendary tradition that continues. Not sure who will die first, me or those reliable wedge snowmobiles. The attached photo below was taken November 10th - 2019. Wishing everyone a safe 2020-21 season. Keep in touch. Dan-Senior Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario dan.kachur@email.com
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