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  1. North of Sault Ste. Marie yesterday. Lakes were flat as a pancake. We did an 8 lake cross-country then tied back into the OFSC trail. It was a good day.
  2. Elliot Lake Weekend Some photos I snapped while in Elliot Lake this past weekend. We did a 14 lake Cross Country run on Saturday. Weather was perfect! It was also the annual Dunlop Lake Lodge fishing derby which made for a good conversational crowd at the lodge.
  3. Good report DRJ. Thanks. Glad to hear trails are still good. I'll be in Elliot Lake in mid-march for some cross-country and remote wilderness riding.
  4. Tricky, We didn't get beat up that bad here in the Sault with the recent warm-up. There's still plenty of snow along the routes north and east of the Sault. Looking out my window in the front yard, where I am in the city, there's still 30" on front lawn. North and east of city have alot more. The snow-map is showing good snow-depth from Aubrey Falls to the Sault. The Ranger Lake road might be icy.
  5. Tricky, Yes, normally there is a good base and you can run it from the Mississagi bridge to the Domtar road and it does save considerable time and distance. The recent warm-up in the past few days may have taken some of that base away. Here's a video on normal riding of the Ranger, taken last month. https://www.facebook.com/100000969085654/videos/1129706447746356/ Dan
  6. A Helmet-Cam shot of Chad riding in the Boulder Graveyard. There's at least 75 or more boulders on both sides of the lake, 5 big ones, the rest are the size of small cars.
  7. Kirkpatrick Lake Known by many as Blue Lake, is well re-nowned in Algoma Country. Its been a few years since we've been up there. This time, we came in from a different route, from the west, which means less truck time and more saddle time.
  8. Its a pretty nifty place; a graveyard of boulders, some the size of cars. There has to be 75 or 80 of them. We rode right through the middle.
  9. Food for thought! Haul your sleds up north and arrange indoor storage for them. Car pool up on weekends and get out riding.
  10. Some Skidder Trail riding east of Wakomata Lake yesterday. It was a great gym-workout. Chad and the Long-Track did very well and broke trail.
  11. You sure get around OX. Great photo and thanks for sharing! We were there yesterday. Can't wait to go back.
  12. A sunny day at +3 as we took on a powerline route today north of Thessalon, Ontario. This is the lower link of the Wakomata Wilderness run to Black Creek and Aubrey Falls. An enjoyable day but too warm for February.
  13. I hear you Ski. I've been checking out the 14 day forecasts for many parts of Ontario and Michigan and WOW! We usually eye up Petoskey or Traverse City for an early April visit to walk around snow-free. It might be earlier this year. We are heading north on highway 129 tomorrow and further plugging away at the Wakomata Wildnerness route and will try and break trail from the Tunnel Lake side up to the east side of Wakomata on the powerline. Snowdepth was good in there a week back, so should be a good outing. Dan
  14. Snowed in the Sault last night. Winter has been stable here in Algoma with plenty of snow. Most of our riding has been north-east or north of the city.
  15. I can add to this. The Red-Top is only open during summer. The General Store has a Coffee Take-Out Counter only. There is 1 table, but the locals utilize it throughout the day. 3 Aces Chinese restaurant is the only place open in Iron Bridge during winter. Even then, not 7 days a week. Usually closed on Mondays or sometimes for the entire week if they head to Toronto to visit family. Good food there.
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