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  1. yes, David is a local realtor. word is that Jake will still be around helping out some. glad to hear he was able to sell.
  2. nice pics. would love to hear the stories behind the pics of the blue one.
  3. its yellow now. started down it from the AR505. gave up after a couple kms. pretty rough but that's to be expected on the Monday of the long weekend. crazy how little snow there is in the area, especially compared to last year.
  4. i am sure it is low snow conditions. unusually low snow in the area this year. AR500 still closed. AR505 yellow. even the bottom half of the D102C is yellow. highly doubt it is a lost trail just based on location, etc. but you never know i guess. i can get you an answer but wont be able to report back til Tuesday. heading up to the area this weekend will check in with the locals.
  5. just got my TD renewal in the mail last night. was shocked at the price, seems to have gone up a lot. might have to shop around too. been happy with TD til now.
  6. but there would still be expense and to what benefit?
  7. was up last weekend too. we are east of port loring. will pretty much agree with argylerider, other than stakes have been pulled on our lake and on the AR505. didn't explore much further than that, had the kids with us... lotsa ice on the lakes still, neighbour was driving his car on it. snow the past Friday really helped the lakes. trying to convince myself to head back up this weekend...
  8. how's the snow in the bush in that area? heading to cottage on the weekend for some march break fun.
  9. curious as to conditions too. was planning on going up this weekend, but backed out due to +4 tomorrow. not sure there's much snow up there, but if they're green I am sure they are good as Argyle Riders are pretty good. Not sure of parking either, can't think of anything off the top of my head. hope some one else chimes in for you. its a bit of a ways to go for the day, so not really usually a concern I would imagine. there's parking in south river and sundridge to the east. could ride from there to Jakes, do some loops and head back to south river? would cut down on d
  10. none of us are... I don't think it ever stopped being for sale, maybe changed realtors? listed for sale on his website.
  11. saw the blockage of access to the lake earlier this summer. wasn't too impressed. as has been stated, this new establishment will be seasonal, closed in the winter. if they ever open? are they open yet?
  12. ooofh. is it on the map where grover has circled? that would be argyle riders territory? must be more along the NNR section of that trail to east, as they have their portion marked yellow. see they have finally opened legrou lake, so that may be the way to go and bypass that mess.
  13. would like to know where on C105D the washout is too. thanks. looking to head in the opposite direction this weekend... loring towards south river.
  14. where did you stay in trout creek? and how would you say the accommodations were?
  15. might be able to park at the legion or the community centre. always see truck n trailers there when we ride through restoule. think their poker run is this weekend, so lot might be busy?
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