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  1. Sarah, I have been able to recover your Dad's posts in text format. I found an old database backup. I'll finish cleaning it up and then I'll find a way to get it to you. Marty
  2. It really equates to the removal of competition in the marketplace, Far too much of this in Canada these days.
  3. Knowing Royal, they will exclude anything brands worth buying.
  4. Sounds like marriage
  5. The "P" in PDI is for PROFIT
  6. Where is the offer of compensation for them not meeting their contractual obligations? If you decided that you didn't want to pick up you new sled and pay for until February, they be happy to keep your deposit. These manufacturers need to be held accountable IMO.
  7. Absolutely needed. Significant penalties and enforcement is the only way. Unfortunately with all the new snowmobilers this year, this problem could be worse before it ever gets better.
  8. Agreed. It was a good way to find inventory during this time. It was working out well. Dealer all did well. BRP just can't bring themselves to provide Customer Service to anyone outside of Quebec.
  9. Energy has fulfilled several of my orders. They use a slow shipping service, but all in all they were good.
  10. I have been purchasing accessories through the Ski-Doo website. Works fairly good, but they randomly ship from dealers that are not close by, so returns could be an issue. Since I'm careful with what I order, I have not had an issue until now.... We now have 2 Gen4 Sleds, Enduro models to be specific. I ordered Rail mount Ice Scratchers directly from Ski-Doo. As per their website description, Model 860201728 fits GEN4 sleds. Simple enough. I ordered 2 sets. When I went to install them, there are wheels in the way of the mounting point on the rails. The Enduro has 3 wheels at the forward of the skid on the outside of the rail making it impossible to install rail mounted scratchers. After much research and frustration, I gave up my dream of having rail mounted scratchers and ordered Tunnel mounted scratchers. This was also not an easy selection as there is multiple versions, but I figured it out and managed to get the correct model (860202266) Now to return the incorrect accessories. Easy, call BRP, ummm no. Call some third party company that makes sure that nobody can get to a BRP person directly. They seem nice enough. They understand that its not my fault that I ended up with an accessory that does not fit as the website is incorrect, confusing at best, but if it states GEN4 without stating EXCEPT Enduro etc, what is the consumer to believe. They state that if I send them evidence of the website showing GEN4 and my skid where it would be installed, they will go to BRP and request a prepaid return shipping label. I did this. This is the response I received: I responded: This morning I get this response that just serves to infuriate me even more: Partially giving up and knowing the answer I'll likely get I asked about returning in person to my closest dealer to where they shipped: This is the response: Hats off to Miguel, he is doing what he can, but hands are tied as a third party. The shipping dealer was quick and had no involvement in the selection, so nothing on them. This is 100% BRP poor Customer Service and misleading website. Am I a grumpy old man or does this seem like the big arrogant BRP being jerks as usual? Once again, F&*k you BRP / Ski-doo / Sea-doo.
  11. Looks a like a great option.
  12. I used CYT bags on my XR. Good bags, no issues. I had them customized to add a little more space at the top and asked for the CYT stitching not be done. Very flexible people.
  13. I posted it in August. I thought I would remind all that it was available. Considering the current conversations....
  14. There is a timeout on the edit feature. It was set at 60 minutes. There have been issues in the past where people have used edit for personal vendetta reasons. I have changed the edit to 14 days. Hopefully this will allow for a better experience.
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