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  1. Its absolute BS! Paranoid dipshit.
  2. My condolences to Larissa, Adrian and Mrs. Sledjunk. Dave was a good man and a friend to all. This is a terrible casualty of the pandemic that has changed all of our lives, some more than others. please stay safe everyone! At the very least, let this be a reminder that we are not out of the woods and we need to protect our love ones, our neighbors and our communities.
  3. I think he forgot his "wide Load" sign. He may have gotten away with it if he wasn't not 10feet wide.
  4. Considering the cost of labour these days, you would need some significant revenue on Sunday that you would not have gained on the others days to make that profitable. Not sure any smaller shops make a killing, but Bill has made some good strategic expansions to help serve his Customers, gain some new Customers and hopefully make a little profit.
  5. Domino


    The marketing plan is working...
  6. How is the charity being supported? Are all proceeds being donated to the charity on behalf of the event? If not, what percentage, etc is supporting the charity? Does Canuck Powersports or any non-charitable organization or individual profit from this event in any way?
  7. This Friday after 11pm, the hosting company will be upgrading our server. (Specifically the database server and PHP version). This should help the forum run faster, however I'm not sure we will notice.
  8. When you pay the bills you can decide what is or is not allowed.
  9. This message has been authorized by the site.
  10. Anyone who can remember their Grade 3 teacher's name can remember a stupid f&^g password. I saw that question on another login and just shook my head. I hate the challenge response questions. I find them intrusive.
  11. Natural selection would prevent the harsh aftermath....
  12. Problem is that the people who don't respect our trails are not typically on OC.com. If only we could fix stupid...
  13. Yes, it has an Ontario registration in our name.
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