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  1. Having owned 1200s for the past 11 years, ! was use to killing my back when I had to shift the first sled over when loading the trailer. I shifted the 900 and started praising the sled gods. What a difference! I can only imagine how that will make a huge difference riding this winter. True stories, the last two times the 1200 got stuck, I winched it with an Argo the first time and pulled it out with my truck next. Great engine, loved it, but dam they are heavy for an old guy.
  2. I must be an idiot also. I bought one in June and one in July!
  3. It's crazy! Who buys sleds in July? I don't expect I will have any for sale after this weekend.
  4. 2012 Ski-doo GSX SE 1200 eTEC. 13000km (8000miles) Fully loaded, heated seat, Medium windshield, mirrors, tunnel bag, adjustable air suspension, studded 1.25” track, dual carbide skis, BRP 1+1 passenger seat, engine temp gauge, tilt steering, electronic reverse, 12v plug, heated visor plug. Brass oil-lite bushings, PB80 clutch. $8500
  5. So I found an 2021 Enduro 900 ACE, New Non-current. Shocker!! 1 sled (2012 GSX SE) left to sell. The others have gone before I was able to post them.
  6. Nothing really, but we have acquired one Gen4, and I’d prefer if they were both the same platform. So 2019 was the first year the Enduro came in gen4.
  7. Trailer is a Triton TC167 and I don't need to sell anything together. It is suppose to be able to fit 3 sleds under certain conditions. The 2014 GSX is an LE and it has 8 or 9k on it (KM). I'll check when it stops raining,
  8. Hijack welcome I will have 2 2012 GSX SE 1200 for sale and a trailer. If I can find the sled I'm looking for at a realistic price, then I will also have a 2014 GSX 900 for sale. I still have to take some photos and check mileages.
  9. Yes, I have Rod's Sleds. I need another Enduro so I can sell off my 2012 GSX SEs
  10. Thanks Nunz, I have seen that post. That's over MRSP on a 2022. So I can't do it.
  11. I am certainly not one of them. I can understand a premium, but for example, people asking double new retail for 4-5 year old PWCs. Everyone needs to do their research and ensure they are not paying for Covid Greed.
  12. I saw they posted one with pictures of a PWC lift. I'll check it out. Way too many people think things are worth NEW MSRP +, for used stuff.
  13. Looking for a 2019-2021 Ski-doo Enduro 900 (Not a Turbo) with low KM. If anyone is looking to sell, let me know. Obviously there is no rush since its July.
  14. Oh ya. Big oops!! It wasn't long after I joined the forum. I will never forget
  15. We all need to get back outside and play!! I have found many people have not faired well through the isolation. Hopefully we are looking at the light at the end of the tunnel these days. As for the forum, we experience constant attacks from cyber hackers. I have had to rebuild out database tables and caches about 20 times over the past 6 months. Thanks to those who have let me know that something was a miss. If you want to know what's going on in the world, you really need to read and believe Faceplant. NOT! The one thing we should all do is pick and choose w
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