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  1. What happens off paper is none of the dealers concern. By the dealer denying their customers, it can only have a negative effect. They probably are within their rights, but it about the relationship with their, now former, Customer. IMHO
  2. Sounds like your dealer should see the last sale ever from you.
  3. Permit is on the windshield and registered to the correct VIN. I think that is the important thing. The permit for the sled, not the rider. It really seems ridiculous to have to transfer it. Seems like a make work project for the OFSC and the Owner.
  4. I think this is how most think. We really should reimburse those who volunteer as they are the ones keeping the trails open along with our Land Owners. Snowmobiling can get expensive, however there are those that snowmobile on a budget and just can't afford that extra dollars to come and help out. This subject raises its head every once in a while, but we really should be fair to those who volunteer vs those who don't or cannot. Volunteers still pay for permits just like everyone else who legally rides the trails. This may necessitate an increase in permit fees and that's not unfair IMO.
  5. I Have never been reimbursed for expenses. I’ve known that the club doesn’t do it, and I’m ok. It doesn’t stop me from helping. I can however see how some volunteers may be deterred by the lack of reimbursement
  6. I have done boat canvass at the laundry mat a couple of times. Needed to re-apply water-proofing on the canvass. You may want to do that to the covers also. I use 303 for Canvass water proofing.
  7. Ya, thinking that is the answer. I've never been asked for the permit paperwork, and it doesn't say it required, just recommended. I'm not sure I have the time to explain to him how it would all need to work
  8. A friend purchased a sled a couple of weeks ago and it already has the 2022 Season permit on it. Realistically, does he need to transfer it since the VIN it was purchased for is the VIN is is on?
  9. Ahh, gotcha, makes sense
  10. Yes, there are some high mileage sleds in QC. A bit of a drive to check them out.
  11. I have a friend looking for a second sled that his adult kids can use. Ideally he wants a Skidoo Renegade 900 Ace. Good friggin luck! I have been looking for him and what I found was a lot of 800 and 850 sleds. The odd 1200 and a few 600 Carb sleds. No Ski-doo 900 ACE, turbo or non-turbo. Even the 600eTec is a hard find that doesn't have a million miles on it. If people that are new end up with what's available, we are going to have some hurt people on our trails.
  12. I did not think there was any monitoring cost with Tile...?
  13. I just tried and its working for me on Chrome. You have to select one at a time. try highlighting one, then select next. You can go back and select the other before checking out.
  14. I'm certain that they are just showing them closed so all the club exec can ride our trails and enjoy the freshly groomed trails. Not a green trail in the province! This must be the government screwing us again! Its a conspiracy!
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