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  1. Gadgetman, not sure if you ever met sledjunk (may he RIP), but you two would definitely be kindred spirits...
  2. And my point is, in case you haven't figured out, that it's far better to be constructive, rather than putting the idea in somebody's head about how they might possibly defeat this DESS lock. Your posts are often very technically instructive and helpful...too bad that wasn't the case this time.
  3. Why do you have to be so negative?...given the circumstances, surely this better than nothing.
  4. Yes, it was a lot of work...and he tries to keep it as current as possible by regular updating.
  5. You might want to retract your second comment above...they arrived late because of a security alert -- a suspicious package (thought to be a potential bomb) was discovered near the cenotaph.
  6. X 2 on carrying the power pack, a few extra relays, and some spare fuses. I don't bother with booster cables anymore, since the power pack does the job, and is much smaller and lighter. It came in very handy one morning in Gowganda, after a -32 overnight low. I was lucky, as my sled was the only one that started...had to boost the other 3 in the group, using the power pack, and it did the job. As I recall, the emblem on the front of the other 3 sleds resembled tuning forks...
  7. Better late than never... 🙃
  8. Why start now?...🤪
  9. Windshield-mounted mirrors are my strong preference...better viewing angle, IMO.
  10. Every time I've been to Quebec saddle-bagging, I see lots of those on the trails (often couples touring) and doing utility duties at hotels and relais.
  11. revrnd, I've noticed lots of Bluewater trailers on the road lately.
  12. X 2...I had a great buying experience at Bluewater last fall. Bought a NEO 6 X 12 cargo-style trailer and am very happy with both the dealer transaction and the brand.
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