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  1. Unless their "rules" have changed, that's not true...we have had our "toys" (formerly 2 sleds, now 1, formerly 2 quads, now 1) with The Personal for about 7 years, and are not members of any "group" or association.
  2. signfan, in response to your question above in bold, I've had a TC-167 for 8 years, and use both front and rear Superclamps on two sleds with no difficulty. The trick is to clamp down the front end of the front sled first, then move the back end of that sled over tight to the right wall, and set up your rear clamp on that front sled in a spot where it won't be in the way of the right ski of the rear sled. You can then load the rear sled and do the same thing with it...clamp the skis down first, then lift the back end over to the right, and clamp the skid down on the left side.
  3. I had an email exchange about this last week with Mike Lester of Supertrax, via the link revrnd posted previously in this thread. He advised me that they only produced 3 issues this season, with the 3rd/last one going out around Christmas time. The usual 4th issue of Supertrax would have gone out in February, but was never produced this season "due to the ever-changing landscape in the print industry", which forced them to scale back. I never received the 3rd issue, so he has promised to have it sent to me once the COVID-19 restrictions are eased and they can reopen their office. I also asked about Go Snowmobiling, (I only received 1 issue of it this season) but he didn't offer any information on it...I guess it has gone totally digital already, as Yukon suggested above.
  4. Nope... should have happened years ago. Hwy. 141 interchange is much safer way to access Port Sydney if southbound on Hwy. 11, and use Greer Rd. to get to Ultramar, Home Hardware, Rosseau Road store, etc.
  5. I've also been wondering... haven't received either Go Snowmobiling or Supertrax since January, despite being a long-term OFSC permit holder. So what gives, OFSC???
  6. Uh-oh...what happened?
  7. X 2...been there several times over the years. Looks unassuming from the outside, but meals have always been quite good.
  8. I made a deal with Harold...he promised to delete that one from his phone...
  9. Since revrnd left the group and headed for Cochrane Thursday, I'll finish off the group's report with tales of our last 2 days, accompanied by some pics. After saying goodbye to revrnd, the rest of us (sledjunk, Moosifer, Infernobuster, yours truly, and my buddy Harold from upstate New York) continued on with our original itinerary, going east out of Timmins and ultimately heading for Gowganda via Val Gagne, Matheson, Ramore and Elk Lake. Two of us made a brief stop at Mikey's (local 'Doo dealer) on the way out of town, while the other 3 went on ahead. Beautiful trail conditions... Unfortunately, after a gas top-up at Matheson, SJ blew a belt before the planned lunch stop at Ramore, and it took almost an hour to clean up the carnage and get back on the trail... Then a late lunch at Rolly's in Ramore, which was still busy with sledders and locals, even though it was well after 1 PM by the time we arrived. We didn't get out of there until after 2:30, and still had almost 200 kms to go...so we made very fast time down A past the KL turn-off and down the power line toward Elk Lake on primo trail conditions, which turned to sh*t when we got to the plowed logging road mentioned previously in this thread. After 5 kms of picking our way through the stones, mud puddles, sand, mud and slush, and a brief rest, we picked the pace up again through the twisty section of A north of Elk Lake, only to run into yet another plowed road for logging a few kms north of town. In need of fuel, we went to the EL EcoCentre, and by the time we got out of there, it was 5:30 and very overcast, with dusk fast approaching. A half-hour later it was completely dark, and as leader, I slowed our pace somewhat in an effort to keep the group together and avoid any blown corners in the pitch black. After meeting a groomer near Gowganda, we finally rolled in to our night's destination at Gowganda Lake Lodge just before 7 PM...tired and hungry, after a 360 km day. We were treated to Ron & Giselle's usual friendly hospitality, including an awesome home-cooked meal of lasagna, salad, garlic bread and dessert (delivered right to our cabin) after we'd had time to check-in and relax. Sleep came fairly soon after polishing off that feast. Our 7th and last day dawned cold and sunny, with a few cms of fresh snow having fallen overnight. After a hearty breakfast, we packed up and headed out, aiming for lunch in Timmins on our way to the trip's end back in Cochrane. The fresh powder snow provided a perfect complement to the recently-groomed trails underneath, and we made good time through the twisties along A106C to L143. Conditions were perfect, with the colder temps and brilliant sunshine, so lots of pics were taken as we headed north up the power line on 143... After lunch at Mike's in Timmins (beside the Bon Air), SJ and Mossifer headed off to the local Yammie dealer to pick up a part, while the other 3 of us went directly north back to Cochrane...a good chance for Infernobuster to let his Sidewinder "stretch its legs" (non, nod, wink, wink...) on the power line, and ditto for Harold's 900 turbo. We three arrived at the Westway mid-afternoon after a near-perfect day on the trails, and the other two came in about an hour later. Of course, we had to stop for a few pics by the Cochrane trails sign, before loading up at the motel and getting ready for the long drive back home yesterday. I had a total of 2,049 kms on my sled's tripmeter at the end of a great week's trip.
  10. Backatchya, SJ...thanks again for putting it all together.
  11. The road running Infernobuster was referring to is the 5 kms of plowed logging road on the A (southwest of Kirkland Lake), as mentioned above by PLC...when we did it Thursday afternoon, it was already brutal -- a mix of slush, mud, sand and fist-sized rocks which were hard to avoid. Can't imagine what it will be like after a couple of sunny mild days. How on earth the "powers that be" considered it to be rated as green on the ITG is beyond me.
  12. Any update on the bridge "detour" on L22 in Timmins, to cross the Mattagami River? Is it still groomed up to and across the bridge?
  13. Yes, seems to be affecting lots of us...see my thread below in the "Test, Help, Suggestions" forum.
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