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  1. irREVerent

    Merry Christmas

    X 2
  2. irREVerent

    Dinner Bell

    You're not the only one...
  3. irREVerent

    Towing Fuel Economy

    X 2...we made the same change years ago from 102" clamshell to 7' TC-167. No comparison in ease of towing (way better aerodynamics), and ability to see down the sides of the trailer without the hassle of mirror extensions. And I'm apparently not alone in that preference...it's no coincidence that so many models of hybrid and V-nose trailers are now 7' wide instead of the old standard of 8'6".
  4. irREVerent

    2020 Ski doo Renegade X 900 Turbo Pics...

    Yes, you're quite right...the difference IS clear. The newer keel definitely looks more aggressive. Thanks, TD.
  5. irREVerent

    2020 Ski doo Renegade X 900 Turbo Pics...

    Beautiful sled, IQ...er, TD (gotta get used to your new handle...) Just out of curiosity, what changes have been made to the Pilot TS skis for 2020? irREV
  6. irREVerent

    Northern Odyssey Ride

    X 2
  7. irREVerent

    Day trip out of Gowganda

    Hey, Ty...when's the last time you were at TCP??? New owners a year or so ago have rejuvenated the place. 5 of us were there overnight on our big northern loop last season, and really enjoyed our stay...excellent food and service, all at a reasonable cost, IMO.
  8. irREVerent

    Who's going to Sledarama?

    Yup...expect to arrive with sledjunk around 10 AM.
  9. irREVerent

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    Minus 22 in Huntsville at 7:20 AM on November 13th...Wow!
  10. irREVerent

    OFSC Interactive Map

    LOL...good luck with that, Blake. I just tried it and see what you mean. I had a similar experience playing around with the ITG yesterday, to check some distances for a potential RAP tour I'm hoping to plan. Tried to plot my preferred route between Pembroke and central Haliburton (via Madawaska, Whitney and Haliburton Lake), and no matter how many times/ways I tried -- including breaking it into some smaller segments and manually adding the distances (as PLC had done for his northern plot yesterday), it would NOT let me go directly between Whitney and Haliburton via B Trail down the hydro line through that south tip of Algonquin Park. It insisted on routing me via Barry's Bay, Combermere and Lake St. Peter. Even when I tried to plot just the segment between Whitney and Haliburton, it took me on a very convoluted route, way off course via B106E to Lake St. Peter, then "backwards" (east) on a big loop via 173 and 175, all the way over to Papineau Lake, then back west via E109 to Benoir Lake, and from there, west on E and B onward to Haliburton Village. It seems the ITG currently does not "recognize" (for route planning purposes) the important hydro line section of B Trail between the B106E junction (just south of Whitney), and the Trail 11 junction, just north of Haliburton Lake. This is a significant glitch for sure, as this leg of B Trail is a major connection for anyone planning a RAP trip, or even just a big loop south of Algonquin, between the Haliburton & Pembroke areas.
  11. irREVerent

    Tie Boss

    X 2...l switched to Superclamps, both front and rear, about 7 years ago... convenient, fast and secure.
  12. irREVerent

    Need an idea

    Three Guys & A Stove is NOT sled-accessible, because it fronts on Hwy. 60, but has no direct exposure/frontage on Fairy Lake. There is a local street and a row of waterfront residential properties between the restaurant and the lake.
  13. irREVerent

    2019 Toronto Sled Show..

    LOL...PLC, if you are referring to the "other" OCer you met at the Snowcrest booth with Nunz Friday afternoon, that was me. (I've actually been called worse than "Revrnd"...) It was nice to meet you and put a face to the screen name irREV