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  1. Trails looked decent on our way to the NCDN Thursday. You will be fine until Wednesday and Thursdays weather...
  2. By the looks of the trails today driving thru on our way North, don't expect much..
  3. More Kap Fuel options....Raxfins new location is awesome...
  4. Will Doo. We will see you guys hopefully sometime. We are hopeful that we can get back up March 24, 25, 26, 27. Rooms booked, fingers and toes crossed weather holds. Our weather for the next 5 days looks spectacular...
  5. Our timing is off again.... Hearst, Friday night with OC Member @Evil and company. Kap and Cochrane the rest of the time. We are back up March 24, 25, 26, 27. Weather permitting...
  6. Potentially. We will see what our group is up to. May want to place a reservation, FYI....
  7. If you want food in SRF, visit Ellies Bristro...
  8. New owners, that place is a disaster. Restaurant quality is down. We never fuel up there anyways. Damco in Moonbeam, or Kap...
  9. We are in the NCDN starting Thursday for 5 days....
  10. Thanks to @revrnd for this. I'm sure @sledjunk is proud of this...
  11. Best of luck to the club and the volunteers. Looking forward to future wing nights, wherever they may be...
  12. The biggest issue with the La Reine Trail, is convincing the Quebec clubs to help out as well. Not as many riders coming from Quebec into Ontario, as there are Ontario Riders going into Quebec. That's always been the issue.
  13. Well said. Although the Halfway Haven issues are the owners as well imo.
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