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  1. We went to Tennessee for 10 days unvaxed, had to quarantine for 14 days when we got home, lol. Tested twice and they called twice to make sure I was being a good boy.
  2. I said that earlier this year, these idiots are toxic. Some believe it would hurt the area not having this trail. I personally don't believe so and it would free up valuable resources and allow grooming operations to concentrate on the rest of their system, which is needed with the influx of traffic due to southern conditions and shorter seasons.
  3. That is great tribute ­čĺ»
  4. I mean if you where stopped and he was walking up the trail, he probably would have stopped long before he got to you. I can see him being pissed when you ride by though. Not to many people get to see them that close. A friend of mine walked out of a cabin and there was 1 standing around 30y from him, he just stopped and looked at it and it bolted,
  5. That's probably why you encountered the wolf, that's allot of snow to try and maneuver in. Probably wouldn't bother with you if stopped, they are very timid. I have tried to get close to them, never had any luck. Beautiful animal.
  6. I agree, and I don't expect them to justify the price of fuel to me or anyone else, I have just had a real hard time getting my head wrapped around it. When I saw the price of fuel in Moosenee. I was actually shocked, I was expecting it to be more, considered it gets there by rail, has to be unloaded and I assume be trucked to the fuel station. It also doesn't carry as much tax as I believe it is a reservation. Really the only one that has to justify the price is the customer, and that isn't me and it looks like many do justify it, and that is great. It keeps a loop open and it is well used, and really thats all that matters. Sometimes I get a little analytical.
  7. How deep is the snow?
  8. Gas is $2.29 in Moosenee. Just food for thought.
  9. It is beautiful riding up there, not sure why it is not a real popular area. For a while it was hit and miss on snow, maybe that discouraged people from riding the area. It takes lots of snow to make some of those trails passable.
  10. if I remember correctly that groomer at Ernie's was an old ts115 and it had lots of issues that made keeping it operational problematic. It doesn't matter if it is d or f trail, grooming is the issue. If Ernie is open for fuel, F is more reasonable from a fuel standpoint. It seems like things are going backwards from a progression standpoint in this area, I remember there being positive speculation on what the F trail extension would be for a reliable trail to complete the loop. I believe that is when Steve and Gail where wanting to slow down at half way and it looked good till Roger started acting up. I only rode the trail once but it was a beautiful ride.
  11. IDK, maybe people are buying less fuel because they can go further on the new sleds and most carry some fuel anyway, this could cause less profit inducing a price increase. It just seem excessive.
  12. gas went from $ 2.58 more per liter to $4.28 more per liter than premium in Cochrane. Logistics is an issue, profit isn't a dirty word, but that makes no sense. If this is what it takes to be profitable up there, I would call it unachievable. I would not be able to look anyone in the eye. I do not have a very good impression from this punk, just from his social media interaction. Glad I frequented that trail and loop in the past, I don't think I will be up there again unless I pack my own fuel n viddles.
  13. Huge money was spent on that trail, it should have never closed, that is the one that should be focused on. There are complications with groomers, it is not an easy task either. I believe that's why it was so easily abandoned in the first place.
  14. I saw a pic of that grader not to long ago with the hind end stuck in the ditch, and a post on FF thanking a bunch of guys for getting repairs done on it. I couldn't imagine freezing my bits off in -30 weather bucking huge drifts and the amount of snow they have, in that pos. I have run one of those things around my buddies farm in the summer, it was fun, I wouldn't even kick a tire on it if there was frost, it is in about the same shape as that thing.
  15. Nice trail, a bit tight and twisty in spots, really opens up beyond Latchford. Almost every time I have been through there they had groomer troubles and it was rough. Not saying it's always that way, was just my luck.
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