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  1. so there was no void lettering on the permit at all?
  2. looks counterfeit, can you see the void through it anywhere? is the permit number raised from the rest of the permit?
  3. I agree with the advancements. I just don't see the majority running electric stuff. There are huge hurdles to overcome, I think allot of dreamers are selling the hurdles short, JMO.
  4. when GM and Ford announced that they would be completely electric by 2035 er 40, whatever it was Elon Musk was crying that north american infrastructure would only support 15% of the vehicle market to be electric. The other thing nobody considers is the price of plastic, if refining companies are not selling as much gas n diesel, do you really think polyethylene will remain at a sustainable price......this stuff is not rocket science, it's a greenie pipe dream, people that have absolutely zero clue in what is involved in a true carbon footprint. I'd like to see nothing but electric planes for
  5. for a while there some municipalities were not issuing building permits unless a 50A circuit for car charging was on the blueprint. I haven't heard much about that lately.
  6. going electric will never change the earths relationship to the sun and it will not make magnetic north true north. It is called a cycle, no mater what government appointed environmentalists tell you. My head is no where near stuck in the sand and I ain't drinkin the koolaid either.
  7. lol, everyone will find out how much noise the track really makes. I wouldn't get to uptight about everything being electric, the infrastructure is not in place and it won't be by 2030 either. If GTA went to all electric right now the grid would come to a grinding halt. It is a pipe dream at best. What are they gonna doo? refine crude or natural gas to get the polyethylene off it and burn the rest off on the cracker? boy, that'll fix the carbon issue, lmfao
  8. He did some crazy things, I can't remember how many feet of fuel line he put in a nascar but it was abnormally large amount, sent the goons in a tailspin. He also filled roll bar tubing with lead shot to get through tech and meet weight requirements, then he would dump it out on the track. I could listen to his stories all day if given a chance. The man was a wizard of his time and many of his over stock improvements are still used today. His dyno is in Garlits museum as are some of his cars.
  9. it's great that you got your last trip in Nick, very odd year in so many ways
  10. it is pretty cool, he has allot of stuff in there, I spent the better part of 4hrs looking through everything, there is a bunch of Smokey Yunicks stuff in there. Tons of drag racing memorabilia from all the big names, defiantly worth the look if you like that kind thing and your in the area.
  11. I always said the same thing, I was at Daytona bike week and I did take my helmet, I never did put it on, felt real weird at first, and I was comfortable around town and what not, and it is a different kind of surroundings that week. People are very aware, there are still crashes but not near what you would think with as many people as there are there. I did get out on my own 1 day and I was just riding twisty 2 lanes, realized I was close to Ocala and got to thinking I should go over n check out Don Garlits place, so I get out on 75 and I will tell you, that will never happen again without a
  12. Its the best way, I always found they remembered us and was always a pleasant experience. I miss Lilabelle , that was a fun place.
  13. we always asked, never a problem......changing times I suppose.
  14. probably, sounds like the snow was not the best between there n Cochrane , compared to a more normal year,,,,,and the plandemic
  15. I haven't toured in years, but I did for many many and never had an issue, for years we we left trucks n trailers at motels for 6-7 days, just left the keys. Problem is, the pepsi generation are now holding the management roles, we watched this fiasco in the making for years......
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