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  1. Steve F6

    Port Sydney green trails

    Both groomers were out today but its still soft. Should tighten up a little bit tonight and be really good by saturday.
  2. Steve F6

    Are you getting the storm

    Id say about 6" in Port sydney last night and its still coming down pretty good
  3. Steve F6

    Port Sydney green trails

    I'll be out for a ride tomorrow morning checking things out. Probably venture further. Both groomers were out this afternoon, east and west sides.
  4. Steve F6

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Perfect quick morning ride. Baysville express, B, d101, 45 loop x2 and back home. Absolutely perfect and fast!
  5. Steve F6

    Port Sydney green trails

    Anyone hear what exactly happened at the beach today? Bunch of police and fire when we rode by around 11:30, i was told someone got hit by a sled. Not sure if they fell off and got hit, or they were just out walking. Nothing on the local news about it. Hope they're ok.
  6. Steve F6

    Trail 95 reroute ?

    They have a post up on FB but no reason why. If i remember correctly, that section was closed last year early in the season, then reopened later on. Maybe the year before too.
  7. Steve F6

    Trails 77 and 76 accross Lake of Bays ?

    If you're looping around LOB, using the 76 trail avoids that plowed section on d101 south of the shelter
  8. Steve F6

    Trails 77 and 76 accross Lake of Bays ?

    Both are staked and were fairly smooth last weekend. Trail 76 north of LOB is a blast and usually less travelled on the weekends.
  9. Steve F6

    Mobile OFSC map

    Same here
  10. Steve F6

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Got moving solo from port around 10:30am, trails were smooth but loose, headed down to Baysville, topped up with fuel. Stopped at the warm up shack, then continued on to Dorset, a little thin in spots still. Hopped on LOB to 76, excellent shape! Super fun trail! Made my way up d101 to 102 to 95, almost seemed it wasnt groomed last night but still decent. Quite a few people in this section riding the wrong side! Piss me off! Also i dont give a flying #%ck about your hand signals while your riding down the middle of the trail, just get the hell over on your side! This includes the slower touring riders. I wear a tekvest on weekends now because of this. Crossed the hwy on 93 and made my across 82 to D trail. A little rough and thin at the start but got better closer you get to D. Sled threw up a p1004 code, kinda crapped out. Sat around for a bit, fired it back up and all was fine. Had the hood off yesterday so maybe a wire is pinched or something. Hopped on D in great shape and made my way back to port sydney without issue. 240 km. Only 2 pics today.
  11. Steve F6

    Lake Muskoka from MSR32

    I havent been on Muskoka this year yet but there is usually a stake line from Indian head. If i remember correctly it goes right by touchstone. I would call the resort and ask if the stake line is in.
  12. Steve F6

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    We left Port Sydney around noon, headed to baysville, then up 64 in awesome shape to kawagama, over to dorset for lunch then across LOB to 54 then south and stopped at Freds place. Groomer went by while we were there, he was heading to baysville. I also stopped at Freds yesterday and put up a motion light, works great!
  13. Steve F6

    Rickwards Annual Antique Sled Show

    Love those 550 interceptors! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Steve F6

    Port Sydney green trails

    Seen the groomer out on the west side as i pulled off the hwy at smiths tonight