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  1. My buddy priced one last spring and im pretty sure a mach z is close to $28g's out the door. Can someone confirm that? So they got way better weed in Oshawa.
  2. Thats true. Congrats on the new snow chariot!
  3. There is a lot worse sections of that trail. No big rocks in that at least. Groomable with snow! If the happy wanderers need anything, it is a new warm up hut and stove. Best early season trails in district 7 but the worst warm up hut.
  4. Can anyone confirm if this for real? Showing on the map again!
  5. They had the Lancaster up flying around today.
  6. There was 100 or more sleds in crates at Gieslers in Powassan on Saturday.
  7. Those team clutches hold up good. I had the same sled from new and had the clutches cleaned at 4000km and put another 10000km trouble free on it before i sold it. Never blew a belt either. Still had the original as a spare.
  8. Some D7 clubs are. Nunz will likely chime in👍
  9. Wait a minute! i thought it was bat soup?🦇bwaaaaahhaha👀
  10. Yep the ice is making lots of noise tonight!
  11. In Baysville at the bridge just run the pavement across. That mogul disaster of a bridge crossing bucked my sled into the live traffic lane yesterday. Never again. Someone broke their wrist last week on it. Waiting for someone to land in the south branch of the muskoka river soon. Nasty run up echo lake rd too.
  12. Dorset area is excellent 65, 66 67 d101. PS and baysville is pretty good too. Road runs are terrible. I'm running an ice ripper, no scratchers, and haven't had a overheat issue yet this week. Drop at Raven Lake to avoid road runs in both directions.
  13. Diesel cab heater is the way to go. Fairly inexpensive too. No moisture issues like propane. Quieter than a diesel genny
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