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  1. ski-dog

    I’m a changed man!

    We rode from Midland on Tuesday through Wasaga, Stayner and over to Collingwood for lunch then back. Overall not bad but must remember even though approaching end of January would classify as early season riding. Temps have ,creeped above freezing last 2 days and not sure how the field running around Wasaga will hold up. When we went through open fields had just enough snow to ride. If we get snow Saturday all should be better.
  2. ski-dog

    Snowmobile Operators Card

    Don’t know precisely, would say at least 25 years...
  3. ski-dog

    Handlebar Gauntlets/Muffs

    I use the skidoo gauntlets and a huge difference. At -40C with them on do not need more than mid setting on warmers. Goofy to look at but they doo make a difference. Over 50 hands seem to be cold more than previous, cold out use them don’t care if they look stupid
  4. ski-dog

    Kids Snowmobile suggestion

    I put my son on a rev 550 fan when he was 10. He put about 7k on it and this year stepped up to 900 Turbo. I originally looked for a freestyle but they were really expensive as they hold their value so just went the rev route. There is a 380 rev but scarce to find.
  5. ski-dog

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    I can confirm midland area took a crap kicking. Trails still have some base, less so to the south and any fields are a mess. It rained so hard Monday night that I couldn’t see driving. Many folks dealing with flooding issues. If it was snow we would have had another 30”. Quite depressing at least the lake will be smooth again. Snow coming Friday but suspect the trails will show closed for the weekend.
  6. ski-dog

    Pressure crack in penetang

    At the moment there are 4 or 5 pressure cracks around midland / penetang area. Generally they form every year in relatively the same places but noticed this year they have moved around and there are a few new ones. Also ice is pushed up on shoreline and easy to put your ski under the ice when getting on ice. The cold weather early last week has seemed to create some significant changes on ice landscape. Add to that the large amount of snow and much of it can’t be readily seen.
  7. Simple, get the liability point and the calculation but looking at the numbers and figuring the hours would assume riding 50 and never stopping. Just stating reality. Could start on what is the right speed limit on the trail but been discussed many times over. Perhaps something Ontario could learn from Quebec at least on bigger trails with 70 k limit.
  8. ski-dog

    Oxygen Helmets

    Great idea although reading through various sites a definite issue with shields. I think in our area many are still sitting on a shelf waiting to get used. Hopefully they have a quick fix as folks shelled out big bucks for these myself included.
  9. The reality is would be surprised if there is a single poster here that does 50 km/h on the trail particularly up north sell included...........
  10. ski-dog

    MF Ski Whiz

    Brings back memories. As a kid there were tons of those original cheese whiz,s as there was a local dealer. Basically all 100 + sleds were in the neighbourhood and everyone was out riding everywhere down roads, fields lakes etc and broken sleds,spit out parts everywhere. All that said it was wonderful and still think about those days over 50/years ago and about 30 to 40 sleds ago. I don’t think the same appreciation will exist in the future although sleds are so much better and so reliable. Unfortunately winters pale in comparison.
  11. ski-dog

    Cochrane - New Motel Construction?

    Maybe NAITR, North Adventure Inn, The Revenge. Tell them to build heated sled garage and I’m in.
  12. ski-dog

    Finally Proof...

    A red squirrel non the less.outside of no snow guess it’s hunting season.......... maybe can make up for lack of snow
  13. I have an 850 XRS and a 900T XRS still in the box. Have also owned Yamahas but not a sidewinder ( ridden some though) If you want to be at the end of the lake first - Sidewinder If you want instant throttle response - 850. Have never experienced throttle response like that in anything else rear skid - nothing compares to r-motion front - debatable maybe give edge to Yamacat weight - depends where and how you ride. Will say the G4 chassis is twitchy. Expecting the 900T to be more planted. Twisty trails heavier sled can be more tiring. Wide open northern trails. Not a big deal and on trail weight can feel more planted. Off trail extra weight is an issue build quality - personal take these days is I see better quality, fit and finish from doo over yamacat Longevity - 4 stroke whatever fuel / oil - call it a draw. New 2 strokes are phenomenal on fuel. Need injector oil although the 4 stroke needs an oil change and filter If you want it all - not going to happen although all in the 900T would average out on everything from what I have seen so far and may be the closest for best of both worlds.
  14. ski-dog

    Baxter Snow Riders Upcoming Events

    The caves only form under certain conditions, essentially extreme cold weather while the water is still open on the back side with winds in the right direction to cause on shore waves where water freezes on shore quickly. Once they start they grow quickly until the water starts to freeze across the backside. When I was young they formed regularly now it is relatively rare . If they do form worth the trip. Coming from the north end is tricky.
  15. ski-dog

    Tatachikapika Lodge

    Used to stop there all the time. Glad to see it back up and running. Didn’t realize post 392 had closed. Wasn’t up that way last year.