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  1. Train tracks are at the very end of Kilty Switch, if you are heading south on the D trail from Bracebridge, you will pass Muskoka Brewery, short bit down the trail you cross the train tracks and our reroute will be a right turn heading south, It's all been signed recently.
  2. For those that don’t follow Snowcrest on Fb I thought I’d share that we were able to obtain permission from 2 landowners to get us off Winhara rd and connect to Kilty Switch by the train tracks. It’s been quite a bit of a process and tons of hours to complete. Many thanks to everyone involved in this undertaking. here’s a couple pics of the work involved.
  3. Single supplement is an extra 500 bucks, let me know if you are interested
  4. The deal breaker was the chase vehicle and not having to carry saddlebags, oil, etc on the sleds for the week and tbh, I just dont have the time to try and plan everything this year and hope we got it right as far as destinations etc etc. For the extra few bucks we felt it was worth it 100%,
  5. We will be a week after you, We will be there on March 4th and start our ride on March 6th with them.
  6. We’ve booked our New Brunswick trip with these guys. if anyone is interested still have a couple spots available starting on march 5th
  7. I am going with cable scratchers mounted to my a arms this year, used the ACS ones last year but going with a different brand and mounts for the new sled.
  8. Curious if any of u guys have booked a tour though Ontario Snow tours?
  9. I was there Friday wandering around the show and chatting with everyone, Ordered a set of the Qualipieces Trek carbides for Karen's sled, very interesting design with the dual carbide offset. Saturday I was at the District 7 booth from 10-2 and saw a few OC members which was nice, Spent the rest of the afternoon at the Polaris booth and various others, It was well attended, not as many retail vendors as years past was the feeling from most, The OFSC district booths were done quite well, Thanks to everyone that attended. Met up with MJ the Ski Doo Ambassador for some pics and lunch, After the Show was over a bunch of us including Blair Morgan and Dave Norona met at Arizona Bar and Grill for dinner and drinks. All in all a great albeit long weekend of talking sleds. Booked our New Brunswick trip for March this morning with the guys from Ontario Quebec Snow Cruises.
  10. Thanks for your opinion. Much appreciated and yes I’m not a fan of gauntlets/muffs
  11. I believe so yes, I suspect the dealer you got it from never switched the Vin number into your name though
  12. Lol I’m getting the letters for them
  13. I will order both of ours once I get a VIN number for the new sled, worst case, One trail permit and One Gift Card.
  14. I believe the re route will be getting the trails off some of the logging roads if I am correct.
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