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  1. Nunz

    Vintage Photos - 2019-2010

    Sorry for your loss ZR, my condolences to you and your family.
  2. We stayed there this fall with the quads in a big group and they treated us very well, good food nothing bad to say about them at all. very nice people. That being said personally I much prefer the Valois.
  3. Nunz

    New to Gravenhurst

    Congrats, We are also in Gravenhurst, shoot me a message if you want to meet up for a ride one day or get involved with Snowcrest Riders. I may know someone lol.
  4. Nunz

    About time I bought a sled.

    Congrats on your purchase of your cottage and upcoming sled, the 550 Fan cooled Polaris engine has been around for a long time, I would suggest looking into Floation Suits for sure, there is a few brands out there at various price points. Whereabouts is the cottage? Let me know if you have any questions or need advice. Nunz
  5. Nunz

    D201F Question NW of Elliot Lake

    Thanks guys, this has been great reading and memories of those trails even up to just a few years ago. I am so looking forward to riding with you Dan and having a beverage or two and trading sledding stories.
  6. Let me know when you are planning on going, We have a week booked off and hotels booked for 3rd week of March, you are more than welcome to join us and save the fees of a tour guide.
  7. That's the new Travelodge motel, and if anyone was wondering Terry's also still open for business, breakfast and dinner no lunch service.
  8. Nunz

    Cochrane Travel Centre - NEW

    It is a refurb of a little motel that was there for years, the manager running it used to be at the Thriftlodge across the street.
  9. Nunz

    Cochrane Travel Centre - NEW

    6 days up there and I only saw 2-3 trucks and trailers in the parking lot all week. Can't say I am surprised, We also gassed up at the new Esso Station one day. The Travelodge next door to the new Esso had some friends stay there and they spoke very highly of it and it also has a heated garage out back, I think we may try it on our next trip to Cochrane, heard the rooms were very big compared to most of the other hotels in town.
  10. Nunz

    Borrowing a sled - Moral dilemma

    My opinion is when borrowing anything, it gets broken you should at least offer the pay for the repair at the minimum and let the owner of the machine decide on what is acceptable. My brother borrows Karen's sled a couple of times a year and although under warranty the understanding is he would pay for any damage to the sled if it were to happen. I agree with the comments above that there should be a conversation prior to taking the machine or equipment about any possible damages or breakdowns. Just my two cents worth.
  11. Nunz

    Kinmount Haliburton area

    The gas station in Baysville has parking, They are pretty good as long as you gas up and support them.
  12. Nunz

    How much snow do you have?

    Can’t see pic
  13. Nunz

    Cochrane area conditions

    Sorry guys for the delay in posting our report. We arrived on Monday December 30th at the Westway in Cochrane and stayed up there till Sunday January 5th. Hotels were extremely busy and more traffic than I have ever seen up there but expected. We ended up riding just over 1000 miles over the course of the week, Trails were quite good in the mornings and beat up in the late afternoons but again the amount of traffic we expected that. We rode pretty much everywhere you could ride that was available. The L125 around Kap was incredible and spent a bit of time on Remi Lake with the guys on the one day. Was a nice way to hang out and ride with a bunch of friends new and old, Thank you to Denis for coming down and spending a couple of days riding with us. There ended up being close to 20 of us and we split the groups up as much as possible, Thanks you to all the clubs in Cochrane, Iroquois Falls, Timmins, SRF, Moonbeam and Kap for doing their best they could to keep the trails rideable for all of us from the south. Looks like we may be heading north again this weekend as work and other stuff will be blocking our weekends till our trip first week of February. Hope the weather turns and we can get some riding closer to home as the season progresses.
  14. Nunz

    D201F Question NW of Elliot Lake

    We will be starting at Dunlop 1st week of February and doing a big northern loop, I will do a trip report once we get back at the end of the trip or should anything come up on the trail that you guys would need to know about.
  15. Nunz

    TIMMINS Accommodation

    We’ve stayed at the Bon Air a couple times and enjoyed out Visits there, it’s a typical motel room that you can park right out front of your room. Great location and services as others have mentioned