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  1. From when I filled it my application a couple of years ago, you are really just telling them about yourself, sharing the social media sites you belong to and your passion for the sport and Polaris of course. I have met several of the Ambassadors and they are all great people with strong ties to the brand. I see other another OEM has followed suit. If you think about the brand ambassador idea is a marketing genius having people at the grassroots level promoting the brand, whether it is sleds, powersports, clothing, etc.
  2. Kk, Sorry I didn't know what they sell for new, Did you end up buying Rod's sleds?
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3846196955417707/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A99b0873b-479e-4d89-aef9-a9a124963790
  4. Close your eyes and imagine an image I am sending you.
  5. Still mulling over Summer Sucks party, It may happen but on a much smaller scale for sure, Last thing I need is the neighbors freaking out with a pile of trucks on the street.
  6. Yes I got the email today as well. If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them.
  7. One they are invoiced and has a VIN number it means the unit is built but in their computer it should show them either in transit or at the factory. At that point the unit is on their floor plan.
  8. Agreed, Summer Sucks OC barbecue I’ll happily host this summer if everyone is interested.
  9. I have always enjoyed the forum and the sharing of information and have made many close friends with lots of members here but it seems in the past few months the forum has changed and maybe not for the better at times, Ontario Conditions to me was always just a place to hang out and share stories. My thoughts are that some long time members may just decide to leave the forum which would be a sad day. It would be nice if somehow as a forum we all agreed to leave the forum for what it was intended to be first and foremost, A Snowmobile Forum, nothing more nothing less, unless I am wrong which I
  10. If you were thinking of selling the helmet please let me know, I would be interested in adding it to my collection. Thanks
  11. Awesome suit, I would totally buy it if it were in my size, you will have no problem selling it, The is a few Vintage Polaris sites on FB as well.
  12. We stopped in at the Legion one day and grabbed a burger as always food was excellent, this past season we went to the fish shack in Dorset a couple times and it was great. My advice and I was really surprised more restaurants didn’t have a fire going outside with some music. Summerland General store did and I believe they had a great season the times we stopped in.
  13. Here’s the pics of our new sleds.
  14. Post up pics and for some that won't share pics at least comment on what you are ordering, Based on Snowcheck orders going through the roof I am thinking there will be lots of new iron coming.
  15. I’ve stayed at the Super 8 and it’s nice but recently stayed at the Advantage and more of a motel style and you can park right outside your room and papa Franco’s next door plus it’s a bit cheaper to stay there.
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