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  1. let me know if you want to trade the adventure bag for one of the Linq Sport bags.
  2. We closed our trails yesterday in Gravenhurst, things went south pretty quick yesterday with the warm weather and the rain last night and another warm day today, doubtful they will reopen again but who knows.
  3. Gotta think that Polaris will have some sort of special edition to celebrate their 70th Anniversary as a Limited Snowcheck Release. What that is I have no clue but will be watching closely for sure
  4. Heading out to Shelburne tommorrow-Sunday morning for a ride, Hoping to see some OC members out there, flag me down if you see me, cant miss my sled this year.
  5. Snowcrest is working on trails as we speak
  6. We were there yesterday, as stated both groomers were down, trails were very choppy and corners were getting icy, Was still nice to get out for a first ride regardless. Would have been nice if they had shared that information on their FB page though
  7. We are heading there on Sunday, I will post a report after our ride, Hopefully they get the snow in the forecast they are calling for.
  8. I have heard the same thing
  9. We rode it a couple of years ago from Gravenhurst, was a nice days ride to Moose Deer Point Marina for gas. The day we rode it the trails were in great condition, We stopped at Longhouse Grill for lunch. Would like to do it again this year.
  10. We did New Brunswick Last season, We used https://www.ontsnow.com/ Best trip we have ever done, they looked after everything and what was about 700 bucks extra per person vs booking it on our own was money well spent. We will book with them again.
  11. Very sketchy I wouldn’t trust them
  12. https://www.facebook.com/100046230325540/posts/pfbid02eErr1N8irVh4kkBMfyCD2UJwQJSybBM3TAXPAzN94B9JVFMfEtXFWxi9ZMiUozGGl/?mibextid=cr9u03
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