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  1. If you were thinking of selling the helmet please let me know, I would be interested in adding it to my collection. Thanks
  2. Awesome suit, I would totally buy it if it were in my size, you will have no problem selling it, The is a few Vintage Polaris sites on FB as well.
  3. We stopped in at the Legion one day and grabbed a burger as always food was excellent, this past season we went to the fish shack in Dorset a couple times and it was great. My advice and I was really surprised more restaurants didn’t have a fire going outside with some music. Summerland General store did and I believe they had a great season the times we stopped in.
  4. Here’s the pics of our new sleds.
  5. Post up pics and for some that won't share pics at least comment on what you are ordering, Based on Snowcheck orders going through the roof I am thinking there will be lots of new iron coming.
  6. I’ve stayed at the Super 8 and it’s nice but recently stayed at the Advantage and more of a motel style and you can park right outside your room and papa Franco’s next door plus it’s a bit cheaper to stay there.
  7. X2, amazing spotlighting them!! Thanks for sharing this great idea.
  8. Love the power of the 850 for sure. Thinking of trying the 650 for Karen next season. Here’s a pick of what I’m thinking for myself.
  9. Heh heh heh, I actually like trail 3 to the B trail, remember that trail is groomed with a sled and a drag. The guys have worked hard this season On it.
  10. different place, just down the road from them. Longhouse is at Liquidation Nation property.
  11. We stopped in there a couple of weeks ago as well, nice little place, good service and good food.
  12. I think they did a great job with the 2022's, they are moving in the right direction for sure. Decisons Decisons.. But I am really liking the XCR 136 for sure. Was great to see the Team Ontario Ambassador's getting a shout out.
  13. Nunz

    Winter 2021

    I was at the Ice Caves on Friday, as long as you stay on the well travelled route you will should be ok. We played around in the deep snow off to the sides but dont let off on the throttle.
  14. We stayed at the Advantage this year and are booked in there for next weekend. It was a favourite of Sledjunk for years and I can see why, nice and simple, very affordable and great location.
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