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  1. Spoke with our Dealer this am and my XCR shipped last week and Mrs Nunz's sled has shipped as well so hoping we see them in the next couple of weeks. Once they arrive will start booking trips for February and March.
  2. We have been out Packing with the groomer and bearcats, getting much closer to opening in Gravenhurst. Quite a few of the Muskoka clubs have been posting on FB updates
  3. Hopefully the issues causing the trail to be closed can be resolved somehow and have the trail opened up this year. That being said I think there is more to the story which hopefully questions that are being asked are answered.
  4. Like others have said I would certainly try and see if you could demo or get a chance to try a couple of the sleds you are considering, Both brands build great sleds and very different seating positions and handling on them 2 stroke vs 4 stroke. We ordered my wife a 650 VR1 137 for this year, If you have any other questions about the Polaris sleds let me know and if we could meet up for a ride I would be more than happy to let you try ours for a few minutes. Dealer choice is also a major consideration as Blake mentioned, the Dealer that will look after you when there is a problem is worth quite a bit more vs the dealer you save a few bucks on when buying it. Hope this helps you,
  5. Same here, got the email tonight
  6. Pm me here on on Fb I have a connection with Triton and can see if he will help you. sorry this happened to you really sucks
  7. Nunz


    I bought the Klim one with no breath box and a couple of the ckx ones that seem to work well
  8. I’m going back to running the Qualipieces Cobra heads this year on both our sleds. Hoping Karen likes them over the kimpex arrow skiis with dual carbides
  9. Nunz


    I’d suggest a balaclava without the breath box. Other than that it’s an amazing helmet
  10. I see there is some available trails from Espanola to Massey, Updated on the STP FB page this am.
  11. I think there is a lot more to that story that will come out of the woodwork.
  12. I bought the NSP kit this year with grease fittings for our sleds
  13. Sucks that they are treating you like this and their ecommerce site is not looking after customers the way they should be. I guess to avoid paying the return shipping charges you could post them online and see if someone else wants to buy them. Is there not an option to buy said scratchers from Amazon? just putting out ideas?
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