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  1. Thanks Slomo, We have a 3 bedroom cabin booked, can't wait to disappear for a few days and do some exploring and fishing. Hope all is well with you and good to see you back here on the forum.
  2. Won't happen, Fall right till the snow flies is a very popular time for the atv crowd to get rides in and also with Hunting season starting up.
  3. We are staying at Elk Lake Wilderness Lodge very soon, I can let u know how it was. Can’t really comment on doing loops out of there by sled but I’d agree with Nutter that NL might have better options all depending on the distances u travel in a day
  4. Same here, no issues with getting stuff delivered this year at all, ordered something for the sled from the States and it arrived in less than a week.
  5. We will be buying our passes in the next couple of weeks. Also looking at Quebec passes as well potentially.
  6. Well said and thanks, I totally agree, The answer I did get yesterday in response to a question that was asked is, There will not be refunds of trail passes in the event that trails do not open, There is a ton of expenses that are spent long before the trails even open as we all know. I will be buying our two trail passes and likely Quebec passes this winter in some form and make the best of what happens.
  7. Thanks guys!!! Much appreciated. Looking forward to a fun weekend on the boat, I think we are heading towards Port Severn tomorrow.
  8. Nunz

    OFSC Covid plan.

    We have already been talking with friends that we normally do our sledding vacations with and the feeling is this year that instead of saddlebagging for a week, we will likely drive to our destination and do a week of day trips instead or maybe do a one night overnight somewhere. For most of the riding I am hoping to ride within a couple hours of home most days if not from home.
  9. I will ask that question to them right now. and let you know what response I get back.
  10. I can see much more local riding this coming winter but.. if places are open up north and willing to accommodate us and maybe it means adding some more racks for our gear and losing a table of two the sledders will still travel. Will be interesting to see it unfold. Here’s hoping for a great season.
  11. One one of our trips last season we were pushing 140 miles and still could have gone I’m guessing another 10-20 miles before running out.
  12. Blue looks really nice in person
  13. I wish him all the best, he’s got his hands full with a great group behind him. Hopefully he’s able to use his skills to work with the government to secure more funding. The fact he’s one of the sledding community in my opinion is a huge bonus.
  14. Nunz

    AJ Lester

    I just saw the post for the gofundme thought I’d share the link to it. https://www.gofundme.com/f/sadie-lester
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