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  1. I switched to Klim gloves last season and they work quite good. Ran FXR gloves for years and still use the pair I have from time to time.
  2. thanks and between all of us admins I think it is going well, with 30000 plus members there is always bound to be some asshats for sure, It is not a page for everyone, I think forums like this are the best, but many look to FB, I also help with a FB group, Ontario Realtime Sledding Information, we keep that group very tight, no advertising, no bashing, just riders posting pics of places they have been and live conditions.
  3. Actually reading the comments as I’m also an admin on 705 it’s pretty clear the high majority of comments are not very favourable in Base Camps operations at all. Most comments are ones sharing similar experiences this year.
  4. lol, I saw you had requested to join, it can be an interesting page to follow at times. I think it has gotten better in the past year or so, for a while it was a bit of a gong show
  5. We went up as far as the warm up shack on the east side this year and fed the birds then turned around, there was some reroutes from the last time we were up there a couple years ago and had no real desire to go all the way up to Basecamp.
  6. Bring your popcorn, it is getting nasty on the Post. Sad to see the way things have gone this year and it appears to be the wrong way.
  7. I know for our 2022's we ordered I only got the email for one of the sleds, I am wondering if it is at the dealership level if they arent entering the customer's email address. Or a glitch in the system, either way glad to hear your order is confirmed.
  8. Awesome, We ordered the same thing, You will love it!!
  9. We just got back from 3 days of riding in the Hearst area, Trails coming into Hearst are getting a little beat up but holding up, The loops around Hearst are amazing condition and looks like there is quite a bit of snow in the forecast coming this week. We rode to Hornepayne on Saturday and it was not too bad but very icy, scratchers are a must as they hadnt gotten the fresh snow. We never went east of Mattice so can't comment on the conditions out that way. Hope this helps
  10. Check the spam folder it might be there, alternative is call Polaris customer service and they can confirm
  11. Honestly drive the extra and go right to hearst that’s the consensus from everyone up here
  12. I’m in hearst, the loops around hearst are in good condition and it’s snowing up here right now. Yesterday was warm so they took a hit conditions wise, roads are toast and into the hotels is getting thin.
  13. might see you up there, We are heading up today till Monday. If you see my sled wave me down. I got a bunch of Polaris Goodies to give away.
  14. We are heading to Hearst this week for our last trip of the year with a few friends
  15. My guess is most trails in Muskoka will be shut down by the weekend and Lakes will be very slushy.
  16. Once your dealer locks it in you should get the email, I got mine a couple days after I confirmed with them on my choice
  17. I’ll be in kap Thursday and Friday
  18. As most of you know my wife typically get new sleds every year and hers every other year, We have had the gamut of Polaris Sleds from 600's, 800's, 850's and now she is on a 2022 VR1 650, we found she never really got the full use out of the 850, after time spent in Minnesota a couple of years ago with @-crz- aka Jason and riding the prototypes I knew the 650 was perfect for her and she just loves it this year, we have about 1300 miles on them so far, not bad considering we only got them about a month ago. It has excellent bottom and mid range power, excellent for brisk trail riding, Top end we are seeing just over 100 mph on the Speedo. Fuel economy and oil consumption are much better than my 850 for sure. I have ridden it a few times and can't find fault with it at all. I see you have ordered one, if you happen to be in Northern Ontario the next week shoot me a PM and we can meet up. Nunz
  19. I hear ya for sure. Plus the feeling of being rushed to make a decison, last night during the release it was almost panicky.
  20. they have been cut back huge from what I have been told, I would think Floor models will be very scare as Snowcheck demand is crazy since last night.
  21. I think the release went well last night, they finally addressed the gap in the lineup with the new 4 stroke and hopefully a sign of bigger and better things to come. The Boosted trail sleds are very interesting for sure. Time to make a decision as to what to order very soon. Kinda of wished there was a Boost XCR but maybe next year we will see it. If anyone is interested I will be selling my 2022 XCR 136 850 at the end of the season. PM me
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