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  1. I am sure someone weill comment, I think the last time we were there, I am sure we paid cash. This is noted on the website, so they might have interact based on interent connecttion, but I would go with the assumuption cash and consider interact as a bonus. "We do NOT have cell phone service, but we do have Starlink Wi-Fi. We have no hydro and rely on generators and an oil heater"
  2. So for those that have done the Gaspe trip, would it be best to wait for the trail that is closed to open back up to do this trip - put it off for a year? And, does anyone know for sure if the trails is closed just for this year, partial or the entire year (Im sure based on how things progress), what is the projected completion date? With bridge repairs being the challenge or issue, how big are these bridges in need of repair or possibly replacement?
  3. stoney


    Here is hoping I’m still good this year with my set up….muffs and thin gloves. When this doesn’t work, I’ll consider the heated option. But I agree, it sucks to have stiff fingered gloves.
  4. Not sure you can clean up all that old stuff and part of the reason for the new page, to start with a clean slate. been lots of not so good dialogue. Here’s hoping the new ownership maintains better relations with polar bear riders.
  5. x2.....I was looking at the website, that is nice and it mentioneds fuel, and the facebook page, that is the same one as before.....figured with new owners, maybe a new FB page too.
  6. I beleive the call in is the way as well - witnessed it on a sled, but of course I assume the resources a cop has on a sled is not the same as in the cruiser, but why would the insurance industry open up their data base to others, insurance companies are very funny when it comes to exposure......for good reasons of course! And I am hearing more people use the wallat app to keep all their electronic files with them for these things as well - is it approved process, no idea......I have the old fashioned papers.....lol
  7. Not sure what else is bineg done to get signatures, but there needs to be a lot more than just the folks from this forum or other forums signing it, IMO. I signed it as well though!
  8. Ya, same….perhaps because you still pay…lol
  9. Nope. Rather pop into dealer and pickup the complete kit.
  10. Sorry, I missed this reply - there ya go, 60 to 70 to piece it out!
  11. Correct, oil filter cartridge with o-ring for oil filter compartment lid. The Doo kit is just easy, imo…regardless of warranty or not. I think around 120 ish. comes with oil, filter and o-rings/seals for both filter and two drain plugs. Sure could buy for less, not sure how much less, maybe 80 bucks if you piece it all out, just a guess. But to each their own.
  12. I like my cans, easier to travel with and fits better in garage beer fridge
  13. I got some used oil still in “good” shape for cheap cheap too if ya interested.
  14. Mental note, never buy anything from strongfarmer….lol
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