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  1. Ya, I missed that other important factor, gears too will skew the numbers.....I have 4:10 in my truck..
  2. Just paid my sled insurance over the phone, on hold for 20 minutes. Talk to a very pleasant lady about the delay, she stated on average it has been 45 minutes but things are finally starting to get closer to the normal wait time, but not there yet. I wanted to set up my TD online account for easier payment while I was on hold, which I could not do by myself for some reason on there portal, talked to the first lady about my payment who said she would transfer me to that department once we were done, on hold for that maybe 10 minutes, but that is now set up and next year if I am with TD, just log on and pay my yearly premium.... All and all, not a big deal.
  3. What years are your trucks though, gas usage has changed a fair amount with the 5.7 in the Ram over the last little while? Another factor to consider is your truck fulltime AWD or have the option of 2WD, 4WD or AWD. Plus a hybrid vs. a full size trailer, even with a v-nose is not really apples to apples. With my hybrid in a Ram 2500 gasser I see 18/19 L/100km in the winter, summer is better of course when I occasionally use it.
  4. Mail & shipping has been all over the map.....sometimes comes in a normal fashion/timeline and other time takes twice as long, so I would wait. For me, I believe I was notified middle to end of the week that it was shipped and received the following week.
  5. Not 100% true, if it can be avoided materials are dropped when the manpower is there to receive & start the work. See this happening more and more the last few years due to theft issues & delivery issues. Also been in an increase in partial deliveries to minimize exposure, no where to store all the materials plus control your costs as most suppliers will have the materials and invoice go out the same day. But of course depending on the situation, this is not always possible. Regardless, sucks all around when this happens, there is no excuse no matter who or what you point the finger at.
  6. I was thinking the same thing, but figured I would keep my thoughts to myself. Granted, no idea how long it was there for, could have been dropped the day before the work was happening or sat there for days allowing the would be thieves to consider their plans. Regardless, stealing is a low life act.....it seems that and illegal dumping are getting out of hand.
  7. If I recall the last time we had a good Polar Vortex, it was too cold to snow, not the ideal situation.....and of course they were in Jan and Feb vs. Dec when they are really needed.
  8. I prefer to pay some of my yearly premiums for various items in lump sum payments & on my credit card, this is one of them.....to date never been an issue, but sounds like this year might be.....
  9. I'll be calling them shortly to pay for my yearly premiums and see what sort of wait I am in for.....do not recall anything odd in the past, but we will see. I am sure there are others ways to pay, but I just call in to pay with my visa each year, always have.....
  10. I will usually park/stage out of the STP club, ride to lake Wannapitei, hit Rocky's and off we go to the North. The trail out of and into Rocky's is always just completely moguled out, thankfully not for too long and then its is good.....just the way it has always been and expect nothing else. Rode once from North Bay years ago, first stop on the trip was Temagami and that entire section was beyond words, we were ready to go back if this was the way the trails were going to be the rest of teh trip, but thankfully they were not.
  11. So lets say you have a son or daughter that is driving but they have their own car and insurance, do you still have to mention them and potentially there bad records will affects your rates, even if they have always had their own policies and ownership, unless you add this 28A that sounds like it basically informs the Ins that under no circumstances will driver A or B listed on the 28A will use your vehicles?
  12. The wheels are a dead give away plus the HD badging on the front fender of the Fords......plus I think the flare around the wheel wells are different on the HD vs non HD Fords.
  13. Yes, he was a great guy to deal with....heard he left ORPS and moved further north, not sure what he is doing now. I saw your pictures of the rink on the other forum, nice size and good to get er done while not too bad out, but doesn't give you much motivation to think or do much of winter stuff when we have this type of weather. Here is hoping we start to slip back into some cold weather, maybe some flurries, frost, etc....before the lake affect kicks in. Keeping the CAT for another year or still on the fence?
  14. That then became a cat dealer called ATC, John soon was no more, not surprised......Rick & Jody kept it going, relocated the dealership down the road and then sadly closed the doors. Nothing good I am sure.....
  15. Ditto, never had any issues with this or the mirrors in QC......the only concerns we have ever seen by locals is getting gas at some stations and they wanted to confirm we had a QC trail pass before they would fill our tanks, which in my eyes is not a bad things at all!
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