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  1. When I ran the two smoke I did the same, bought the one litre containers, taped lids and waited until sled took full litre to use entire container - never had an issue. One litre containers also packed better too.
  2. Or maybe a split gas/oil can - I’m guessing you won’t see a stackable fuel or oil caddy.
  3. You need to pay close attention to what LinQ accessories you buy - some of them are designed so you cannot stack other accessories on top, I assume so you do not overload the tunnel seeing as liquid is likely the heaviest thing straped to the rear. I have the 4 gallon gas container, that can hold oil too if you wish, that allows me to strap a bag to the top as well. There is a chart that gives you what options you have that can or cannot be stacked.
  4. Sure - wasn’t my point though (about being able to fly, drive, etc…) Just that there was zero checks, asks, etc…entering the US pertaining to the clot shot (lol - thanks Aaron). This was for me and the other 10 guys heading over in our group, as well anyone else I saw in the line ups at Pearson. Seeing ArcticCrusher post may explain why though the update/change. A friend who flew a couple months ago however did have an issue, no clot shot, no fly from Pearson, denied….drove to buffalo and flew from there instead…lol
  5. "clot shot"....LMAO, I like that!
  6. FYI - flying to the US from Canada last month and there were zero mention of experimental poke compliance, but as mentioned, it seems to be hit or miss.
  7. "Political challenges of todays bubble wrapped workforce" or "Blackstar's search for good honest employees not afraid to put in a solid day of physical work" lol
  8. Oh ya, anyone know how the new owners of Robinson are doing 😜
  9. Does the three month probation not still exist, that can be extended to six if after three things are border line? And you can let any employee go within that probation period without cause.
  10. LOL, very creative excuses. I agree, there are other ways to get to work vs. your own car....that is if you really want too! I remember when the five guys I use to work with years ago on a crew would all meet at one home and car pool from there to the jobs sites, even picked up a guy if needed along the way - there are always ways around things.
  11. When you consider the cost for a young person to own a car and the wages they likely make, it’s not surprising when the car breaks down that it puts them in a bad spot. Not saying it’s right or what’s he is asking for is, just something that I know I’ve thought of many times, especially when you consider fewer and fewer people either have the skill set, tools or want to work on their own cars, that saves you huge. I know I was and still am lucky to be able too because I hate spending that money to have a person fix my vehicle or stuff…..I guess something my dad bestowed in me at a young age. Besides, the bank is more likely to give him a car loan before they give him a loan to fix a car…lol
  12. Yep, same issue elsewhere - the other guys busting their buts want the same level from the "new guy", otherwise it does not work out and move on to next person, which sadly take many attempts. Good luck!
  13. Yep - same here, replaced my basement floor a few years ago in the old part of the house - existing one was garbage, thin, no gravel/drainage, etc.... Received one quote, few said they would quote, but never submitted. The one quote was almost double what I was willing to pay and the guy called me to ask what I thought, told him thanks but you are 12K more than what I figured it would cost hiring someone and no way you have that much wiggle room, so did it myself with the wife and cost less than half of what I expected it would cost hiring someone, she ran the mini ex and I did all the grunt work.... Kids helped spreading the gravel out in the basement too! We are still "happily" married as well, most days.....lol
  14. I agree this is the case now more than ever before, sadly. But, makes those that are willing to do the physical work, that much more valuable.
  15. Clearly much too hard “physical” work … 🤔 And Blackstar being a slave driver perhaps….lol
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