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  1. We have left our trailers and rigs for a full week in the past there, no issues at all. Have arrived with 2 to 3 rigs and room for all....as long as all park smart of course.... As noted, parking down the hill at the gas station has been an option shared, but have never needed too, but when driving by it heading up the hill, it has always tended to be not as busy a spot either. @Gadgetman - Planning trips in Jun, you are a good man!
  2. Maybe someone with more background on this will correct me, but I believe there is a pretty heavy emphasis on managing the forests / lumber in this day and age, surveying areas intended to be logged, paperwork submitted, red tape added, etc, etc..... In saying this, I would think that what was in motion months or possibly years ago, will continue and to in order to increase production based on what has transpired in the last 12 months, requires a process to be followed before it can be implemented......so in the coming years I am sure it will get worse, this year might be too soon for tha
  3. With you "unplugged" the post counts around here will drop significantly I hope it is nothing too bad and all is well soon Open cheque book clause....... And the public will too.......but this belongs in the "Covid" thread...
  4. LOL.....I like this as a (ex) Cat guy.... This is a good one
  5. See, made in Canada....make Canada great again, if that is possible of course.....
  6. It appears Sea-doos may be both in QC and Mexico.....with Rotax engines in Austria... VALCOURT, QUÉBEC, CANADA Valcourt is our home, where it all started. Today, it plays a strategic role in BRP activities worldwide. Valcourt has become the Centre of expertise for design, research, development, marketing and manufacturing of Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Can-Am products, where we can find the Laurent Beaudoin Design and Innovation Center, the Product Development Center, our factory of Ski-Doo snowmobiles and Can-Am Spyder 3-wheel vehicles and our global headqu
  7. I have no idea actually, which is why I made that statement as possible reason with a "IDK". It really does not look good for a sea-doo buyer to see sleds arriving in the summer/spring and yet their sea-doo is not here yet, don't ya think? I thought I read something somewhere that various vehicles BRP sell are made in different places. Are all Doo sleds made in QC, is there another plant in the US or Mexico....
  8. Made in Canada vs abroad…
  9. It was a joke son…😀....and yes, I actually did, which I believe stateD the sleds missing parts would sit in yard and expected to be retrofitted in Fall! Its crazy new iron is already arriving though.
  10. I wonder if they are complete…. ….
  11. Interesting link over on Doo https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/brp-trying-to-honour-every-order-despite-chip-shortage-185721453.html
  12. I recall reading about using a sealed relay vs. the one from the factory to prevent this.......but based on the OC consensus, it appears this issue does not happen much if at all. I am sure one of those things that gets blown up in the interwebs......anything possibly bad, gets blown way out of proportion.
  13. Perspective on its size perhaps.....
  14. tow strap use. oddly enough a Cat. :-) 



    1. stoney


      It is not the sled...but the rider :)

      Sounds like he smacked the pole too, hopefully no damage.....but ya know if it was a Doo, it would be a right off, Cat has a better chance of survival....LOL

  15. Hi Stoney,

    I'm also about to discuss with CYT Bags about these touring bags, as I don't like anything that Doo currently offers. Looking at the tunnel bag for weekends, and then snap on the outer 1 or 2 bags for our week long trips. He told me to call back end of June once his boat stuff settled down.

    I was considering a battery blanket or pad, but with the block heater, should be ok. I always have a spare fuse for the face shield. I've decided to go the E LinQ. 



    Bags both.JPG

    1. stoney


      HI Andy,

      I have not looked at luggage yet, but will need to for the new Doo....have you considered the new Kimpex ones?


      I saw the block heater and I am pretty sure the heater pad is what Big Pussy does to fix the cold issues on 4-strokes and 2-strokes....I am sure I read a tech post from him on that in the past.


      In my mind it is a possible weak battery that is the fault for a non start on a cold morning, so with a booster pack, I think that will be the resolution and an easy thing to carry/pack....and with the synthetic oil used these days, the oil does not thicken up as much anymore. 


      Looking forward to the ride as I am sure you are too.....will likely look at more things to improve after I have some miles on it though.



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