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  1. stoney


    Cannot recall a MAY24 weekend that nice in a while.....but my memory has failed me before..... Heat is welcomed as is the nice weather considering we have hardly strung together many nice days up to now - lots of rain though.... Good for the bugs, good for ater temps, etc..... I was anticipating a crappy summer since the winter was, who knows though.
  2. I think some of the "kids" you speak of are making some pretty good coin with the jobs out there, if they were smart and willing to work......I see my nephews and their friends, some are doing okay. Not to suggest they are not living a fine line, but I think we all did until we were in what our 40's, where we started to see some "financial freedoms".....but the youger kids of today are for sure living a finer line with everything costing so much & getting some help from ma and pa.
  3. Yes, the 50K savings used as the down payment......
  4. That is part of the problem, too many are now in the game to make money with no or little thought to the ripple effects that greatly affects the generation beneath them - the me, me society we have become..... Sadly, I really do not see how there is going to be that drastic a correction at this point to fix things.
  5. It is "news" that has been broadcasted for years, considering the source it comes from, I think the accuracy is low...... I was being scarcastic of course though based on the doom and gloom "news" and Spidy suggesting people had savings. Regardless, poeple will always hurt and people will always weather the storm and endure the valleys of life.
  6. Hmmm, I kept hearing for years that the vast majority had no savings, living pay cheque to pay cheque.....
  7. 100% - case in point, when I sold by last sled, dealer offered half of what I sold private for, he even suggested that route....sold in one day if I recall, but that was also with the silly covid clause in play. Seasons change, it all plays a role for sure.
  8. It really is a win win, if it’s a fair offer…..with less hassles and headaches, if that is worth it to you to have less hassles in life…. you save the decreased amount offered in taxes you save on new vehicle that you wouldn’t see on private sale. dealer makes that money as profit when they sell based on market value that keeps the wheel greased. rinse and repeat….
  9. Another reason to get things gone - dealing with the stupidity of selling anything on the various online platforms. One of the other good things forums can be great for, the buy and sell section.
  10. People get caught up in the what it is worth to me vs. what it is worth to others/market can bear......the latter of the two will usually see success, the first, not so much...... I was just talking to a friend who is selling a used vehicle, they are stuck on 27K mark for it, dealer offered 23K when they bought their new one......stupid thing is they would have saved almost 3K in taxes on the trade in......lol.
  11. stoney


    Very nice. Reminds me of taking my kids when they were three, surprising how well they do at that age. Under three is pretty impressive though! I could not last on the bunny hills all day, so I asked the staff if I could take them up the lifts to bigger hills, susprised that I could, so off we went and did not have return to bunny hill until they were 6 and had to earn their stripe to move on.
  12. stoney


    Tire rotation is key to any tire, especially a tire that has an aggressive or semi-aggressive tread pattern. On my second set of Duratrac tires, first set had 100k. I’ve had good luck with them so far.
  13. Same here, never been an issue with mine - metal solid wheels/casters, all works, etc.....
  14. stoney


    Studs is what is needed. just drive in QC in a bad weather day and see those crazy buggers fly by you or pass on roads that are ice…lol Then pass the ones flipped over or in the ditch a few km up the road that assume don’t have studs.
  15. stoney


    Never too late to take up the sport!
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