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  1. In fairness, it was getting heated with some hot heads and comments that were not required, should have just been some civil discussions. So now an optional place for all to discuss these topics with some boundaries- win win to me
  2. It’ll all work out, right….. Oct just around the corner, getting there slowly….. I predict an early Christmas gift on the way
  3. and make some more money on the sale of a pre-season sled. If delivery dates get extended, you know some folks will back out for sure.
  4. Other than the price tag of the Mach, I do not think the increase from 21 to 22 was that bad given everything else. I think the 23's will be a different story though.
  5. stoney


    I think for many it is also about getting together as a whole org for some socializing and share what each do, that works or does not work, etc.... I get that some may find this an unproductive way to spend some money too - but for some this is getting a little back for all the volunteering, and is that such a bad thing.
  6. LOL...no worries, all these details surrounding cottage and winter use is helpful. Plus, I am not one to get worked up over these things
  7. Ya, I remember the pictures of it and all the work that went into it.....it was not on the small side for sure. Good news on the update / relocation, I had no idea. Stayed on the same general area, but in a much better spot, IMO.
  8. The layout of the cottage plays a big factor no doubt. If I recall details from when Nutter Reno’d the place him and I think a few others have, it was a two story structure in cottage and the garage too, that will be harder to heat and take longer to heat up vs. a single story open concept with wood stove. Lots of good info here though based on what works for each circumstance!
  9. I am just reading this thread and thinking to myself how much value would the heated seat offer.......but I guess you do not know until you try and then you might wonder how you managed without it! As for made in China - even there there is better made options vs. the products that are borderline acceptable.
  10. That is my worry, you think all okay if not heated, until one year it is and requires an expense and time that could of been avoided by simply leaving a little heat on in the basement.
  11. Yep.....sometimes thing can bite you, or in this case, me as the repair guy......
  12. Thanks - If we end up with this place, that is what we will try first before making any changes.
  13. Just a social visit I assume, perhaps some accessory talk…. Not hearing much news on 900T-R deliveries, especially any of the Mach’s….
  14. Depends who you talk to and what story you get
  15. Great point… product is selling itself, why have an expense
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