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  1. stoney


    Not for riding - just reading....getting "older" sucks......
  2. stoney


    I really liked mine last year, worked great, adjustable sun peak is extremely useful and I did not use the visor much at all since the peak worked so good. One issue I had was the seal froze on me once causing an air leak, but that was caused by going from very cold, to warm up shack and back to cold..... There is mention above of having mask stuck to your face, I am not sure that is an accurate statement (IMO) - there is a curtain that rests on your nose but nothing that is resting on your face like the older Doo modular helmet that has a mask, which definitely is secured to your face. I only used the electric visor once during some heavy snow, otherwise, wireless, just the way I prefer. Good luck with yours, I hope it treats you well.
  3. stoney


    Another vote for the Mission - really is a great helmet.
  4. Exactly!! The odd thing is there seems to be a strong divide that are either for or against the “camp”….which is odd knowing most don’t like to be ripped off.
  5. Yep, fuel is not free....for most. But you now also have lodgings, food and perhaps a few extra bucks if you hang out with the other parents having a few drinks/laughs. Pretty sure hotels have gone up a bit in the last little while.
  6. I fellow I was talking with just last week was talking about the same - not no trips though, just less and more conservative about it. It is a reality no doubt - honestly though, I think no one really knows what will happen in 6 to 12 months, economy could be steady/holding or hurting real bad, and never mind all the extra costs we are dealing with now and the last little while, that has definitely taken its toll.
  7. So we may see lighter traffic on the trails. Makes you wonder what the permit sale numbers were like this year so far - although I am sure some that may have bought early permits, had intentions of keeping their spring checks sleds, that may have walked away from them and possibly the season of riding. I order my permit this year on Oct 27 - #034525 I order my permit last year on Oct 31 - #049605
  8. Not surprised on the first part, the second part is more concerning of course - people have over extended themselves. I wonder how the sledding season will be from traffic to accommodations, etc... People were suggesting when Spring/Summer started the boating traffic was pretty low, assuming due to high fuel costs - did that ever turn around as the summer progressed?
  9. I also just back sled trailer to garage door, open trailer door so it lands just in front of garage cement floor, back or just pull sled to bottom of trailer door, place dolly under track and once skis slide off of the end of trailer door, I have a couple pieces of plywood they slide onto, than place Dollie’s under each ski and voila, in garage on dollies. Garage is heated and usually set anywhere from 10 to 16 degrees Celsius in there, snow melts fast, push snow and water out the door since I don’t have a drain in the garage (kind of wish I installed one now).
  10. No personal experience, but hearing from people that cross, it is very much hit or miss. Cannot believe I am saying this, but it is not a entering Canada issue, it is a entering US issue - THANK YOU to the Freeeeedom Convoy!!!!!
  11. Totally opposite what most that are passionate about the sport would do - guys and gals like to sled talk, either with complete strangers or people they know! Yep, just speaks more volume about the air the clowns carry that operate it - sad the sport is associated with them.
  12. This is probably the closest place to ride in QC from ON and terrain that I think is similar to ON….another good option. The further east you go, personally I think generally gets better.
  13. When we did that one year, we stayed at Le Rabaska - it was a good, cabins of various sizes, good food, night entertainment, bar, great staff..... Not to far a drive, lots of directions to go for day rides. Mekoos is not far and another place to stay - busier spot though. https://www.lerabaska.com/
  14. I used the ski guides for the skis and barn mats up the middle - I would not use the barn mats again though, they are on the heavy side, I think I would try that lattice and I would use the low profile ski guides vs. the taller ones. Highly recommend the superclamps to secure sled too. Depending how the trailer comes prepped from the factory, if it does not have it, install plywood on the wall.
  15. LOL - my son was doing the same thing last year on my sled after he started to fall asleep on the 1+1 seat so he moved to in front of me. At first when it happened, I did not know what happened, figured sled was dead. My last sled kill switch was a toggle type (CAT) vs. push button, so it never happened.
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