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  1. I was reading about these last year, seem to have good reviews, but don’t hear them mentioned very often.
  2. Are those battery powered? If the muffs bothered me, I’d consider heated gloves for sure.
  3. My issue with any thicker pair of gloves now is when I stop for a break, lunch, etc….I find my hands get cold than or once I start riding again and usually have a hard time getting that cold gone (older age I’m sure & circulation …😀). With thin gloves and muffs, getting that heat back into my hands work great. My klim gloves have two compartments, if I use the warmer one, I find the finger movements to be more rigid, but they are warmer of course.
  4. I think one of the biggest issues at Royal is not knowing what you need, relying on them for that knowledge and than mistakes happen. if you know what you need, good to go, imo. So why woody’s - I bought those last year and not overly impressed, not really bad, but I’m thinking I’ll go back to studboys shaper bars. Never really considered triple points given my luck with shapers to date, but people say they are very good too.
  5. My old pair of fxr worked great for many years, xtreme I think. My current warm pair are klim, fusion I think, and work well. But really prefer my muffs with a thin pair of gloves, can’t beat that combo.
  6. I remember the APV motor on my 13 was out front, near the front triangular arm.
  7. Never happen. They had the 1000 twin - some had good luck with it while others did not.
  8. Well, need something to last too and not shake your fillings loose!
  9. I really haven’t looked at a new cat, surprised the PV are now behind the motor vs out front like they have always been. Kitty’s are good for an easy 5k miles before freshen up.
  10. And a new power plant - 850 to compete with others.
  11. I just found a few old parts I still have kicking around in the garage that I no longer need. Make an offer, preferably for all of it. All of these parts were used on a Ford 302, some factory items, some not: Carb air cleaner mount & filter Carb spacer Factory distributor Factory almost new alternator Carb kit jets, cams, etc... Fuel fittings MSD RMP selector
  12. Here’s an article about nuclear closures, upkeep and concerns about gas power plants making up the shortfall. https://globalnews.ca/news/8949102/nuclear-power-pickering-gas-environment-electricity-ontario-ford/amp/
  13. It seems many people have suggested the deals at the show you used too see, are non existent as of late. Between booth expenses, set up, take down and manpower to run the booth, all the possible savings are used up. That is where I bought my last pair of skis though, for a deal at the time though.
  14. Pretty sure one of Ontario’s nuclear plant is near end of life….or at least that what I recall hearing/reading. Didn’t they also make an announcement about those gas peaker plants that were built during the last libtards run, not being used or something like that. Solar and wind is too expensive plus wind is bad anyways between harmonics and wildlife. Received a letter from hydro one last year about how old and out of date the infrastructure is -how do I feel about upgrades and the costs associated with getting things up to date. Maybe we can soon stop selling off all that extra power to others at bottom of the barrel bargain prices, because we need it - wonder when those contracts end anyways…10, 20, 25 years… Ontario definitely is way ahead of the curve when it comes to our power generating.
  15. is there a market for some old tractors too perhaps! Or maybe scrap.
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