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  1. Ya, agreed. The renting would be the exception for sure due to certain circumstances. I’ve rented long ago before I got into sledding, it wasn’t a comfortable feeling being on something that wasn’t yours and the potential damage situation. Friends have rented a few times last few years and this worries them. I actually ended up buying my current sled mostly due to a rental my brother had due to breakdown of his sled on a trip that I rode for a bit….so there’s one good point..lol
  2. When it was mentioned first about flying into Cochrane I was curious if that was even possible since I thought it would be odd, so did a quick search and I’m sure something popped up from Toronto, which surprised me. Than I wondered if winter was an option so entered Jan date and all that I came up with was Timmins. Perhaps added expense in winter for up keep do not make it worth while…. Did not look any further….than saw comments on here about same thing and I guess I wasn’t the only person wondering the same thing…lol
  3. Going to state the same, no Cochrane in the winter, but looks like you can other times of the year. Timmins to Cochrane isn’t far on sled, so close enough!
  4. Look at you guys, early bird gets the worm…or perhaps something else..lol.
  5. But you have/had a sled?!?!? I was not expecting a place that rented sleds in Cochrane.
  6. Funny you mention skis….I ended up buying Curve skis, was vey impressed with them as well, but the culprit was alignment and sucking up strap for more ski pressure, no shock adjustment was giving me the ski pressure needed. Strap adjustment is generally the last suspension item I’ll touch after all else fails. No poking intended to me, just different perspectives on things that work or don’t work for some based on what outcome they are looking for 👍.
  7. It can be frustrating and make you loose all confidence going into corners. My PC was a high county, so more off trail than on trail set up - I remember trying all sorts of things to get it to my liking from day one, the two major issues that sled had causing it was bad ski alignment and limiter strap too loose.
  8. Lol, yep….the cheap Ontario pass making it an easy pill to swallow, for some…. Definitely nice if your group all commits - seems to be an issue for us when we plan, everyone is guns a blazing months before until date is closer, than start dropping like flies….lol If I recall, 355 last year was closed during week for logging, open weekends - but I’d imagine unless they receive a dump of snow on Friday, trail conditions may suck on weekends. We avoided it last year because of that.
  9. Very nice!! Do you also buy an ON trail pass on top of the QC & NB passes? Impressive that your group are all already firmed up for these rides! Trail 355 in QC this year not going to be an issue or not sure yet? It was only open part time last year.
  10. So with Oct just around the corner, what plans do people have in the works or thinking of doing for the upcoming season? I think I’ll be making the trek to NB this year for a trip - nothing concrete yet. Taking the kids on some rides for sure too. Not sure what else. Sled needs upgraded torsion springs for when taking the kids. I think that’s about it.
  11. Ya I know, odd spot for that detail to be shared but just the ways things go sometimes !
  12. Check monkey barrel for some info/update - $5 increase.
  13. I was thinking she wouldn’t have made that trip with you cause of the cold temps - I thought you had mentioned at some point that she didn’t like those all that much
  14. In fairness the first Doo that I had last year didn’t turn as crisp as my cat did, but after some messing around, works good now. I’m usually pretty shocked at people that get new sleds and it works to their liking based on dealer prep - I’ve just never experienced that, but even if it did, I know I’d think it could be better and start messing around….lol
  15. So you found the PC will not hold the corner when turning? I know mine out of the box was just terrible too, but a few tweaks on the skid/suspension, fixed all of that thankfully.
  16. Your wife did not make that trip with you....lol
  17. Quite a few folks seem to have the 40L adventure bag - I bought one last year after looking at options, it was a great bag to have for trips or out with the kids. BRP Part #860201272 https://shop.ski-doo.com/ca/en/860202444-linq-adventure-tunnel-bag-40-l.html
  18. I guess not surprising, but I think it is definitely a prerequisite now to call or book ahead…..no more pulling into towns and spinning the wheel on finding a place to stay for the night. Last year when I was booking, many places I called had no answers and no call backs.
  19. Just like many other lodges in the bush, you’d think there are other revenue streams throughout the entire year, some even offered at a break even rate simply to get through the thin months. That is one of things you notice in QC in similar locations, as well the support team onsite are on shifts where they work 15 and off 15, or similar setups and the folks that work are almost like family, but they aren’t…..maybe just a QC thing/dynamics.
  20. I have never rode here, but every year it seems there is always some updates surrounding this famous destination that so many are so very hopeful & optimistic for. I get your points and others who want this place to succeed so badly, including you I am sure for the sport and this area of sledding in Ontario. I cannot see how any person or group cannot make this work without some type of a repeat grant money, more now than ever before when grants seem to be less and less. The smart thing to do is get this place into some "new Canadian's" names where it seems grants and funding are still flowing, especially to those willing and able to start up a business in the Northern parts, but even at that, this is only a seasonal business that I am not sure how it can succeed long term financially. Maybe keeping it simple can and will work with the gas priced properly, but will the people still come, enough to make it work, has the snow plowing issue been resolved for the road, will the trail in either direction be open, will the club have the required groomer operators, can permanent power be installed to ease some of the operational hassles, etc.....
  21. From what I understand, there is a fairly long road to the camp that must be privately maintained by the staff for service, that I imagine is not cheap to maintain, plus the staff that stay of course, etc....to provide the service they have & keep the doors open. With the only revenue stream possibly now coming from fuel sales and snacks, there might need to be an adjustment to reflect the cost and cover the overhead, which I think for most is expected and as you said, they have always been fair. I was only suggesting the $6 as a joke because basecamp who charges quite the premium for fuel is on a road that I think is not serviced by them, so I imagine their overhead is quite a bit less given the locations of each and their situations.
  22. So, what do ya think - $6 a litre too....lol.
  23. My lazy butt just looked at the website and saw the list. It looks like it will be very close to if not the same as it has been in the past - was not sure if the show was going to be scaled down or not.
  24. Good to see this will be happening! Curious how many vendors will be going - is that info usually posted on the website for the show?
  25. LOL - I just updated this thread in the off topic section before I saw this! https://www.royaldistributing.com/tent-sale?utm_campaign=852190_Tent Sale Launch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ROYAL DISTRIBUTING&dm_i=4XI7,I9JY,6EP6LL,1ZSFL,1
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