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  1. Usually when we go up to suds we stage from the STP lot and go from there. Actually we are going up Wednesday morning and may leave our rig there for our saddle bag trip or trailer up a little further depending on trail conditions. Let us know what the trails are like when you get a chance.
  2. The current owners changed the name to Tree Bears Camp. Haven’t stayed there but were maybe thinking about it later in the season.
  3. You mean C101? I was at my BILs cottage in Seguin falls last Sunday and I saw sled tracks on the C101 and the Seguin trail but there was not much snow coverage. They were supposed to get some snow this week so maybe it will be good.
  4. A coworker of mine showed me a pic of a sled trailer on its side on the 401 around Milton today. It was on Facebook but I don’t have an account so no pictures. Hopefully the trailer was at least empty.
  5. Last year when I was going to my BIL cottage in May there was still some snow on that hill on the eastern edge . I think it was the May 24 weekend.
  6. Nice pics. Makes me want to do a last of the year ride maybe next weekend! Already have next Friday booked off maybe I can get a day off the following week.
  7. Nice choices. Hope you can get an assault in your future. Me on the other hand will just keep my switchback with 15k on it.
  8. So you want to come to the dark side of the Poo sleds? Good for you. And you need to get your son on one as well.lol
  9. Went out again today from Markdale over towards Durham and I must say that the Durham trails were great today! Must give a shout out to all of the volunteers and groomer operators and most importantly the land owners!,
  10. I was by that sign yesterday and it is a one wire fence. There was a long stretch of that electric fencing in that area. Just like the other signs that say “stay on trail or permission revoked” and then what do you see some f@##stick has gone off trail riding.
  11. Say it ain’t so up there. I was thinking of going up to Sudbury area next weekend. Actually booked the next 3 Friday’s off to do some weekend trips riding up north. So far this year has been a low mileage year. Oh well
  12. Went from mt.forest up through Neustadt and over to Chesley then to Chatsworth and down to Markdale for lunch. The trail from Chesley to Chatsworth was great. Think it was the R500 or something. I don’t lead I just follow or we would get lost pretty quickly.lol. Not a bad day but the road running is pretty bad and with next weeks forecast I think you are right.
  13. So if you were at the Sportsman’s you would have been very close to the bridge that you and Motörhead wanted to cross. Did you guys go across?.
  14. The good news is that you are up there riding!, the bad news is that I’m not.lol
  15. Go for it!,Lol. I was there a couple years ago and my riding partner wanted to cross but I told him no way in hell that I was going over. There were bare spots that I could just imagine that the carbides would dig into and I would get stuck. And no guardrails!,
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