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  1. Jr out grew his suit in one winter. Size 14 barely worn. Will ship prepaid anywhere. Black bib pants. Black and orange jacket. F.A.S.T. Float Assist Safety Tech. Squadron label. Great for sleddin’ & ice fishing or just a great suit for the snow. size 14 - see chart for fit. price $100
  2. Have two jugs. One still in box, one more than half full. Traded in the diesel for gas vehicle. Jugs are in Ajax so Durham or GTA would be best. Although K-W pickup could be arranged. $20.00. Respond here or text me 647-539-5505. Thanks.
  3. It was a perfect parking spot. Not a tonne of space. Lots of people parking hopping into other cars. More of car pooling area. Thanks again Grover. Great ride on E108 towards Campbellford, bumpy and humpy in some spots though. Beauty in the forest. Two groomers out on the way back. I stopped and gave them the glove off thumbs up. 160km Fun afternoon.
  4. Thanks Grover. Doesn’t show that on the app.
  5. Thanks Grover. Doesn’t show that on the app.
  6. Any suggestions? Riding east from where the trail opens yellow. Thanks.
  7. $50. Used. Line has a minor kink in it. Ajax, Ontario just upgraded winches.
  8. Looks like limited availability for those in the area for the Algonquin cut thru. Red at both ends but it’s about an 80km out and back ride. Encouraging they got this open. Great job Haliburton CSA!
  9. Enthusiasm sells. “Good Morning Vietnam!”
  10. Weather app is threatening 5-15cm around the end of Georgian Bay to Lake Simcoe. Hope some actual updates in the morning.
  11. Trade you for mine from last year. Had hip surgery sooner than planned in Dec 2019 so the sled didn’t see the sticker. I’m good though my machine has its 2021 sticker and I’ve been out. Not looking good going forward though. Except the weather is turning to winter. Stay positive people!
  12. Eastern Ontario getting blasted. More snow for the whole province this week. Next weekend should be beauty trails.
  13. Quiet on those costs. I spend close to that. Permit, sticker, insurance, repairs & fuel add up. I tell my wife it costs me about $50.
  14. markweist


    Yesterday Lindsay to Haliburton & back. Very few sleds. Took B104 and 340 on the way back. Conditions were yellow and decent. Groomer was out on the B103 on the way back (thanks for that Kawartha guys). Excellent sandwich from McKecks.
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