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  1. Unless things have changed I tried, but since the stickers have already lapsed and are over due, the online nor kiosk feature does not allow renewal of overdue permits.
  2. Can anyone tell me if they know do we require to buy the annual valtag license stickers for our sleds? I called wasaga’s OPP branch and they would not answer me, they said to contact service Ontario (hahaha) since it’s license related... i gave up trying to get through the service ont automated menu torture
  3. Today my neighbour saw 8 sleds collected/stopped by opp in Elmvale. Looked like they were going through their paperwork. This was at the road crossing between all closed trail sections (for miles). Could the opp charge them with trespassing? Even if the charges don’t stick, it could be a nice annoyance. Do they get to ride the trails “back home” or do they have to sideroad back? Here the trails look like they are open, so much traffic on them with some even doubled up on sleds. The off trail rider(s) that left long mudpatches on the farmers field is asking for trouble. She owns crucial land the trails goes on. She already banned hunting on it, after one bad apple.
  4. I was out all day right there. Great! Only saw 7 other sleds. Some fresh snow and drifts so sled stayed cool. I repeatedly broke through ice in just a few inches of farmer’s fields water, but pinned it and beat the water. Learning experience. I worry the next guy will have it worse. I didnt run Couchiching. Too traumatized. Im surprised no one is out riding. I think they think its all melted away but it hasn’t. It was sad to see a portion of trail near that bass lake area closed, (there was a huge sign there last year saying trail closed due to trespassers) so a lot of road running in one spot. Someone creeped out my pickup cab in stagling lot at coldwater. They wiped the cab glass to peek inside, left their cigarette butt and piss right on the snow next to my hitch lock. Argh.
  5. I didn't have much regard for safety on bicycles, motorbikes, etc... but when an experienced and sober acquaintance fell from perched atop a dirtbike after a rip, AT A STANDSTILL, without his helmet on, his temple hit a tiny rock on the grass, then died... wtf. I wont even unload my sled from the trailer without it on or thinking about that tiny rock. Since then, I bought bicyle helmets for biking, etc. The brain is a weird and sensitive organ. I went skiing for first time in 20 years and realized ski helmets are a thing too! Makes sense. And if our government could have an opt out option for those who wish to provide their own emergency services, healthcare, etc thats fine. And if they dont like the rule of law here, I've been to other countries that actually let you almost “live free” (and have no healthcare)... but like an eighties twilight zone episode, it really can suck to get what you wish for.
  6. I just wanted to say thank you again. Because of your advice, I managed to replace those bearings and clean/lube up the skid, and therefore had good rides all weekend!

  7. It’s was lots of fun. Trails were ok. Groomer was working steady. You were right 02Sled; I ended up staging at Klondike Park Rd and Veterans Way. Snowing fat flakes the entire time. A dozen people out there, and only really nice new sleds! That’s me in the parking lot just loading up. Afterwards, I went to my folks place north of Elmvale. On the way, I crossed 7 different parts of the closed trails, all run rampant with tracks already... I doubt it’s all authorized personnel. Some of the tracks merge from sketchy ditch banging. Just got checked (in the truck) at an opp ride too, unusual for this area.
  8. I’m driving up now. Staging at Sunnydale Corners by 745. . If anyone else wants to join me on trails tonight and again early morning let me know.
  9. I miss the snow! Right after the end of the season, I bought an '06 sdi. Nothing against my fanner. Learning/fiddling with it all summer. Chaincase oil done (two bolts sheared off... argh). Removed and cleaned injectors (and my eyes), flushed fuel lines, drained old stale gas, changed fuel filter, plugs (huge improvement), started polishing chaincase/tunnel (until wife caught me). Still lots to do this summer. Bought doolys, and a new rear shock. Thinking about adding a temp gauge. And picked up a used single tilt trailer (im tired of renting. ) Off season prices helped make this all possible. Im planning to keep both sleds for friends/family as none of them have tried sledding. After the Rev is ready, I'll spend time on the Polaris fan maintenance..wear bars... sliders etc. Hope to meet some folks on here and go riding this winter.
  10. I just sent in my info. Last sunday 1/2 my day was spent not sledding... on the drive up to my sled i saw a guy with his rev 800 shrouds all off on the trail at concession 4 in Elmvale. No spark. Drove him down to his truck/trailer in almost Angus, and led him back. Wifey only gave me the day "off", but it felt good to help someone and i still went for a ride.
  11. Hi. Im a newbie;Aside from riding back when i was in boy scouts, now im 39 and just bought a 96 polaris 500. My folks cottage is up in Tiny Beaches. I studied trail maps but had to flag down another sledder zipping by to help me find a way to get to the trails. And I'm looking to join up with anyone else coming through this area (Tiny beach, north of Elmvale). I gave it a little tickle tonight but it just didnt feel right being alone. Im going out again early morning, before the wife catches me.
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