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  1. Was out for a couple hours yesterday Wednesday. Pigeon Lake forsure was fast.
  2. Grizzlygriff is the best person to advise you on this.... if he responds and you guys are planning a ride to show you around I'll be up for it. I just follow the tracks as they go around the lake and my instinct. I just came off the Lake and the wind was brutal ... lots of blowing snow and snow moguls. No one else on the lake. Here is a link you can look at when myself, GrizzlyGriff, Barberch and Yamadan700 did the ride last winter. Barberch has a nice movie of the route we took to Buckhorn and back thru Bobcaygeon.
  3. Didn't realise you are such an ignoramous, I wasn;t even quoting you but making a general post about stakes on ice. If you are offended it shows your state of mind and personality. Grow some shoulders and be a man. Really don't need your kind on this site.
  4. These last few entries are an eye opener for me .... I didn't have the experience as to why the ice was above the water, now I know. These are logical ideas as to why this occured and why the ice was so thin. Thanks for the heads up guys .... all really good explanations. Now when I go out on the ice, I'm a bit more knowledgeable. Cheers.
  5. Touch of wet snow this morning until 7 am then rain. Temp was about 6 degrees. Just came in from outside and snow was melting at a good rate.
  6. Good reasoning..... but it's just that one spot (that I can see). About 20 feet away the ice is thicker.
  7. Ha ha.... very funny but nothing that Di-electric grease cannot fix.
  8. Grizz ... I and a friend from Coboconk are riding on Wednesday. I haven't seen him in 4 years and we made the arrangements 2 weeks ago. We're starting from 4 miles Lake at his cottage. Sorry.
  9. Grizz .... if it's at RaceTrac bridge at Emily you mean, then I rode there about 3 pm and water had formed on top of the ice under the bridge. Should freeze up tonight but for some reason that one spot where the hole is located is pretty thin and off the water. The ice started cracking as I approached the hole and I was about 5 feet away from it. I booted it outta there. I do bow to your knowledge of Lakes though. You're the King of the Lake riders.... and will follow you on any trail. Cheers.
  10. Before I came home I went back to see if the Brush I placed was still there. 1. Yes... it is thin there 2. No Spring at that spot or run off from the land. 3. No illusion.... the ice is thin there for some reason and yes there is a gap between the ice and water. The rest of the lake is better than that with the exception of glare ice in spots and open water at the mouth of streams. As I mentioned before.... I rode the whole lake from just North of Omemee, past RaceTrac bridge to Buckhorn then Bob Caygeon and there were no other holes. Lots of people with snowmobiles, ATV's,
  11. Just circled the whole lake ...... that was the only hole in the Lake. Lots of families out ATVing, snowmobiling and enjoying the Lake. I'll stay out for another hour then head home.
  12. Last year I rode Lakes mostly .... it was a good year. 02sled even took a group to Giant Tomb Island. Even if a club stakes a Lake and you keep to the Staked line... you can't hold the club responsible it you break through or slam into a pressure crack. The OFSC is clear even on land trails.. " use at your own risk ". Before I became a Pilot I got a degree in Surveying from North East London Polytechnic and Riparian Law states you cannot own water. You can own the bed of a Lake or stream as long as it's not navigable. ( I'm brushing over the law here). Since water exists in 3 st
  13. No Lake "really " has an OFSC trail .... the frozen ice is a path to OFSC Trails and marked by Local Clubs. I made this thread as a heads up to OC members who use Pigeon Lake to get to food and gas at RaceTrac. OCers also use the Lake to access the trails at Buckhorn and Bobcaygeon. It is also a route to Sturgeon Lake to access the B103 to Fenlon Falls, Lindsay etc along with local club trails. I meant well when I posted. Cheers.
  14. Most of the Lake is about that thickness with lots of powder .... I rode up from RaceTrac to Bobcaygeon. Lots of riders and saw a UTV with snow tracks riding the Lake in the middle. Fun day except for the hole in the ice.
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