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  1. Yamaha Fan

    Are you getting the storm

    Rained all Saturday night in Omemee..... snow and ice slid off my metal roof. Had to "back break" shovel all that ice and wet snow. Started snowing around 7 am Sunday morning and rain/snow all day up to now 6:11pm. Lots of wet snow still on the ground. A look on the bright side ...... we will have a good ice base if it freezes and about 8" of snow falls .
  2. Yamaha Fan

    lindsay-any way to get from 402 to 309 ?

    Thanks. I usually park at Golden Mile road when ATVing but wasn't sure if I can when snowmobiling. I'll give it a try, but trails south went red. Cheers.
  3. Yamaha Fan

    Port Perry tomorrow.

    Don't drink the water at Rhino's or wash your mouth with it. I got sick before I got to my trailer on my way back.
  4. Yamaha Fan

    lindsay-any way to get from 402 to 309 ?

    Is there parking South of Lindsay at Trail 402? I'd like to take the trail south to Rice Lake.
  5. Yamaha Fan


    Is there parking in south Lindsay at the 402?
  6. Yamaha Fan

    Port Perry tomorrow.

    i live on pigeon lake. Lots of riders out.
  7. Yamaha Fan


    Its staked as of wednesday. Lots of riders were on it.
  8. Yamaha Fan

    Parking in Lindsay

    The farm land immediately west of the rail bed is closed by huge iron gates with signs saying "Trail closed". Further west the trail is on the road then back onto a farm land at the S/E corner of TBR and Angeline St N. This farm had no stakes but tracks. Most snowmobilers were using the road. Further west of Angeline the trail is in it's normal spot. Hope I'm making sense. Cheers Barberch.
  9. Yamaha Fan

    Holy Crap!!!

    Hi Blake..... I might have. I just chatted with some guys at the gas station in Haliburton and a couple looking for directions to the restaurant in Kinmount. I didn't expect to see you or I would have kept an eye out. My mind was on keeping a look out for any riders in black that were whacking people. Didn't want to get ambushed. Someday we might catchup. Cheers.
  10. Yamaha Fan

    Parking in Lindsay

    Correct. TB Road is heavily parked on both sides. This may create a problem as we may have to run up the asphalt in the middle of the road on weekends.
  11. Yamaha Fan


    Addendum to earlier post. I always thought that the Lake besides Haliburton was Haliburton Lake. It's Head Lake. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that I may have caused. It's a good thing that more experienced guys have clued into my mistake. Wow ..... all these years I have been snowmobiling and never realized that.
  12. Yamaha Fan

    Parking in Lindsay

    Thunderbridge road is now the trail apparently ..... I rode there today and there are signs on farm locked gates that read " Trail Closed". Part of that stretch of trail along TB Road was already on the road anyway..... I used the road to the trail head then headed up north. Lots of "scratching", we'll see what the residents have to say later.
  13. Yamaha Fan

    Holy Crap!!!

    Rode from Lindsay to Coboconk, Haliburton and back today ...... didn't see any foolish activity. Saw a wolf and a deer on the trail. Awesome.
  14. Yamaha Fan


    The Lake was staked today. Lots of riders on it..... including me . Lindsay to Haliburton in great shape, lots of riders out on the trails. Sorry guys ..... it's Head Lake that is staked.
  15. Yamaha Fan

    lindsay-any way to get from 402 to 309 ?

    2012 a friend and I came up to Lindsay from Ganaraska and a resident in a Ford F150 jumped the curb to run us over. Luckily there were a string of concrete sleepers or else he would have done a number on us. Lindsay is not snowmobile friendly .... never supported any business since and never used their Toy Airport either. In another thread someone reported two ppl on a sled was whacking snowmobilers just north of Lindsay ...... I won't put it past residents from doing so based on my experience. Bottom line is ..... don't go there and don't support their businesses.