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  1. I was stopped twice last Saturday. First time just north of Fenelon Falls on the B103. Just checked for trail pass. Second time between Kinmount and Haliburton on B103. Checked all paperwork. Was stopped again on Tuesday on the B103 and all paperwork was checked. Cops on sleds this time. Rare to see them during the week.
  2. Wow! Sounds like a nasty fall. Glad your on the road to recovery. I cut down a tree in my backyard this summer. Took some unnecessary risks. Your story will make me think twice the next time. Hope you make a full recovery. All the best.
  3. I sed Costco has rubber matting on sale again. Great for trailers.
  4. Bought a 6x14 enclosed all aluminum trailer at Action last October for $6,396 + tax. Looks like a deal now!
  5. Thats my home town. Left in '72. Tweedsmuir was only two blocks from the E108. A friend of mine sold it a year ago. He worked at GM for a few years in the 80's. A sad day for Tweed.
  6. We were up that way today. Started at Superior Propane in Fenelon. Took the E108 to Harcourt and had lunch at the Algonquin. We were there around 12:30. The E was in great shape. The E108 was great except for a 3-4 km stretch that was bumpy. Beautiful day. Hope to get out once more.
  7. McVety and I stopped at Woody Burger a couple of weeks ago. Good burgers.
  8. Land use agreement, I believe.
  9. It was passable on Saturday. It was brown though.
  10. thetorches


    There's parking at the mono mall in Orangeville. I don't know how close that is to you.
  11. Same thing in Fenelon Falls where B103 crosses county Rd 121. Itg shows field on east side of 121 as limited. It is actually fenced off. E-mailed KLSC and they replied they are working on a re-route.
  12. thetorches


    We left around three. There were 5-6 trucks when we left. Four guys were just heading onto trail when we were leaving.
  13. thetorches


    The fields were really good. Couple of skinny spots going from field to field. Its a fun trail. Did you work at GM.
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