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  1. thetorches

    Kinmount Haliburton area

    Any info on how trails held up between Fenelon and Haliburton.
  2. Did you guys get the rain. Will trails be available tomorrow. Thanks.
  3. thetorches

    lindsay-any way to get from 402 to 309 ?

    Sounds like the same place.
  4. thetorches


    Its Head Lake that is staked.
  5. thetorches

    Brand New member Today!

    Welcome to OC Bruce.
  6. thetorches

    6 drowned in Quebec!

    So sad. Condolences to families.
  7. thetorches

    lindsay-any way to get from 402 to 309 ?

    The first time I took trail south of TB road into Lindsay an older man came after me with a broom. Couldn't believe it.
  8. thetorches

    Welcome to OC - Please read this first

    Welcome to OC. Lots of good info here.
  9. thetorches

    Lake St. Peter

    Thanks for the info guys.
  10. thetorches

    Lake St. Peter

    Is there gas and a place to eat there. Thanks.
  11. thetorches

    Parking in Lindsay

    You can park right on Thunder Bridge Rd. Trail is at end of road.
  12. thetorches

    Holy Crap!!!

    Thats f'n crazy. I did the same ride Sunday.
  13. thetorches

    Kinmount Haliburton area

    Rode from Lindsay to Haliburton today. Rail trail was great there and back. Covered in fresh powder. Don't think they were groomed out of Lindsay. Two groomers heading north just past Kinmount. Put on 175 km.
  14. thetorches

    Are you getting the storm

    I'm near the lake in Oshawa and its been coming down pretty good since 11a.m. Windy and lots of drifting.
  15. thetorches

    How to mod new trl.

    Are you putting rubber matting down the middle to protect floor from studs. If so, Costco had 3'×4'×3/4" matting for $22.99. That was a couple weeks ago, so not sure if they still have it.