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  1. How is lake rosseau from the bottom up to the town ?
  2. Anyone ridden lake muskoka around mortimors point want to catch the trail down at the end of the bay to avoid port carling coming from indian head marina
  3. Yup i just run mine once a month just like any other engine
  4. Any info would be great .when i get on lake joe at bass lake road house can someone tell me where to get off at foots bay and to get off at the north end to get back on the trails map drawing would be great
  5. Muskoka 1 can you show me how to get from Rosseau to joe i am located in Milford bay so i know muskoka up to Rosseau and to the top of Rosseau but i dont know joe very well i only know how to get on at bass lake road house but i dont know where to exit at the top
  6. I rode the lake from gravenhurst to milford bay yesterday lots of tracks just watch for bubblers
  7. Ya but i assume you cant ride from the hotel
  8. Your thoughts which area is more hilly and senic?
  9. Hey soup any suggestions outside the sudbury area
  10. Any suggestions for the sudbury area other than the moonlight or chateau guay like to have a place with a hottub notice all the hotels in the city are not close to trails input would be great
  11. Best place to stay in timmons with a hottub?
  12. Muskoka 1 did you ride up from gravenhurst ?
  13. Are all the 3 lakes safe to ride on now?
  14. Muskoka 1 can you draw on a map your route on the muskoka lakes where did you jump from lake muskoka to brandy?since scarcliffe bay is roped off
  15. Anyone ridden lake muskoka from gravenhurst to mortimers point anyone ridden Rosseau from the bottom up to crossroads?
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