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  1. I have been lucky. The worst I have done so far is get over too far to the right and the snowbank sucked me into the ditch. It was -40 that night though. Dam that was a cold night.
  2. You might have three sleds by the time all is said and done!! Lots of variety for you and Mrs. TD to choose from!!! Lol 😁
  3. Don’t know about that Revrnd. Never been that direction and the only time I was close to shining tree was by airplane.
  4. Usually in the fall it is rough. If there had been a lot of rain, it is really bad. When the loggers are coming with those big trucks in either direction, you are far better to give them right of way even if they don’t have it. I pull right over and nearly stop and let them go. In the cold of winter, the road is really good except when they have a thaw and a refreeze. Then the road is glare ice but smooth. You can still navigate it all right though. it is not a public road but the company allows the general public on it. That is why you get out of their way!
  5. I used to run that road and the road to Sultan every year for moose hunting. Once to go to Wawa. You need to be careful but no different than any other northern Ontario road.
  6. Most of my Rupps all had primers. Even the 440 LC sleds with twin VM38 carbs. One to two pulls and running.
  7. Let Blake know so he can have night fun too!
  8. Maybe fell out of somebody’s pocket.
  9. It was much more than 10% when I worked for Ford.
  10. You would oblige if the rolls were reversed.
  11. Shocking TD. ..... or would that be electric doo ?????
  12. That is rather sporting of you!! That’s telling TD what order the pecking line is in. Tell him you will allow that!!
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