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  1. By the look of it, I would be keeping my $300.00.
  2. Olympic style television scrutineering!! Couch included!!
  3. I saw the white asphalt on the C trail today and being freshly groomed noticed a hiker on the trail. Someone said it must be nice for the hikers and skiers to be able to use the snowmobile trails. I said I believe they are closed to everybody except emergency services. They asked why they were being groomed. The only answer I could give was emergency services. Much misconception and propaganda out there.
  4. Ours was 25 miles west of Hearst. We had a $400.00 taxi ride to our truck in Wawa and happy to be able to get it. Thanks to the receptionist at The Companion who went above and beyond for us.
  5. Did you call in the military?
  6. Put that message in Trudeau’s speech paperwork. Then say shoot the messenger.
  7. Impossible assignment. I don’t know anybody who likes O’toole but most hate Trudeau.
  8. There is a permanent cure but apparently it is highly frowned upon.
  9. Yes but now with the Trudeau invited implants without health or skills testing, we now have it back again. Same as England with Rabies. The bleeding hearts convinced them to relax the laws and testing procedures and now they have Rabies back. Same with Polio in Canada.
  10. We all live in a yellow submarine.....
  11. Buy a Cat or Yamaha with that kind of power out of the box with warranty. If that isn’t enough then do a remap and reboost to 300hp. The one my youngest had had more potential than what it showed and it was near scary.
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