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  1. blakesnowcrest

    Summerizing routine

    Wash it off Fill fuel to eliminate condensation and stabilize Remove belt Change oil and filter (Four stroke) Change spark plugs Run sea foam through it Run Fogging oil through it Block off exhaust, airbox and other openings from critters. Grease any grease points and lubricate moving parts Change chain oil and check chain adjustment Disconnect battery and trickle charge over summer - clean battery connections Lift track off ground / block up Lubricate throttle linkage and brake lever. Oil coat track clips, rear skid and front suspension to prevent rusting Remove any touring bags that critters can get into. Inspect machine and make a parts list for the fall.
  2. blakesnowcrest

    Lake Couchiching

    Apparently there are some sleds running the shore.
  3. blakesnowcrest

    Snowcrest Weekend Group Rides 2015

    Awesome Blake!
  4. blakesnowcrest

    Riding from Bayview Wildwood Tues Wed.

    I might be around. I live 5 mins from there. I just got back from Bracebridge, trails are mint.
  5. blakesnowcrest

    RAP Tour Leaving This Wednesday

    The road running in astorville was not too bad last weekend. Edgewater has gas. Great Place!
  6. blakesnowcrest

    Some pics from Sat Mar 22 Ride....

    NIce shots
  7. blakesnowcrest

    Another side of snowmobiling

    Will do
  8. blakesnowcrest

    Another side of snowmobiling

    Probably Summerland Store.
  9. blakesnowcrest

    Another side of snowmobiling

    Man, Thats Awesome! I would love to do that! We Might try and run the Power line to Minden this weekend.
  10. blakesnowcrest

    Still Some Awesome Riding in Muskoka.

    Thanks! We did a short loop yesterday and rode to Severn Falls over the Big Chute and Swift Rapids ect...
  11. blakesnowcrest

    Still Some Awesome Riding in Muskoka.

    Was out All the weekend and the Conditions were awesome. Here are some pics We will be out next weekend too
  12. blakesnowcrest

    Switching to Skidoo

    Go with the 1200 Gade
  13. blakesnowcrest


    Things are great here. roads are getting bad though. Best to look for the route with the least road rash.
  14. blakesnowcrest

    #204 off Lake Couchiching?

    Even with the new snow, Pretty bad.
  15. blakesnowcrest

    #204 off Lake Couchiching?

    FYI, South Sparrow lake road is bare now unfortunately. You can run some snow banks, but as you get closer to HWY 11 it is hard to do.