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  1. We basically do the same trip. Leave from home (Gravenhurst) and head to Spectacle lake lodge - This is the longest day. Then to Petawawa- Quality inn as well. Then to Mattawa Golf and CC Then to Kearney and back home the next morning. We normally have a big crew with us so 5 days works good. Last time we did it we had 14 of us! The 5 days is nice, it gives you a bit of time to get to your destination in the afternoon and explore some of the local club trails if you have time.
  2. I would pull the carbs off and clean them. Put some new plugs in it too. Have a look at the clutches as well and your belt condition. Make sure your tool kit is ready in case you do blow a belt or have to change plugs. As for the chain case, it doesn't hurt to pull the cover of and inspect inside. Have a look at the chain tension and remove any "sludgy" oil. Look at your sliders and carbides. Replace if needed. Adjust steering tow if needed. Check the idler wheels. Grease the skid and lube any other moving parts. Check Coolant level Inspect track and check tension Check lights and that the gauges function Check heated grips Inspect for any leaks
  3. RIP Dave. Met you a few times over the years between sled shows, AGM's and rides. You will be missed by many.
  4. Did you guys get much more snow the other night? I was planning on making a trip up to the camp on Hadlington on Friday but not sure if I will need the ATV to get in.
  5. Wash it off Fill fuel to eliminate condensation and stabilize Remove belt Change oil and filter (Four stroke) Change spark plugs Run sea foam through it Run Fogging oil through it Block off exhaust, airbox and other openings from critters. Grease any grease points and lubricate moving parts Change chain oil and check chain adjustment Disconnect battery and trickle charge over summer - clean battery connections Lift track off ground / block up Lubricate throttle linkage and brake lever. Oil coat track clips, rear skid and front suspension to prevent rusting Remove any touring bags that critters can get into. Inspect machine and make a parts list for the fall.
  6. Apparently there are some sleds running the shore.
  7. When riding home from town on Saturday, my group caught up to a slower group ahead. The last sled ( the one in front of me) was using the last sled in line signal and when oncoming sleds passed up, they looked confused. One guy put both hands in the air and was shaking his head.... lol
  8. Going out to the flat rock with Dan on

    sunday to drive steel stakes in the cracks

    beside the trail.Ed will be going up Sparrow

    lake road behind Kay's house to cut more trail.

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