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  1. SlowTouringGuy

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    It looks and reads like C trail. https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/mobile/summer-trespassers-destroy-snowmobile-trails-forcing-lengthy-closures-1.4988896
  2. SlowTouringGuy

    Jake's Place is Sold

    Loved the Sign on the Wall. WINE LIST 1. Red 2. White Please order by Number. All the best to Jake and Donna !
  3. SlowTouringGuy

    Zrtkat & crew in mount Laurier

    Stayed there a couple of times and would go back again. Decent ! And good trail access. ENJOY !!
  4. SlowTouringGuy

    Zrtkat & crew in mount Laurier

    Sports Bar at the Comfort Inn Mont Laurier?
  5. SlowTouringGuy

    Lake Muskoka from MSR32

    Yup. Stake line (last year anyway) goes from the Marina and goes right by Touchstone.
  6. SlowTouringGuy

    Kids and Snowmobiling

    Was sledding today and last weekend with my son And my grandson. WONDERFUL! Next weekend all three sons and 4 grandchildren will be here to Enjoy Winter !
  7. SlowTouringGuy

    Look out on East side Algonquin?

    They do. But be aware the restaurant is closed Tuesdays and Wednesday’s. The Dinner Bell also has awesome food but be aware they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
  8. SlowTouringGuy


    Agreed. Good parking for trailers at the Best Western.
  9. SlowTouringGuy

    6 drowned in Quebec!

    Awful. Simply awful. In many Quebec lodges I have stayed there are people (families, young children) from Europe (France, largely) who are attracted here for the “Canadian Experience”. Dog Sledding, Ice Skating, a Polar Dip, Snowmobiling and so on. I’ve met and talked with many who are Thrilled with the Canadian Winter and are taking back fantastic memories. So Sad. This is NOT the Polar Dip they signed up for. I could cry.
  10. SlowTouringGuy

    Missing Link goes yellow tomorrow

    OhMyGawd!!! So the MTO, which is Provicial Wide, is negotiating, separately, with how many individual Snomobile Clubs?? What a waste of time and Volunteer hours. The MTO is a provincial wide organization. Wouldn’t it make sense that “our” Provincial Wide OFSC organization negotiate with them? Or we they deflect and offer the BS “we believe that local members have the relationship” cop out? So.....members on here, from time to time, ask why Quebec seems to “ get it “. Well, it starts at the top. The Provincial Government is engaged and committed. They get various Minstries in a room and don’t ask what are the problems, they say let’s talk about how we can make it happen. Because it means XXBillions dollars in Revenue ! They get the Quebec version of the MOE and the MNR and the MTO and the Ministry of Justice and semi public/government reliant corporations like Quebec Hydro and the Pipelines over whom they have the power of making or breaking their financial year into a room. The question posed by Senior Government over these Ministries and Utilities dependent on the Government for their financial success is “ how can we all work together to make snowmobiling a success”. And they all “know” it is less a question than it is a directive. Heck, Joncas burned down the year after we were there and the next year there was a new trail through Reserve Verendrye to another lodge. I am sure more than one beaver was dislocated but neither the MOE nor the MNR spent gazillion dollars studying the potential new trail nor 12 years deciding whether to approve it. Going through La Touque you will notice that traffic lights have the usual red, orange, green illumination. They also have a fourth light illuminating a snowmobile and letting sledders know it is now safe to cross the road. How long would it take the Ontario MTO to decide whether not to even commission a study, hire a consultant, and wait for a report. The courts, in Quebec, have Capped the amount of liability that can be claimed on trails. Capped. Full stop. No multi million dollar shotgun suits naming 12 defendants. Go ahead, name whoever you want, the amount payable is not going over $50,000. (I may be out of date, so say 100). What amount of our trail permit would be reduced if liability was Capped. Who leaned on the Quebec Justice Department? The price of a Quebec permit is WELL above ours but, because of a number of factors, a significant amount more than us is ending up on the trails. Thats how it works. And, unlike Ontario, there is lots of money sharing. Between clubs and accommodations and gas stations and whatever. Have the OFSC rules changed or am I stil not allowed to give a Land Owner a free permit for the use of his land ?? Grease the wheels. The Ontario Government needs to “get with the program” but, at the risk of having insults hurled, I would say that the OFSC needs to step up. If they have, and if they are, then they need to tell the unwashed masses that they are doing something. Where’s the PR? Quebec is not perfect. By a long shot. But the relationships they have with the government and with all the tourist dependent organizations are better, by a long shot, than Ontario. Ontario can do the same. And I have every hope that between the Provincial Government and the OFSC it can mirror, or even Better, Quebec !! Get with it guys !
  11. SlowTouringGuy

    Valois in Mattawa is Booming Today

    Great. Booked there in February but mid-week. Hope that avoids standing room only in the restaurant. Green trails for sledders are like a light to moths.
  12. SlowTouringGuy

    Unavailable sections of A107 and A108

    I’ll continue to get my news here or ask for my news here.
  13. SlowTouringGuy

    About time I bought a sled.

    Terrific ! You will be thrilled with the new winter experience ! Congratulations! Lots of good advice in the posts here. Where are you located ? What lake? Which Trail? And how far is your property from the OFSC trail ?
  14. SlowTouringGuy

    New to Gravenhurst

    Welcome Conski ! I’m just outside Gravenhurst right on the D trail on Kahshe. Also a long time member of Snowcrest. Lots of good trails in our area. TONS of good information here on Ontario Conditions. It’s great on the Board here and it’s great to be riding trails around here too !!!
  15. SlowTouringGuy

    D201F Question NW of Elliot Lake

    The F trail from E Lake to Chapleau was a delight. Flame Lake Lodge was a lunch stop to die for and a great place to stay. As was Laurentian Lodge with their own Hydro plant. Stayed there twice on the same trip once. The trail through the Chapleau Game reserve would sell anyone on Northern riding ! Stop in Missinabi for an Ernie’s Burger. Made for a great loop from there through LucVille around to Wawa and Halfway and Searchmont and Wharncliffe then east again to Spanish. Must find pix of that!