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  1. I remember our last stay there mid 90’s I think. After supper, I was asked if I wanted a post dinner drink and I responded “yes”, a rusty nail please. After some time passed, the waiter came back and asked how to make a rusty nail and I gave him the products and suggested quantities. After a while, he came back to the table carrying a bottle of scotch, a bottle of drambuie and a glass and said, “ do you mind mixing it yourself ?” Graciously, I agreed and I don’t remember a lot of the rest of that night.
  2. Great news Nunz !! Wonderful to have that stretch of trail back again !!!!!
  3. LMV that would be awesome. I’d only to see the 16,000 posts of mine that disappeared !
  4. Cedar Meadows. Good parking for trucks and trailers, great restaurant on site for those of who like to park sleds at the end of the day and not have to walk, cab, sled to eat at a fast food joint, super breakfast, good snowmobile package, on the trail (ok, A trail of 50 yards off the main trail). Good spot for staying and doing daily loops.
  5. It has/had all of the “must haves” you’ve listed.
  6. Is this the beausejour up around Alban? We stayed there and enjoyed it. Decent room, good food on site. I’d be interested in hearing more about the “Riverdale” as well !!
  7. “”we were pretty dissapointed with the ELR.”” what is the ELR? Sounds like something I want to avoid.
  8. Thank you for the update. I really do hope it can be resolved. Those trails are very nice and I’d love to ride them again.
  9. Thanks for your response. Like many others, I don’t use Facebook and find sites like OC far superior. sorry to hear it is as I feared. It was a great section of trail and, as you say, the crossing at Kydd was a wonderful view. was consent pulled for this year specifically because of planting or has it been pulled for good? Shame in either case. Comparing the last paper map I have and the IATG, it looks like the entirety of B103 through the HOO area has also disappeared. Really? ugh !
  10. I checked a 2020 paper map and it appears to have been H3 that is no longer on the IATG. Landowner? Or........? Or should be there, will open when ready. thanks !
  11. There was a trail that ran North/South along Kydd Road and crossed some farm. I don’t see it on the IATG this year. Has it been lost? TIA !
  12. He’s been a “sick” man ever since I’ve known him
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