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  1. Ate at Ali's beginning of the month. Was good and given the temperature the right length of walk from Holiday Inn
  2. Same should apply to riding on closed trails. Picture of the registration and location should get the owner a ticket in the mail.
  3. Always made at least one trip a year to Henry's. Last year it seemed as busy as ever. Had heard that the local cottagers were not happy with all the aircraft visiting. Gilly's in Snug is a great place. Less than an hour away for me. Payne's is good in PaB. They added a licensed patio last year overlooking the channel. Was there Friday night. Come hungry as the servings are huge. Three of us ordered the dinner for 2 to share and took some home.
  4. Thought I saw it mentioned here that it is not running this winter but will be again next winter.
  5. I saw on the ITG that there were some sections open a few days ago. Now all are closed. I don't think it makes sense to show only part as open. Hoping it is open by next week as I have plans to travel through there the first week of February. Any news would be appreciated
  6. Started way back with my Dad's '67 Super Olympic. "Super" meant 16 HP instead of the standard 12. First sled I bought myself was a '73 TNT (Silver Bullet).
  7. Any word on C101D? Hoping that is open for trip the first week of February
  8. When I have done the RAP tour we always include Antlers in Deux Riviere and Fortune's Madawaska Valley Inn.
  9. In past years you could park in the back of the parking lot at the Teviotdale Truck Stop. Gas and food right there.
  10. I can confirm as well.. Parked there today.
  11. Can anyone tell me if there is still parking and trail access at the restaurant in Shakespeare? Never used it last year for obvious reasons. I know the trail used to run into the parking lot but it isn't on the ITG. I know it is not always the most accurate for trail existence.
  12. Doo Dad

    Post 392

    Stayed there a couple of times. Always ate well. I thought the place had closed for the winter but I'm glad to hear they are open
  13. At last.... I see white stuff

    1. Techdenis007


      not in a ziploc I hope ... lol !

  14. Nice start to the season.

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