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  1. Have him check the engine hours at the dealership. Might have had the cluster replaced 1000 km ago ... sneaky way to improve resale value...
  2. Always when riding solo ... sometimes in a group too. Depends on the speed and crew ...
  3. Iroquois Falls has a couple of restaurants in town with trail access. On the way past there anyways...
  4. They are all must do once trails... then you'll want to come back to do them again and again...
  5. They now have a continental breakfast in the motel, which is new ...
  6. Minus 36 yesterday morning, school buses running as normal. Minus 31 this morning, school buses cancelled. Somebody can't add.
  7. Forgot about this ... trailering cover is gone, skis gone, riser bag and linq brackets gone. Sorry all. Caddys and bags gone too.
  8. 120/137" HD bumper with hitch, $80 .. Short Riser bag $70 .. Passenger muffs for older Rev chassis, may fit Grand Touring as well .. $25 LinQ XS/XM shims required to install the large fuel caddy ... $40 RollerSki for Pilot 6.9 skis ... $240 Pilot 6.9 skis with good carbides ... $250 .. XS/XM trailering cover, excellent condition ... $150 ..
  9. Already there, as far as Timmins and Cochrane.
  10. 2015 MXz TnT 800R E-Tec in Mint Condition. 5431 km. No crashes, no engine failures, no issues, everything works as it should. 1 1/4" Ripsaw track. Tall Windshield with mirrors. Glove Box Extension. Scratchers front and Tunnel Mount scratchers rear. RollerSki ski wheels. New OEM Carbides. 2 good belts included. Trailering cover included. Full of gas, full of oil. Reason for selling -- recently separated. Asking $7500.
  11. Out of curiosity, why would you trailer to Cochrane ? I'd ride that day right from New Liskeard .... ??? Same thing coming home, Chapleau down to Liskeard ...
  12. Too bad we have to go through this every year and it's everywhere now... I wish there was more emphasis on trespassing during the driver training sessions....
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