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  1. Techdenis007

    2015 MXz TnT 800R E-tec for sale

    Already there, as far as Timmins and Cochrane.
  2. 2015 MXz TnT 800R E-Tec in Mint Condition. 5431 km. No crashes, no engine failures, no issues, everything works as it should. 1 1/4" Ripsaw track. Tall Windshield with mirrors. Glove Box Extension. Scratchers front and Tunnel Mount scratchers rear. RollerSki ski wheels. New OEM Carbides. 2 good belts included. Trailering cover included. Full of gas, full of oil. Reason for selling -- recently separated. Asking $7500.
  3. Techdenis007


    Out of curiosity, why would you trailer to Cochrane ? I'd ride that day right from New Liskeard .... ??? Same thing coming home, Chapleau down to Liskeard ...
  4. Techdenis007

    Kap Snow Rovers Updates

    Too bad we have to go through this every year and it's everywhere now... I wish there was more emphasis on trespassing during the driver training sessions....
  5. Techdenis007

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    Doesn't get much colder than that... doesn't feel any colder anyway....
  6. Techdenis007

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    If I read this right, your 850s keep blowing up ? We see a few every year too, not catastrophic failures (rarely) but seize one piston or the other ....
  7. Techdenis007

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    Here it is, check it out .... Cut the paddles to 1.5" Gearing equivalent to 146" Freeride 1.6" version X package shocks and T-motion delete shims 42" front end kit
  8. Techdenis007

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    Same as the 900. Scavenge pumps put the oil into the tank, the main oil pump takes it from the tank to feed the engine. It'd be difficult to have a proper and reliable way to draw oil from the tank without getting air. Then if you're too long on a wheelie or a climb and the oil doesn't make it to the scavenge pumps, it runs out of oil. Like I said, it's been tested. BUT -- it's not impossible.
  9. Techdenis007

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    You probably won't either. It's been tested with the 1200, just too many ways to starve the scavenging pumps for oil and run the block dry. 900 lubrication system is similar in design and pump location.
  10. Techdenis007

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    If it does, go buy a fistful of lottery tickets !!!!
  11. Techdenis007

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    Evil could have used this yesterday and today...
  12. Techdenis007

    Snowmobile Operators Card

    I got mine when I turned 12 ... would have been 1981. I think I still have it somewhere....
  13. Techdenis007

    Cochrane area conditions

    My history with the Hearst club has been well documented on here. The Mattice club until 2 weeks ago there was no negative history. First year I got back into sledding we were hanging around the Mattice clubhouse a lot, I brushed the X-country ski trails and groomed them for 2 years, until the people running the kitchen quit on it. We had outdoor events and the sliding hill was well kept, we spent 2 complete winters working out of that clubhouse, never asked for anything in return. I disagree with the not ratting out deal if you're a volunteer. It's our duty to see that things are run properly, it's in the best interest of the club, the district, the OFSC, and most importantly, the SLEDDERS BUYING A PERMIT. They deserve to get the best value for their money, and if clubs are screwing the pooch and claiming their trails are open when they're in fact not, they MUST BE SET STRAIGHT. You didn't personally ride all the Mattice loops to verify that they were in fact NOT GROOMED, despite showing Limited Availability on the ITG (the bible, so to speak). I did. The Mattice club has been grooming farther than they're supposed to on the L153, which is not an OFSC trail. You would have us turn our heads and allow them to waste fuel and equipment lifespan for the sake of being another white sheep ? I have enough integrity to stand up for what's right, to say it's wrong, and to see that it gets fixed. If that groomer breaks way at the end of that trail when turning around, do you think it's the club or the operator that gets it fixed ? Not a chance, it's the District that has to shell out to drag it out. OUR PERMIT DOLLARS. You should also know that I rode with 3 Kap club members (1 was an exec), they knew all about the Mattice club being warned repeatedly for doing such. It's common knowledge. The issues we're dealing with, as you mentioned, well, THIS IS ONE. UNGROOMED CLUB TRAILS SHOWING AVAILABLE IS ANOTHER. THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM. If you want more info on the Hornepayne Trails, I'd suggest you contact the club directly, as the portion beyond the park I don't work because it's simply not my section. The section that I'm responsible for signage on, is in fact Limited availability. I'm not Kenny, I'm not Matthew, I'm me. You don't have to like how I do things, but I can tell you for a fact that our Hearst club is a better entity than it was 5 years ago. They offer a proven product, they're plainly more transparent than before, the ITG accurately reflects actual trail conditions. If I see something of concern, I send a text, give an exact location, sometimes it gets fixed right away, or it gets put on as Limited as it should be. If my efforts have any positive effect on that, then great. I don't do anything but attempt to see that issues get resolved, and that's the absolute limit I'll do for this club. If you'd like to meet in person and have a proper discussion face to face, you say when and where, and I'll be there. I've stood nose to nose with a lot bigger people than you lady, you don't intimidate me, not one bit. There's not a man or a wallet big enough to scare me, not anymore.
  14. https://www.comeplayinthesnow.on.ca/
  15. Got a link handy ? Where are you seeing this pop up ?