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  1. ive also parked on Ganton rd a couple of times cheers
  2. i guess they do curbside pick up these days cheers
  3. appreciate the update Livin' ! thanks for sharing cheers
  4. Bride & I rode from Lindsay to Kinmount for our inaugural shake down ride on our new toboggans in this snow challenged shaky 2021 season nice to see more trails opening cheers
  5. if im being honest the thought of listing both my brand new sleds has crossed my mind, ... of coarse id need to run that proposal by my CEO for approval cheers
  6. will the new lockdown affect OFSC trails or access to trails ?
  7. Last season I rode from New Liskeard to Robyn Noranda Que. on the same free weekend, conditions were good & lakes were staked ... hoping for same conditions this year. cheers
  8. Ha ha ha ... I hear ya,... however I’ll have my bride with me, so guaranteed it won’t be too nice.. lol cheers
  9. I'm thinking of heading to Val-d'Or Que on the FCMQ free weekend in January.... Has any body stayed Hotel Forestel ? or where is the best place to stay in Val-d'Or ? cheers
  10. is there a trail app for Quebec trails similar to the OFSC app ? cheers
  11. Not precisely what your looking for but last season my wife who is a very new rider & I trailered to NewLiskeard then rode to Rouyn-Noranda Que, was about 160kms as i recall & was my brides first over-nighter, we stayed at the Comfort Inn, they had a special for snowmobilers during the FCMQ free weekend ... trails were good to excellent & folks were welcoming. We're planning to make the same trip this year cheers
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