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  1. St Onge in Barrie normally has a open house weekend where pretty much everything is on sale including Linq bags cheers
  2. I've always found that the trail permit was the least of all my sledding costs ..... a fixed cost of $190 is nothing really IMO just add up the cost cost of gong away sledding for a weekend, gas for your truck, cocktails, meals, more beer, lodging, & yea more beer + misc expenses +++ cheers
  3. Lets hope the Toronto show isn't next ! cheers
  4. I chose 3 years, however I'll most likely reduce it to just two years and use the rebate for studs, I don't anticipate keeping this motorized toboggan more than that cheers
  5. is it a secret ? ..lol PM me if you wish
  6. we're getting down to the short strokes folks ! .. ive been chatting with a couple of dealers whats a good price for a yellow/black Gade X 900t with 1.25 ripsaw track, standard cluster & 3 years of warranty same question for an Gade XRS ? cheers
  7. can i park over night at Opeongo Square in Barrys Bay ? ... if not where should i park ?....my go to lot at the Shell station now has a car wash in the parking lot cheers
  8. I dont think skidoo's first four stroke was a great motor either .. however i believe their second attempt 600 was much better ...i wish all the manufactures success as the sport we enjoy struggles with climate change..... but it does it appears the four stroke market share is slowly growing so i think it would make sense for Polaris to have a couple of four stroke options in their line up. cheers
  9. lm a die hard skidoo fan but id like to another sled company offer a four stroke or two in their line up cheers
  10. ITG still shows Head lake as " RED " so it's actually staked ? cheers
  11. In the news tonight they said they went " off trail " ... im not sure if they said that because they were on a lake OR that means they left the staked lake crossing ? cheers
  12. I called them earlier today, booked a room, no problem & even got a 10% discount because im a sledder I think best to call because i think you usually get a better price, also get good info on parking, restaurants etc etc happy sledding ! cheers
  13. Gotcha ! will book in the morning thanks so much cheers
  14. \thanks for your reply Is trail access fairly easy ? cheers
  15. I'm looking to take advantage of free access to Quebec trails next wknd any recommendations for Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec cheers
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