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  1. Grass is green here again so back to wrenching...
  2. Got out today, probably earliest start to the season.
  3. I have the gas can and rode with it all last year. I have the bag on order for this year. The bag will go either in front or behind the gas and the I might order the smaller oil container for on top of the gas.
  4. Yard work done, Christmas lights up. '18 Sidewinder fully serviced ready to go. '21 SKS needs chaincase oil change and inspection, skid inspection, and waiting for Kimpex Connect tunnel bag. So they can go yellow or green next week.
  5. My two permits arrived today. I will wait and see yet on Quebec permits.
  6. Beware electric fence, with a few random poles.
  7. Do you have a picture of them on with pin through the ski loop?
  8. Awesome, we went through Seaforth at once or twice a week for 3 almost weeks in a row. I would go sledding with 2 different groups each week. I live in Exeter. Somedays if we had fresh snow i took the SKS otherwise I would ride my Sidewinder.
  9. Nothing, spent all my cash on a 2021 Polaris 850 SKS 146" in Dec last year and put over 3000k on it.
  10. 10k buys a lot of zero turn goats or rabbits...
  11. Mine from Mar 29, 2019...
  12. We were sledding the NCDN last Wednesday when my scratcher broke while we were heading towards Hearst. I called up P&L in Hearst to arrange to get a new one installed. When we arrived they drove our party to local restaurant and picked us up so we could eat a late lunch while they repaired my sled. Hats off to them for customer service.
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