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  1. Awesome, we went through Seaforth at once or twice a week for 3 almost weeks in a row. I would go sledding with 2 different groups each week. I live in Exeter. Somedays if we had fresh snow i took the SKS otherwise I would ride my Sidewinder.
  2. Nothing, spent all my cash on a 2021 Polaris 850 SKS 146" in Dec last year and put over 3000k on it.
  3. 10k buys a lot of zero turn goats or rabbits...
  4. Mine from Mar 29, 2019...
  5. We were sledding the NCDN last Wednesday when my scratcher broke while we were heading towards Hearst. I called up P&L in Hearst to arrange to get a new one installed. When we arrived they drove our party to local restaurant and picked us up so we could eat a late lunch while they repaired my sled. Hats off to them for customer service.
  6. This early in the year, plan ahead and buy Canadian, small family owned. Awesome quality and stands behind what he builds. http://www.bremartrailers.com/
  7. Too many OCer's in same place
  8. Yamatario


    More likely, someone driving vehicle and trailer that can't back up.
  9. Yes but almost all trails had gone red this morning in 2021.
  10. Pity All the ones in northern corridor doing a loop. Guess they are walking back to their vehicles through several feet of snow.
  11. Lots of snow north yet. Hoping to do two more trips north now that the south will closing down. Have 4000km on hoping to get at least 5500km on.
  12. Yes Yamaha fell asleep. Had 2 Yamacats going into season, now just Sidewinder for trails a 2021 Polaris SKS for playing in deep snow. Gave up holding my breath waiting for a pure Yamaha.
  13. I have a Sidewinder with cable scratchers on A arms, and I don't worry about road or rail crossings or backing up. On my Polaris, spring wire scratchers on rail, have crossed roads and rails with them down, just can't back up with them down.
  14. Still a real small sign, easiest to see when heading west. About 1-2ft high right at snowmobile track going south.
  15. We just spent 4 days sledding out of Auld Reekie. The run from Elk Lake to Rockies is a BIG day. The Canyon is a nice side trip on your to run Auld Reekie or Tree Bears in Shinning Tree for lunch. Fuel available at Auld Reekie and Shinning Tree. C trail from Shinning Tree towards Mattagami or Tatachikapita not doable. Sounds like L143 not going to open this year as Timmins does not want to groom down to meet the Gowganda groomer.
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