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  1. Plc With wide open trails like that WOT , does not take long to make some miles. Zrtkat was going faster then he should Crosstrek turbo 106 mph today
  2. Rode today from matigama quebec to Val-dor Quebec woke up to a couple inches of snow when we left snowing. Trails where in great shape with how warm it is around Val-dor trails are showing wear and tear around town with the warm temps. Tommorrow is our last day of riding we are hoping we do not have much trouble getting to the truck in Temiscaming .we need to get heading home before the storm hits. Zrtkat & Crew.
  3. Zrtkat &crew rode from Chicabauma to Matagami the trails are wide open straight trails amazing trails for how warm it was . We spent $ 350.00 in fuel today for all 3 sleds . 276 miles of pure awesome trails best day so far cruising. Off to Valdor tommorrow. Greg
  4. The boys are going to get into trouble tonight
  5. Trails where a 10 today nice ride all day, cold temps but awesome day .Groomed trails all the way to St Raymond. We are at the Roquemont tonight nice place packed with snowmobilers.
  6. Lots of sleds here this morning -17 this morning
  7. Will check it out ,but was thinking about some seafood maybe ,will have to check out the menu. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Looking forward to dinner nice place to relax and have a good dinner
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