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  1. zrtkat

    Mont lauier

    We stayed at the comfort inn in mt Laurier nice place restaurant on site ,they have a place where you lock your sleds up overnight with cables and it is monitored. Do not know about hot tubs though. Zrtkat
  2. Merry Christmas ๐ŸŒฒcrazy weather here in Ohio ,they say by the weekend going to be close to 60 degrees. Zrtkat and Crew
  3. Looking good ๐Ÿ˜Š great scenery let us know how much snow you got there after the storm . Good day to get to the hotel early with the storm approaching.
  4. Looks like a beautiful day for snowmobiling mark looks like buetiful trails, scenery, good times, looks like a snow storm heading your way be careful , Greg
  5. knob !" Please explain why I am a Knob ??? Whatever that means ??????
  6. http://www.quebecrider.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9019-motel-matagami-up-in-smoke/ I think this is the only hotel there in Matigami ,we have stayed there several times .
  7. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/new-closures-covid-19-quebec-1.6292622 I think it will be another winter of snowmobiling in Pennsylvania things are getting worse and restrictions are coming now.
  8. Ski we are all vaccinated and boosted and will see how things are in February ,do not want to make the trip if we can not go into restaurant,etc. And be limited to go places that we want to , so if we don't make it this winter hopefully next winter will be better. it's a bummer that you cannot make it to your house in dub for Christmas โ›„๐ŸŽ„ always enjoyed your fishing pics ,antler sheds , hopefully you get to spend some quality time up there. Merry Christmas Greg
  9. I think they will close again also that is why we did not get our yearly passes again this year . Will wait and see what happens if we go the crew will just buy 7 day passes and see what happens.
  10. Okay sounds good Jeff thanks again hoping we get to ride this winter .
  11. Thanks signfan if we end up going this winter we will stay at the temrose and they are very helpful there with the snowmobilers. Great place to stay and I even left my keys with the owners in case of breakdown we where gone for 9 days .
  12. Will we be able to buy a 7day permit online and print it out when we get up there or have it on our phone to show ???
  13. Jeff we are hoping to be able to come ride in Quebec this year we did not buy the yearly pass this year waiting to see how things are this winter . I figured we will buy a 7 day pass if we are able to ride up there this year. I remember the one year we came into Quebec from Ontario and Lisa from the club came to the temrose and we got our 7 day pass. Zrtkat and the crew are all ready to go we had our sleds serviced at the end of last year. Greg๐Ÿ˜„
  14. Thanks Re:Leaf I still enjoy reading the post and seeing the pictures of the trails and the stories that go along with them until next winter may things be different and we can enjoy snowmobiling in Ontario again. Zrtkat &Crew
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