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  1. Have you ever been riding in that area ?
  2. Yes that’s why I think I’m gonna pass on Quebec this year unless some kind of miracle happens but it’s unlikely that will happen.
  3. I’m really missing riding central Quebec area.. Been riding all over Ontario and Quebec, around Gaspe once but personally the area around Mount Tremblant is my favourite.
  4. I’m in for what ever my group decides.. Turbo Doo I was looking forward to also riding in Quebec this year but it’s not looking to good at the moment, restaurants closing early and limited to capacity, riding with vac and no vac people, some riders being allowed in places and some not being allowed in places.. it’s gonna be an interesting year lol.. let’s make the best of it and enjoy the trails as much as we can.
  5. Sad to hear.. Another female lost her life near Lac saint Jean area.. Need to take a step back and relax while riding..
  6. I noticed that Bill.. some major holes from Orrville going west towards Parry Sound have been filled.. Some are way in off the road.. Awesome job guys who made this happen.. Beavers are causing havoc along the Seguin 🤬
  7. Happy New Year to everyone.. All the best in 2022.. hope to see you guys on the trail..
  8. Thanks Bill for the info.. I also seen that they filled in some of the big water holes.. A big thanks to all who was involved to get this work done.
  9. Anyone know who funded the new bridges along the Seguin trail ?
  10. Been through that area a hand full of times throughout the years.. beautiful place to ride.. post some pics and have a great time..
  11. Normally Kimpex is a lower end product but this connects bag is higher quality than we are used to from kimpex, Its actually well made, after all they copied linq.
  12. Why did Don sell ? Seen him on Kawagama tv and seemed like it was his passion.
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