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  1. Definitely sucks when seasons come to an end but the memories this sport makes will last forever.. Thanks to all who made this year possible.. Hope everyone has a great summer..
  2. Thanks.. I’ve never personally owned a Ranger but been on a few over the years and yes they are a awesome boat. My 20’ Princecraft has served me well but it was time.
  3. Thanks.. I know I kinda went off topic with this.. I do love snowmobiling and everyone who is involved in bringing this great sport together but my true passion is chasing fish. Cant wait to hear the feedback on the new 900 T r’s that some of you are ordering.
  4. Patiently waiting for this beauty to come in..
  5. Another great trip in the books..
  6. Going to be a long summer thinking about when I can hit this trail again.
  7. It was nice meeting you, Mrs Turbo Doo and your father in law .. Ill keep my opinion on Wendy to myself for now.
  8. Well said Stoney.. no sled is perfect, my first sled was a skidoo blizzard followed by a formula 3 than switched to Yamaha for the longest time and now on my 2nd year on a sidewinder. I say it the way it is, the SW has 2 major design flaws in the drive line which I addressed before even riding it, so far so good. Got it tuned over the summer but honestly I think it wasn’t needed especially riding areas like dis 9 it can be hard on the arms holding on all day. I to would like to see cat step it up like doo did but it’s not looking good.
  9. Agree 100% on that, Yamaha fell asleep years ago and by the 2022 cat release it seems like they also fell asleep.. it’s kinda sad as some competition is good for all manufacturers..
  10. .. I’m also looking forward to it
  11. Yes we are. I don’t know anything about Friday night in Hearst .
  12. It baffles me how so many people won’t touch a suspension setting because they think the pdi kid at the dealer just graduated suspension school ..
  13. Wish I could of tagged along but work got in the way.. hopefully weather stays clod the following week for when I can make it up there.. Have a great trip..
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