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  1. The ruling seems a bit harsh.I could see maybe paying a royalty but not able to sell there sleds seems ridiculous .
  2. Im also a big fan of 1200 ,love the sound of exhaust when first fires up .Other than extra weight ,they are a great motor.Reliable ,good power,good on gas,etc.They are a good combo in renegade chassis,its hard to think of trading it in .Agree oil change is a bit of a pain.
  3. Skidoo also gave arctic cat rer .Sea doo used some tech from the tigershark and then gave them rights to rer.
  4. Maybe but 5 weekends open from a couple hours from my house or closer.I would say that's a pretty good season. Best in 4 or 5 years .Over 2000kms on local trails.
  5. Might see you out there ,2 cats and a black skidoo
  6. what area did you ride ,thinking of leaving from elmira tomorrow,thanks al
  7. Will be heading that way tomorrow.Finally made it to stoney keppel club house on family day weekend,very nice.
  8. Had a great run yesterday. Left Harriston, headed towards markdale and back.Almost 300km and most trails were awesome.Good idea to close but not sure these trails will survive. The south did a great job this year with the snow they had .Big thankyou to all the volunteers.
  9. I rode from elmira to conestoga lake,around milverton ,listowel and back ,i was very impressed with trail conditions.Clubs have done a superb job ,thank you
  10. it is very good at pinpointing exactly where you are on the map and direction you are going
  11. They do have one its 435 bucks !!
  12. Great report ,great pics ,you need a few more doos though lol.
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