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  1. Thanks for the info Snowman...I am going to mark out a route down towards Sprucedale way and back. Wife and I are getting old ...so 100 to 150 kms a day is usually alot down here. should be able to get a few more kms up there. A change of scenery is always nice too.
  2. Hello all. We have access to a cottage just outside of Mckellar on Middle River Dr. for this coming weekend and we are looking for staging area`s for a couple of day rides and any other info you would be willing to share. Thanks for any info....Rolly
  3. I figured as much. It is here if you think you can make it work. Just let me know...Good luck finding one
  4. I have a blue one here that was for a 95 Indy 440 Sport and I no longer have the sled. You are welcome to it if you think it will fit
  5. A guy on facebook..."Sledjiji" .... Has a red one for $100. Says it has no rips
  6. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to checking it out when the time comes!
  7. I have access to a cottage in Inverhuron this year and would like to know if the trail on the maps still go to that area. It basically starts/ends at the end of John St. I would only have about a km. from the cottage to the trail if it is still there. .... Thanks
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