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  1. Never had an issue with Royal and I've returned items via Canada Post and in person. I find their pricing competitive, and have a good selection for both motorcycling and snowmobiling. Calling customer service they've always got back to me if there couldn't give me an answer immediately. There are four online places I deal with regularly; Royal Distributing, GP Bikes, Dual Sport Plus and Fort Nine. I do comparison shopping and go with who has stock and best pricing. I need some motorcycle stuff from F9 and added the XPT skis to that order. $490.00 for Red coloured XPT skis, Royal was $519.00 and GP Bikes was $548.00. GP just had a no HST sale, but that was only $6.00 cheaper than F9. I was going to wait for Royal to have another no HST sale, but thought there might be a price increase before that happens as GP is charging more and ORPS Parts has the same price, along with the weaker Cdn dollar v/s the Greenback. Now to decide whether to go with Bergstrom Triple Points or regular Woody's 6" brian
  2. Thanks @ecarnell, I did see that and priced them, but they are listing the wrong mounting adapter for my TS spindles. They're closed today and not answering to confirm what I suspect, and tomorrow will be too late for the deal. F9 has them as well, and with tax is only $6.00 more for the red ones.
  3. I’ve decided to buy a pair of C&A XPT skis and presently shopping around for the best price. C&A ever have a booth at the Show? Or have there been deals to be had by the various retailers? just wondering if I should hold off my purchase until then? thanks Brian
  4. The right one got caught crossing the rail line on the way to the canyon. Stretched the coils straight
  5. Quali Pieces Ice Scratchers mount to "A" arm of any snowmobile. Had to buy them for a 2 day run in Cochrane when my OEM tunnel mount scratchers broke and couldn't get replacements in time. Stops your sled from overheating and lubricates the tracks and sliders Carbide tips show no wear. Paid $199.00 plus taxes ($227.00). Asking $150.00 Located in Kincardine, ON
  6. Never got further west than Moonbeam. Some bare spots but minimal. Around Remi Lake was great and minimal traffic. In fact all the branch trails were good, it was mainly the A trail that had the bare areas. Make sure you have scratchers for the morning, saw one blown up 850 Doo. I kept my scratchers down the entire time, 1,100+kms. Did manage to hook one while crossing a rail track and pulled it straight. brian
  7. Past there today. Still there
  8. Abitibi cannon run and the hills are still good. Where the road sections are bare you can run between the hydro towers Did Iraquois falls to Timmins to Calhoon’s fire tower and back. The only bad areas bare roads IQ and T Tomorrow is Hearst way better update when I’m back but still pretty good. Colder next week
  9. heading to Cochrane today, hoping it holds for the week
  10. great photos. Jealous as well. ride safe and looking forward to the next update
  11. I did chat with several folks from the Guelph, Kitchener area. It was a good week
  12. Just got back, I arrived Monday and returned Friday, riding tuesday to thursday. On tuesday morning the trails were rough heading North, on the return the A trail was groomed.....the rest of the week all the trails were great, the only rough area being the river (A trail) as the groomer doesn't run it.....to say bumpy would be an understatement Tuesday run to Larder Lake and ate at the Muddy Moose.......great food. Wednesday run to Elk Lake Eco Centre for Lunch then to Kirland Lake and back Thursday run to Temagami Inn for lunch.,.....then back up to the L190 and down the A107Q (lake run) The A107Q is a must ride....the views running on the lake were spectacular.....there were some soft areas, but nothing to be of great concern. Stayed at the Econo Inn,.....very clean and you could walk into Alis Restaurant without going outside. Right on the trails and Esso across the road. Snow was deep if you missed a turn The ambulance didn't see the sign saying "Snowmobile Trail.....Your GPS is wrong.....Do not Enter" There was 12 of us....we managed to dig and push it back about 3 meters before finding out they had a tow truck coming......"See ya" Sorry about the sideways photos..... brian
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