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  1. Good thread to follow. I usually browse online for deals. Places like Royal Distributing, Martin Motorsports, even Kimpex have a SALE tab. The items might be generic, and not labeled Skidoo, but you may find something you are looking for. As for the SkiDoo Muffs, I have them on my Enduro, they are not made for bars with the J-bend at the ends.......too restrictive. I ended up drilling a 2nd hole in them and repositioning the bar end grommet so they would sit a little straighter and give me the room I needed to operate the controls. This season I'm having Hoy's replace my bars with a straight touring bar to give me more leverage and a wider grip. Also have the sport bag....great item, but I'm finding I'm carrying too much stuff. Of course the day I don't carry everything is when I'll need what's in the bag.
  2. Purchased as well. Yup lots of big words that I skipped over and checked the box's. But I fully understand if anything goes south, its my fault and the clubs, OFSC and the landowners are not responsible.
  3. I'm hoping with a straighter bar that I'll get more leverage; my right wrist has a permanently torn ligament, so I'm weaker on that side. Also I have 2XL hands, and I find it too uncomfortable, too restrictive. thanks brian
  4. Looking for a straight handlebar similar to what's on the new Ski-Doo touring sleds to fit on my 2019 Skidoo Enduro. Preferably with working heated grips. thanks brian
  5. looks like my trip is cancelled for now. but thank you for all the info brian
  6. Looking at going to the Haliburton to Bancroft area next week for a couple days of riding. Any recommendations for a cheap motel.....don't do B&B's. Something close to the trails thanks brian
  7. You mentioned Lake Belwood, can you tell me where this castle is? My wife would like to see it as well. thanks...brian
  8. rode today from Walkerton down to Listowel, MItchel, Seaforth, Harrisiton and back. Conditions were great, couple of brown patches amongst the trees, but great all the same.
  9. Started in Dundalk and rode around Shelburne, Mansfield, etc. Trails were great, some grooming doing on, and heavy drifting in areas where there are open fields. Not too busy. Many thanks to the volunteers who look after the trails, most appreciated. Finally understand what the "SLOW" sign means, its an acronym for Speed Lovers Open Wide, and that 50 marker must be the distance to the next set of lights. I don't mind people speeding a bit on the rail trail, but at least slow down some when you're passing people going the opposite direction.......thanks
  10. thinking of heading to Durham tomorrow, did they get snow yesterday and today?
  11. I was going too slow and the skis got hooked under the ice on the other side, because I was down in the hole backing up wasn't working either. I was informed to "Give Her" the next time I find myself in a similar situation
  12. I rode this area Thursday and Friday, between the lack of snow and mild weather the trails were still respectable, and thank you to the club volunteers that made it so. I can't remember the trail number but the section NW of Durham has a mud hole that I got stuck in, apparently "Give Her" is the preferred method of crossing mud holes over slow and cautious....lol
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