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  1. Dual set, just purchased from Fortnine on Feb 8th, 2021 for $583.00 with shipping and taxes. This has a 2 yr manufacture's warranty, and I'm willing to provide the original receipt if you ever need it Used one time. I will ship via Canada Post at your expense, PayPal as a friend or eTransfer accepted.
  2. Happy for those guys....hope they get some good runs in before the rains come
  3. I agree you can't beat the wide trails up North for putting on miles and not taxing yourself. But it's like peeing on an electric fence as a kid,.....you just have to do it....lol
  4. Is the rack steering lighter or easier? I would trade in my Enduro 900 Ace if the steering is easier
  5. We ran from Wiarton up the B107 to Tobermory, did the B Loop around Tobermory and back along the B108. Just a tad shy of 300Kms and 10 hr to complete, this was with minimal break times...quick snack or drink and stopping for fuel in Tobermory. The day started with rough trails because of the deep snow and drifts. We met the groomer coming down at the half way mark going north, from there it was a much better ride. Despite the snow accumulations and the groom trails we still ground our skis on rocks that were just below what is perceived as good deep snow. The run
  6. Al has been doing a great job with the groomer. IMHO he is one of the best groomers
  7. Wiarton was open, then closed right after the fellow from Hamilton got killed on his sled. I thought perhaps due to ongoing police investigation was the reason it closed, and Tobermory possibly to lack of snow. Wasn't aware of drama issues in the area. Got up there last year for one run and was hoping to return
  8. Anyone know why there are still 2 areas of the Bruce Penninsula still closed, when trails on either side are open? The two areas are around Wiarton and Tobermory.
  9. Want to buy for 2019 Skidoo Enduro Gen 4 Windshield Side Deflector Kit SKU 860201256 https://shop.ski-doo.com/ca/en/860201256-windshield-side-deflector-kit.html
  10. I suffer from Raynaud's, and the SkiDoo muffs work for me along with SkiDoo gauntlet gloves. The gloves are not heavily insulated so they allow the heat to transfer from the grips. This fall I finally talked with my Doctor and she prescribed Amlodipine for my Raynaud's. Night and day difference with my hands. If your husbands finger tips go white when they get cold there is a good chance he is suffering from Raynaud's as well.
  11. Good questions. I honestly don't know. They are using Google Maps so I'm sure there is some sort of information shared with Google. I have not seen any ads pop up on the App.
  12. I called my local health unit today for confirmation of this. They're reply is that there is nothing in the briefs that says we cannot as long as we stay within our health unit area. They also said to carry a mask in case you stop to talk with someone outside of your household, yes wear the mask even when outdoors as an extra precaution beyond the 6' barrier. Also suggested carry your own food and water, and not to stop between your home and where you park your trailer. brian
  13. We remind riders that the OFSC is about riding trails, not travelling to them, so questions about travel restrictions on trailering away from home or outside your public health region should be directed to local law enforcement agencies as municipalities and public health units across Ontario have the authority to enact local restrictions in addition to provincial legislation. Has anyone confirmed with their local law enforcement or public health unit that’s it’s okay to trailer your snowmobile within your health unit area? The way I read this the OFSC is saying if you
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