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  1. Okay, today's lesson don't accept anything I write without checking it out yourself. I was just informed all the colours is because I didn't have TRAIL Status turned on. Sorry for the confusion. brian
  2. Just opened the ITG on my iPhone. I appreciate how they have assigned colours to indicate Club trails vs Feeder trails, etc, but its now confusing as they are using RED for Trunk Trail as well as Unavailable, GREEN for Connector Trail and Available. There could be hue differences in the colours that I can't see as I'm Red/Green deficient. When I look at the map, is the Huntsville area available or is that just showing me Connector Trails.
  3. oh? too much to know now, especially with all the passwords, lol Thanks for telling me
  4. I'm hoping to play follow the leader...lol. Thanks, I may ask you for your trip plan. brian
  5. There are so many choices, both within and outside of the Province. I have a couple former coworker friends that are in Eastern Ontario I would like to hook up with this winter. I'm going to play the wait and see how D9 makes out for snow before planning trips outside of the area, thinking more late season. brian
  6. Where haven't you been for a while or never had the chance to go there and would like to ride the area this winter? brian
  7. Used set of Rouski Ski Wheels Gen 3 for Ski Doo TS skis. I had them on a 2019 Enduro. One stopper is worn, (see Photo) but they can be rotated to use the newer surfaces. One wheel arm was bent and has been straightened. Replacement arms are available from Fortnine for $15.11 if you wish to replace it. Wheels are in excellent shape. New Gen 3's for the TS ski are listed at Fortnine for $399.00 asking $275.00
  8. None in Kincardine. A lot of rain though. Being so close to the lake, we hold the warmer temperatures longer into the season.
  9. There has been a lot of thefts in the Grey Bruce area recently. Is it because we are too lax, having grown up trusting others?
  10. To anyone that has used the BRP App. -Does it give voice guidance for navigation, i.e. "Turn Left in 100m" ? -Is it a better navigation aid than the ITG? -I don't have a 7.8" display, therefore I would use it on my iPhone with the Glove Box Extension. Is the contrast between background and trail better than the ITG? thanks brian
  11. Starts at 5:30 pm, this Wednesday and goes to the end of March, at the Bervie Clubhouse, 890 Southline Kincardine. Take out only at this time, thanks for asking brian https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Fmaps%2Fdir%2F%3Fapi%3D1%26destination%3D44.113534074609%2C-81.511173248291%26fbclid%3DIwAR0RicFYvE3hirIsPKu3DDntQc50nQK_ysv8K7kIAeiX5jfjV-OGNW8hZF0&h=AT3cRB5zZ1Kc_lrFjYo6h10hPNOY6662YVKe3xI7aOMju1rT4my8O35sJRr5CAkBhudMFufvw53cevcnI7HQsBKhtaM9Tv6dw_x-A1mAxqea-sNRAhH4xUtxysXETxwUEwnAjIbaaMmbt8uHKaf-SfsqIls
  12. The first wing night of the season is Wednesday Nov 3rd. Take out only at this time, Covid practices in place. You can phone your order in and pick it up at the scheduled time, (519) 395-5467 brian
  13. just ordered these from Royal Distributing, they give a gift card worth 25% of the purchase https://www.royaldistributing.com/extreme-max-power-wheels-steerable-dolly-5800-02.html
  14. Bought a new set of 5” TS carbides but will hold off until mid winter to install once the trails have a good base As with your findings, 9k on mine and probably 60% of the original carbide thickness still there but very dull
  15. Hmmm. Nothing on the Rouskis. Are you talking about the wheels made by Qualipieces?
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