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  1. Just seen so many Cdn companies purchased by American firms, then they slowly demise as the profitable sections get moved to the US leaving the rest behind. Then the parent company says the Cdn branch isn't profitable and they are closing them down. This being a retail store, I doubt it will follow the trends of a manufacturing business, but who knows. Look how crappy Tim Hortons has become now that they have been sold several times.....now owned by a Brazilian firm I think.
  2. well I wonder how long this will last.
  3. just booked 2 rooms for next week, will give an update, but the website photos look good
  4. reviving last years thread.....still haven't been to this area, group of 4 guys considering this place again.....any reviews besides the 3 on trip advisor?
  5. The Bervie Community Centre is proud to say we are hosting an event for the Bluewater Town and Country Snowmobile Club and Sledheads 4 Kids! February 11, 2023 they are doing a Family Snowmobile Fun Run beginning and ending here. Sledheads 4 Kids is an organization raising funds for Amici Camp Charity which sends hundreds of less fortunate kids to summer camps across Ontario every year. We would like to hold an auction after their ride to help raise funds to support both Sledheads 4 Kids and our local Snowmobile Club. If anyone or any business would like to donate an item towards the auction, please contact us either through FB messenger, or by email at berviecc@gmail.com . For more info on S4K you can look them up at www.sledheads4kids.ca , on FB, or on Instagram. Keep tuned for more details to come, this will be a fun day!! Bluewater Town and Country Snowmobile Club Sledheads 4 Kids
  6. Don't forget, tomorrow is Wednesday, that means you can get the best wings in Bervie at the Bervie Community Centre.....5:30 to closing
  7. Yes I do, its still brand new never been touched by human hands.....lol You're probably right, but if its down to 73% when its 6C outside, it will only be worse in colder temps. I hook this battery up to an Optimate 3+ smart charger regularly off season, that I also use on my motorcycle in the winter. I'm thinking the physical abuse and vibration a sled battery sees shortens their lifespan faster. This is the first time I removed the battery from the sled as I have a SAE pigtail permanently installed (mostly for heated gear that I don't use), and I clean the contacts yearly coating them with dielectric grease. I'm glad I pulled the battery as the lower casing shows sever fretting damage from the metal bracket that keeps it in place. There must be a small amount of free movement of the battery in situ causing the damage. I would hate to see the casing crack this winter and spill acid all over. New battery is on order and I will sleep better knowing my wallet is once again lighter......lol thanks brian
  8. sideways photo at no extra charge
  9. Reviving an old thread Canadian Tire has digital battery testers on sale this week for $47.00. I was suspicious of my battery this summer despite occasionally putting a smart trickle charger on it monthly. The tester shows battery SOH State of Health at 73%, definitely won't be any good for very cold days. Got three riding seasons and 15,000+kms out of it https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-digital-battery-tester-analyzer-12v-0113020p.html?loc=plp
  10. Dec 21st is our last wing night for 2022, we are closed the 28th and reopening on Jan 4th. Last chance in 2022 to get the best wings in Bervie......
  11. Its not that we have a preference for Doos, the other brand of sled wouldn't start....lol
  12. Did I mention we now serve fancy beers too? Our local micro brewery Grey Matter is supplying us with their Checkmate, a lager and Double Take, a light beer. How can you go wrong? Fancy beer and chicken wings, AKA the Best Wings in Bervie......... And its Wednesday if you haven't noticed....lol
  13. Don't forget......best wings in Bervie every Wednesday
  14. Great news, happy riding this season
  15. Try the Comfort Inn in Cornwall.......mid August I paid $341.00 plus tax because it was the last room in town. Filthy carpets and the patio doors had to be lifted out of the tracks to slide open because the mechanism was broken. Stayed in Quebec this summer, it had so many add on taxes....the room was $115.00 with tax and no extras it was $159.00 total I realize all these places have been hard hit from Covid and perhaps are trying to make up for lost revenue, but its getting too expensive between food cost, fuel cost, and accommodations....
  16. Attention Deer Hunters, Farmers, Truckers, Sledders and all Foodies The Bervie Community Center will start serving their famous wings this Wednesday Nov 2nd at 5:30 pm and every Wednesday until April 890 Southline Kincardine, ON BCC is the former Bervie Clubhouse of the Bluewater Town & Country Snowmobile Club and is a volunteer run not for profit organization. We are now licensed, and have in house dining and take out. All food is fried in Canola Oil. Wings - $1.25 each Fries - $6.50 Poppers - $10.00 Pickles - $10.00 Mushrooms - $10.00 Onion Rings - $6.50 Chicken Fingers and Fries - $13.00 Mozza Sticks - $10.00 Pop - $2.00 Bottle of water -$1.00 Beer or shots - $6.00 This Winter with the lifting of Covid Restrictions the Bervie Community Center which is adjacent to trail at OFSC intersection 322, (see map) is once again opening the back room making it available as a warming shack with indoor heated washrooms!!!!! See you there!!!! Brian
  17. Yes I had been looking at the AGCO policies, red tape is an understatement
  18. @Bearcat_w has the OFSC changed their policies for the 2022/2023 season as this was not the case previously. Our club president was told no last year
  19. https://www.gsocta.ca Just saw this on FB....The Ontario Organized Snowmobilers Charitable Corporation Catch the ACE. It appears to have the full support of the OFSC, for example if you click on the Privacy Policy link it takes you to the OFSC website. Is this legit or a scam......I thought clubs couldn't run 50/50 draws or Catch the Ace type lotteries. I realize this isn't a snowmobile club, but the OFSC is ok with it?
  20. I'm hearing the police won't go to a tagged item if its on private property.....no search warrant. Video evidence is no good for the police either. You need positive identification (face) and they must show that person doing stealing or vandalizing. This is depressing to discuss......
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