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  1. I strongly advise against that. BBQ's should only be used in well ventilated condition, or CO poisoning could happen.
  2. Other than Club house access, the club did have most of the trail system up and running last year with reroutes in place. Cant see any reason why that cant happen again this year. Speaking with our Club president, the issue is insurance. They think because we sell trail passes, we have lots of money for that. District is looking into what they spent on bridges, brushing etc... on GRCA land in the last few years to show how much they have helped to improve the trails on GRCA property as it is.
  3. Do you also think insurance should give you a rebate? What about all the costs you spent on a preseason service? The permit is the cheapest part of anything I spend on a year worth of snowmobiling.
  4. Do you wheel it in from the front, between the skis, and lift there, or from the back, with the track in the middle?
  5. I would say correct from my understanding. If a system wide shut down happens before Feb 16, then you get a credit towards next year. Trails stay open one day longer, and no credit next year.
  6. Emailed permits this morning, and then they resent mine. Got it right away when they resent it.
  7. Maybe for some, for me its an 8 hr drive. I cant do that on a regular basis. I do agree with this somewhat. In D9 there are all kinds of small loops where trails almost run side by side for a big section, and could be reduced to save some budget costs.
  8. Got mine ordered. No email yet though to confirm
  9. Ill be buying 2 permits as well. Same as every other year.
  10. I thought the pass went from previously 15 to 20 years until the year 2000 got 20 years old, then kept going at 20 years.
  11. Sauders camping in Stjacobs
  12. The "gasket" is in good shape. I do have some rubber roofing material that I think I will add also. I asked my machinist/fabricator neighbour about bolts and said SS bolts are only one grade, but will be ok on this trailer ( he only uses SS when building a trailer)
  13. So I decided to take the old axles off and repaint them while waiting on brake parts. Aluminum frame held up really well over last 18 years. Nothing to stop me from driving another 18 years. Took the axle off, 4 coats of tremclad, and looks brand new. I'm waiting for some SS bolts to come in to reinstall, then take 2nd axle off, wire brush and paint. Then wheel bearings and reinstall. Going to do wheel bearings on first axle once brake parts arrive. Old bolts really held up for being 18 years old
  14. Last year I put on over 1000km from my driveway in Monkton
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