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  1. It looked better when it was brick, before painted, and I agree, the photographer didnt set up the rooms very well for the pics. Looks like a kinda sleazy dumpy spot that way.
  2. I always come in from the south, and never got on the railway bed before when going to Millbank, always ran the shoulder of the road. This will be definitely nicer
  3. Looks like they have staked into the back side of Millbank. This will make it easier to get to the Restaurant, and Fuel at Milestone Equip. Maybe its been this way for a while, and I never noticed it, usually I ditch bang to get to Anna Maes restaurant about 1/2 km down the side of the road. This pic is at the back side of Milestone Equipment's yard
  4. Exactly. Within 15 minutes of my house, I can hit a rail bed for over 25 km of riding. The North Perth Trail runs from Henfryn, to the far side of Listowel, going through both downtown Atwood and Listowel. On that section of trail, you almost always meet someone walking the dog, or cross country skiing etc... Go the other direction and I get on the G2G trail. Right through Monkton to the Huron Cty border. Hopping off and on again between there and Blyth. Go the other way, from Millbank to Linwood. All of these are busy sections with many walkers and skiers on it because it is a nice groomed trail easy to use.
  5. Just curious, if they have more than one mechanic, or move a few of them around in the shop as needed, ex sleds in the winter, sprayers in the summer, and combines in the fall. I can see how Doug could get burnt out with only being a one man, or two man show in the winter when everyone wants to go snowmobiling
  6. Im going to try Delta Power in Seaforth. McIntosh location is moving to Delta power location S of St Mary's near the roundabout
  7. II haven't heard that yet, but don't deal with them a whole lot. Only for a few Triton parts for my open trailer. Nothing on their FB page.
  8. From FB. I have had nothing but great service from them, wishing them all the best in retirement. After 50 years of operation McIntosh Power & Leisure Inc. has been sold to Delta Power Equipment. The last day our BRP dealership will operate from our present location will be Dec. 31, 2021. In January, Delta Power Equipment will assume operation of the BRP dealership from their St. Mary's location at the corner of Highway 7 and Highway 19. After Dec 31 anyone that has a machine on order with us will pick it up at Delta Power Equipment. You will be contacted in the near future. It's time for Donna & I to slow down, pursue other interests and get a few more miles on our sleds. We would like to thank everyone who supported on business over the years. For the remainder of the year we will be open as usual, our normal hours. Dec 24th we will close at noon Dec 25th Closed Monday Dec 27th Closed Dec 31st we will close at noon
  9. Saw an ad earlier today, now deleted, can only assume it is sold. 2010 SkiDoo Grand Touring Se 1200. Exactly same sled I bought used 5 years ago from a dealer in snow ready condition. Asking 50% more than I paid then, with a little less Km on it than what I bought mine with.
  10. Groomer did a great job. Looks a little soft though, would be better for some frost to help set it up before the throttle jockeys turn it into a washboard. 🤣
  11. My phone showed up saying ad not available, but had a summary of it. The one ad had stated he paid 31 for it, and would not sell for less than $5g profit, or he would ride it.
  12. Its my turn to show you around the area. If ever in lower d9, let me know.
  13. Both ads no longer active. Possibly sold that quick
  14. What about the hotel? When I go on Super 8, and look for prices for this winter, it shows as unavailable for those days. Is the hotel still open?
  15. Well, Arctic Crusher and me, make two, I'm sure there are many more of us out there as well.
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