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  1. Dave K


    I have a huge dislike for AGM's As VP for our club, i said I would never go to one. Whereas and therefore's drive me nuts. Give me a bridge to fix, wings to cook, stakes to put in, and wood to split to keep a shack warm, and I will be there. AGM's, and I will pass.
  2. Ellice Swampers would do a pork chop BBQ on the same weekend as there poker run. All landowners were eligible for a couple of free tickets, and tickets were also available to the general public to purchase. The dinner was both a fundraiser, and thank you at the same time.
  3. We bought rough sawn white oak last fall for a bridge, that due to the Christmas lockdown never got fixed. Got another bridge to do this year, same size, identical bridge. Wood is 50% more than last fall now. Bought from a Mennonite sawmill. Still not horrible at $3.00/ bd ft
  4. I put on the most amount of KM I ever have. Almost 4000 between 2 sleds, and always from my driveway in D9 and D5. Almost all within my Health unit also.
  5. I have a spare DESS key for both my sleds. All keys are programmed to work on either sled, so 4 keys total that work on 2 sleds. I have never needed the 2nd key, but keep it tucked hidden in the sled if I happen to be out and lose the one I have when stopped for lunch, or trailering etc...
  6. McIntosh Power in St. Marys is the only place I go to for all my Can am and Skidoo parts and accessories. Honest work, fare value, and guarantee the work. My old 1995 Skidoo was a money pit. Had it rebuilt when it blew up. Less than 500 km later, siezed up.(next season). Took it back down, they fixed it under warranty. Few years later, blew a piston at the end of a season. Next season, only got about 3 km on it, and piston was fired. Doug again rebuilt the machine for me. No questions asked.
  7. Dave K


    I went for my last ride last week Fri. 2 sleds, total near 3900 kms, and not a single breakdown. I figure why wreck something now, I think I'm parked for the season to now. I don't have scratchers either, so that makes an easier decision to park it.
  8. Bushes are getting snirty. Brown spots in the fields are getting larger by the minute. That being said, the only bare spot on the trail was at the Stratford corner of the swamp, where about 150 metres of bare ground showed. If we survive the weekend I will be surprised. Any other year, have at it, but on a year that has been this good, time to leave them parked. I haven't wrecked anything yet, why start now. LOL
  9. Yup. Got another 100 k on today. I think this will be the last run for me.
  10. Ya, cause that's all the evidence the OPP needs, not like they are trained in detecting that kind of thing.
  11. The fact that he is alone in his decision, everyone else let the trails be open will definitely help him change his mind and let trails open
  12. The whole rail bed is not part of the OFSC trail system. The rail line is part of the G2G Rail trail. Guelph to Goderich. https://g2grailtrail.com/ They are very anti ATV, hence the gates. The parts of the trail being used by the OFSC has the gates open, the rest is closed, and not part of the trail. It is a great trail right now. Last summer they graveled the entire length of it with peastone. I'm not sure how it was paid for, as there is no way to generate revenue. Lots of Bikers and Hikers on it. I wonder how long till they stop the snowmobiles. I think they would if t
  13. Perth East Rec Centre 40 Temperance Street Milverton Trail head is staked out the south end of the parking.
  14. I think the trail also runs too the back of Dave's Diner in Sebringville. There is a gas station right beside it. Or come a little bit north, and park at the Perth East Rec Centre in Milverton
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