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  1. we got out in the fresh snow with the old fanner just south of port Sydney
  2. Looks like port Sydney has starting packing ,but we do need another good blast here to get the green light I'm thinking ,did manage to get out back with the 380 fanner and get some grooming done
  3. Couple inches on the ground just south of port Sydney,going to be a slow start again
  4. Ordering my 2 this weekend coming ,lets get the party started
  5. I have so much wrapped up in sleds,permits,insurance and trailers ,probably won’t stop this guy from riding
  6. We also like Gowganda lake lodge ,been biking and sledding there for years
  7. Mary lake is now staked today
  8. Same old same old ,that’s the price pay for going off trail ,nothing new in the muskokas, playing hooky and riding first thing in the morn when it’s quiet
  9. That is Doug Fords spot on fawn lake .I did not blow a corner .the sled was going off trail on a straight section .it was in the water overnight and it was -26 .looks good on him
  10. Did some more 80 series and then to baysville on sat .all trails were in great shape,came back home trail 55 by Fords cottage on fawn lake )
  11. I also know the owner of that land ,this is not the first time he has been put to the test for sure ,if this section was to be closed there would be miles of rd running ,it’s - 26 here this morn ,going to do a early morn run before the throttle jockeys get going ,seen lots of trailers around the muskoka yesterday
  12. I'm sure it will be .cold weather here now
  13. Things are starting to come together in the neighborhood 20210128_114630.mp4 20210128_131717.mp4 20210128_114630.mp4
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