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  1. coolbane

    Yearly "Open Trail by Date" Graph

    Interesting, thanks for the info. I had a few decent trips in D4/D9, it is always nice to ride from near home.
  2. coolbane

    Here's to another season done and gone

    My family pulled stakes and signs today. A perfect social distancing activity
  3. coolbane

    Tether Cords

    Interestingly, my sled bucked me off yesterday when riding the side of a roadside snowbank. The sled stayed rubber side down and rolled down the road about 20ft. It would probably have stopped moving somewhat sooner if I was attached to the tether. My earlier smart-ass comment on this thread must have gave me a bit of bad karma!!
  4. coolbane

    Tether Cords

    I think I recall seeing only about 5 riders over the past 20 yrs wearing tether. I guess they must have all posted in this topic
  5. coolbane

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    Did a 315 km loop today from Hillsburgh to Markdale creemore, down 322 to Shelburne and home. Trails pretty good everywhere though snow was pretty thin in Spots on the lowlands around Creemore.
  6. coolbane

    Shelburne Durham Markdale

    We did 570 km total on Saturday/Sunday, riding between Hillsburgh, Creemore, and Shelburne on Day 1 and Hillsburgh, Mt. Forest, Ayton, Fordwich on Day 2. Trails were very good everywhere we rode. Even the roadrunning wasn't too bad. It is sad to see though that there is more and more road running every year.
  7. coolbane

    Port Perry tomorrow.

    ZR, I can’t ride tomorrow but we have to get a ride in sometime this season. Been too long
  8. coolbane

    Something new from Doo coming tomorrow

    Motörhead’s 850 Doo Motor blew up in Quebec today. Maybe the turbo will fix that!!!
  9. coolbane

    Cochrane area conditions

    Trail report for yesterday, from friend of mine: A trail around Cochrane either wasn’t groomed Friday night or there was so much traffic it got beat again. The A 106 to the C was a gorgeous snow highway as was the A down to Iroquois falls
  10. coolbane

    Cochrane area conditions

    I"m a little puzzled as to why everyone is reacting so strongly to this post. From my perspective, CV is simply a club volunteer who trying to convey that the club is listening to the trail reports and is trying to make the trail better. Ya, maybe the wording is not perfect, but so what.
  11. coolbane

    Cochrane area conditions

    Thanks Denis, there is good information which would help me plan my day of sledding. That is, if I wasn't stuck here at work all day!!
  12. coolbane

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    That is only part of what I heard him say. We reap what we sow.
  13. coolbane

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    I think it is very bad that the guy running Abitibi Base Camp is telling sledders to ride the red west side trail. This type of advise is what gets trails closed all over the province.
  14. coolbane

    Cochrane area conditions

    IMO, It would make OC a bit more useful and relevant if guys took just a couple of minutes to post a quick Post-ride report on Route/conditions. Screw the critics
  15. coolbane

    Cochrane area conditions

    On our way back south now after a good 2.5 days of riding pretty decent trails. As a general comment, it is a bit disappointing how few trail reports are posted on OC. With so many sleds in Cochrane over the past few days, surely there are more OC’ers up there who can do actual trails reports.