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  1. Ya, Good ride yesterday Blake. It was a pleasure riding with you and it's always a bonus to get out sledding on Paddy's Day. As Blake said, conditions were mixed. Don't go if you hate the sound of an occasional rock grinding against a carbide!! Lots of decent riding left in there, but you also need to be ready for the 'spring riding surprises' of water cuts and ATV damage to the base. I'd go for one more visit if it wasn't such a long drive.
  2. So, all my buddies have joined the ranks of the 'early foggers'. I don't know why because it is not as if they all have nice sleds. Anyway, if anyone is riding Hali tomorrow, or wants to ride there, send me a PM if you want to join up with another OC'er? Apparently they have decent base still but you may need scratchers.
  3. Has anyone ridden that little patch of yellow trails over the weekend? Conditions?
  4. Has anyone on here ridden Durham, Markdale or Meaford area today or yesterday? Any trail report would be appreciated.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has ever done a mark-up of a D9 map showing where the really bad road runs are located? I often run D9 but always seem to forget about the bad road run until I'm sitting there facing it
  6. Thanks, I did forget about that. They were very quiet on our night there and also had a big party cancellation for this weekend while we were there (shitty to give such late notice). Not a good season with Covid and everything.
  7. I haven't been on Polaris for a few years. Does their 650 Patriot motor have a good reputation so far? Any issues arising after their first season?
  8. Yesterday, we rode from Sportsman around Wolf loop down to Rocky, over to Capreol and then worked our way across to Warren and to Noelville. All trails were hard, fast and had adequate cooling. Will be better on weekend with grooming on-going. Why is there no signs for Sportsmans on trail? Is there some dis-agreement there?
  9. We are planning to do a loop from Noelville up thru Warren, around L Wanapitea and Wolf Mtn loop on Tues/Wed. Everything looks green but wondering if anyone know any specific trails or areas which we should avoid, or interesting things we should go see? Thanks.
  10. Where is that railway bridge located? Is it still a snowmobile trail crossing it?
  11. Well, I know this will go over like a lead balloon around here, but I'll give it a shot: If you were in charge of public health in NB/PS in January 2021, it seems reasonable to me that you should consider methods to limit the arrival of non-essential folks from the 'dirty south'. What would you have done? You could try to limit ice fishing, downhill skiing, X country skiing, etc. I would guess that in January, all these activities bring a fraction of the visitors to NB/PS compared to snowmobiling. And snowmobiling is easy to regulate. I would probably have made that same eas
  12. Thanks PLC, that was a good place to park. Did a 280 k loop from there down to Turkey Pt. 40% good, 60% so so. I have to quit riding on Sundays. Not really alot of snow to work with, snirt in the corners.
  13. There is Drumbo truckstop at the 401 interchange, is that the place? Truckstop looks active, is it OK to park there? SF, I"m headed south so I don't want to park further north if I can avoid it.
  14. Does anyone know a good trailer parking spot near trail in general area of Ayr/Drumbo? Thanks
  15. Just wondering why the D, C101D and D108A in this area are all red? Is it lack of snow for grooming, health units boundaries? Is there any grooming on these trails?
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