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  1. Ya, sounds like a frustrating outing. That said, I would also have tried the same gig and been happy I did. It proves you squeezed the last drop of life out of the season!!! Carbides are consumables.
  2. Hey ZR. Good to hear from you. Are you jumping back in?? I’ve decided not to drive up there to ride tomorrow, even though I know the conditions would have been acceptable with a nice sunny day in the forecast. Now I get to spend the next few months regretting having caved.
  3. Thanks the additional info Stonehaven. Tough call. If there is a forum manager on OC, can you please ban this Motorhead. He always has negative unhelpful comments and I hear he is not a snowmobiler anymore, more an ice fisherman now (i.e. he only uses a snowmobile to get from one beer stop to the next).
  4. Thanks Stonehaven. A few more questions for you, or you buddy: By 'isn't great but not terrible', do you think your buddy mean: many bare spots, or exposed stones thru the base, or water cuts in low spots? If there are still some flurries coming, sounds like there should still be enough loose snow for decent cooling? Do you know if there is enough ice base to ride from the basecamp parking lot to the trails without too much grinding? Just trying to figure if it is worth dragging my buddy on the 3 hour drive or whether I should just pack it in!! Thanks again for any additional info.
  5. Has anyone ridden the Hali trails over the weekend or past few days? The website states open/poor. Would appreciate any recent info on trail conditions. Thinking of heading there on Tuesday. Thanks.
  6. We have ridden up to Whitney and down B to Hali yesterday. Trails were awesome. Question: I noticed the E110 from Cardiff into Bancroft has been lost for the past few years. Just wondering if anyone knows what caused the loss of this main trail? Just interested.
  7. Anyone on here ridden these trails today or yesterday? Also the B from Whitney to Hali. Any info appreciated. Thanks
  8. I rode 270 km between Oro and Gravenhurst yesterday. Apart from the unfortunately large amount of road running on my chosen route, the trails were mostly fine. As Yukon, I generally don't trust a trail review from someone driving by on the road, especially if they are on their way to Cochrane, LOL.
  9. Some trails have opened today between Barrie and Orillia. Has anyone on here ridden them today? Any conditions report would be awesome. Thanks.
  10. Is there any possibility that some trails in Barrie Midland Orillia area may reopen on Friday or the weekend? Thanks.
  11. Glad you got out, and thanks for the report. Do you think it will still be rideable on Friday?
  12. We passed a groomer which had shed one of its' tracks on the A trail south of Iriquos Falls yesterday afternoon. Hopefully it is not out of action for too long.
  13. Could someone direct to the link which was on OC for accommodation inn the snowbelt? I can't recall the name of the guy who prepared that information.
  14. We rode the Forest today. Conditions were generally pretty good on the main trails, which were mostly groomed. The side trails were mostly not groomed and were pretty rough. There are still quite a few of the famous Hali stone available to ding your skis and studs (I'll do inspection of studs and carbides tomorrow to see what it cost me). Overall, a good day's sledding and well worth the trip. Major offseason clutch rebuild work on my 1200 and new engine top end on my Polaris worked without a hitch, awesome.
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