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  1. Glad you got out, and thanks for the report. Do you think it will still be rideable on Friday?
  2. We passed a groomer which had shed one of its' tracks on the A trail south of Iriquos Falls yesterday afternoon. Hopefully it is not out of action for too long.
  3. Could someone direct to the link which was on OC for accommodation inn the snowbelt? I can't recall the name of the guy who prepared that information.
  4. We rode the Forest today. Conditions were generally pretty good on the main trails, which were mostly groomed. The side trails were mostly not groomed and were pretty rough. There are still quite a few of the famous Hali stone available to ding your skis and studs (I'll do inspection of studs and carbides tomorrow to see what it cost me). Overall, a good day's sledding and well worth the trip. Major offseason clutch rebuild work on my 1200 and new engine top end on my Polaris worked without a hitch, awesome.
  5. Anyone been in there today who can give a report? Were trails beat at end of day after a busy weekend? Are they likely to be groomed for riding on Monday? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys, but not a pretty picture.
  7. Are there any recent conditions reports on OC for the Northern Corridor? Surely someone is up there at the moment. I can't find.
  8. Apart from the Northern Corridor, I was wondering if any other districts are getting remotely close to having enough frost and snow to go yellow/green in the next week or two?
  9. Now that we are at busiest phase of trail install (yippee), I was wondering how the different clubs address the issue of lunch for volunteers who are working a full day (6-7 hours minimum) on the trails? Snowmobile volunteering is a little unique in that we are generally 'in the middle of no where' when lunchtime rolls around. During my years of volunteering, I have seen the following methods of handling lunch, but there are probably others: Each volunteer packs their own lunch/snacks/drinks. A club volunteer offers to prepare/purchase lunch for the full-day work crews The club has budget space to cover a few pizzas or other lunch items. Just wanting to see how this is handled at different clubs around the province.
  10. Ya, Good ride yesterday Blake. It was a pleasure riding with you and it's always a bonus to get out sledding on Paddy's Day. As Blake said, conditions were mixed. Don't go if you hate the sound of an occasional rock grinding against a carbide!! Lots of decent riding left in there, but you also need to be ready for the 'spring riding surprises' of water cuts and ATV damage to the base. I'd go for one more visit if it wasn't such a long drive.
  11. So, all my buddies have joined the ranks of the 'early foggers'. I don't know why because it is not as if they all have nice sleds. Anyway, if anyone is riding Hali tomorrow, or wants to ride there, send me a PM if you want to join up with another OC'er? Apparently they have decent base still but you may need scratchers.
  12. Has anyone ridden that little patch of yellow trails over the weekend? Conditions?
  13. Has anyone on here ridden Durham, Markdale or Meaford area today or yesterday? Any trail report would be appreciated.
  14. Just wondering if anyone has ever done a mark-up of a D9 map showing where the really bad road runs are located? I often run D9 but always seem to forget about the bad road run until I'm sitting there facing it
  15. Thanks, I did forget about that. They were very quiet on our night there and also had a big party cancellation for this weekend while we were there (shitty to give such late notice). Not a good season with Covid and everything.
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