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  1. yes and those are all sold and not avail,soOOO,this is now what is avail?but u are correct.UNREAL/
  2. i see on face plant,lac fallion anounced as of yesterday,there done for the season..thats the problem. Lots of day loops for sure out of val'dor,hopefully they continue to groom.i think that must be a 4 or 5hr drive from north bay?
  3. but will they groom?million dollar ? with temps?
  4. 14 day forcast is not looking to promising!!!!
  5. FINNNAAALYYYY!!!!!!! i see they finally groomed there side,FIINNNALLYYY,That is great news ,thanks bb.☺️
  6. it is open friday afternoon till sunday afternoon,closed monday to friday for two more weeks for logging operation..so quebec rider says..
  7. thanks scott,hope the rest of your season is more fun than the earlyer start,lots of rides left yet 👌 Thanks,Mark..
  8. is this cabin accom. or lodge setting, gobills. thanks mark.
  9. which is the better accom. restaraunt,ect. thanks Mark.
  10. that'is great your safe,but between you and dad i'm pretty sure you can get the job done,would be funny if the two of you failed at that task
  11. have 2 and love them,cant say enough!!
  12. you have made the correct perfect choice zozo ...... she will be happy and engaged in your passion..... problem solved....
  13. good on you scott,your brain and your heart are to be commended,you are using your dadsteachings to max,he will never forget this memory, and you will be the benifactor,sweet sweet sweet..
  14. yes,people become complaced during the ride,lose focus,,reminder can't hurt..of course it's a reminder to newbies..YES YES it helps.
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