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  1. I cancelled ON and took the group to Val D'Or last week instead of the "big loop" through Timmins. If no first-hand report from anyone, suggest you try the Timmins club president, as I believe I had some exchange from him (which I can't find (sorry)) regarding that trail and the hotel manager thinking the club would "fix" it. Cheers az
  2. You must be in room 111 or 113, based on your view. This trailer, and I think the one to left of it was there when I was last week 11-14 Feb.
  3. Sorry, my bad, apologize. I was talking about the hotel.
  4. Ok. But that shouldn't then take 1 hr to be put on the table. Sunday was about 2/3rds full, Monday evening was less than half full in the restaurant. Tuesday. we ordered in a Pizza.
  5. All, My group of 6 meet at the Forrestal at Val D'Or Sunday, and we did 3 day trips, total of just over 800KM's, so that the 3 new Sidewinders could get their breakin and first check complete. Trails QC Yellow for the most part, but were ON Green in many sections. Day 1 was 386 Southbound . 1 big washout (may be fixed as trail Green today. South of the community, it becomes a travelled winter road, so we aborted and headed back. That trail was a hard Yellow this past Monday. (Day we did 25KM of the day 2 ride to check it out - Sweet ride!) Day 2 83 - local connector - 83. (300Km round trip) We headed out to Lac Fillion for fuel and lunch (NO MENU - they have what they have when you get there, soup or sandwhich. $2\Litre (I dont know if Prem or not). Long open winding roads, except for the Yellow section which has forestry work, trail beside the road, snow covered but have to watch the trail. Small 1 lane washout. Day 3 - (250KM) We headed West up to AMOS mostly on the 83, then the 307 North,. NOTE: The river in AMOS is open, so you have to cross a long-_ss bridge with traffic to head back East to the Amosphere for lunch. Took 93 and to 313 south. (Route outbound over the top of ValDOr, "Not nice" , maybe the route under VD West bound is nicer. Very nice ride except for Bridge and getting out of VD. PDF of stats attached. Pretty great save for this season. Looks like they got some of this snow, as many trails are Green today 16 Feb. Hotel: Breakfast buffet - $25+tax. Club or Smoked meat sandwhich - $25. Waited 1 hour for meal both Sunday and Monday night. If you check Expedia, get the rate, call the hotel should\may match rate. Sunday to Tue was $187\night\room + TAXES. Wed $214\night + taxes. Cheers Andy SLD2024 GPS Data OC.pdf
  6. North just closed for a bit. I pulled the plug yesterday and our group is heading to Val-D'Or Sunday and doing 3 days of hub from the Forrestal.
  7. Thank you. I see you identify a route a bit different than the current OFSC map, as on the OFSC it shows the trail continuing straight along the road after the locks and you show it (southbound) cutting to the right after the locks. At this point, I'm going to drive around a bit and see where the trail is, before parking. Google street view doesnt show any no parking signs on Bellamy Dr (adjacent to forest in Pic 1 bottom)at the south west part of all of this, so I will likely park there. thanks again.
  8. Looking at popping over to Smith Falls, and doing a loop from Smith Falls down to Harrowsmith, North E114E and either back on the E to SF, or just back track for the first run of the season. Question is, this stretch thru town looks like it either sidewalk or road. Can anyone provide some guidance or confirmation that the stretch over the locks is road, and short or road and ends up being long? Thank you.
  9. Yes. I think it is\was about $40. What wasn't clear to me if there is an admin charge to process the insurance. There web site should have the details.
  10. 15 +years ago, give or take, that gap was smaller, but still needed you to arrange for a trailer shuttle. A trip across Canada, has been done once that I'm aware of, again, likely about 10 to 15+ years ago by group of guys who rode from out west back to Quebec (I think it was that way). They had support from many clubs along the way, and maybe even Ski-Doo at the time. Losing the trail out of White River north thru Caramat and up to Longlac is a good example of how tough it is to support\maintain trails in sparsely populated areas. That part of the province is pretty "sparse". (Our daughter just drove that way last Spring on her military posting to Alberta, even in the car (Toyota Corrolla) , she had to plan her fuel stops carefully.)
  11. Thank you. I'll plan a trip out and back on 1 tank of fuel in this case.
  12. Question: Doing 2 nights at Moose Horn Lodge in Feb, with a day trip down to Searchmount and back to Moose Horn; next day to Wawa and Duberville. Anyone know the distance (miles or KM (I can convert)), from Moose Horn (or Chapleau worst case) to Searchmount and is there fuel at Searchmount? (All 4S, and we will be carrying fuel.) Thanks
  13. Where I've found the best prices on BRP fuel tanks.
  14. Reached out to Dennis at the Hornepayne club on the build progress of the new Studio 6 Hotel. He reported that ground isn't yet broken, therefore at this point winter 2025 is the earliest it may be ready.
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