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  1. Having done the big loop once, a second trip that we had to abort at Matane, when I rolled in a snow storm. Keep in mind that the weather there can shut the trails down for a day or two. South side of the big loop is sparse on fuel stops, but faster than the north portion. Check the Sunday hours on small town fuel stations. Some of my videos from our first trip and 2nd trip, if you look up apexltx56 youtube user. (Our 2nd trip was going to only be the North side and down to Murdochville and back type of thing.) Also great that you don't have to carry beer, just get some at the gas station at the end of the day.
  2. A route is now available from NL to Cochrane, and with still almost 2 weeks to go, should all be Green by the 12th. I will cancel the backup hotels at KL. Thanks
  3. Some considerations: 1. Aluminum does oxidize, just much slower than steel does (salt is a challenge though); 2. I have a 2004 Triton Alum which the steel axle is being replaced this week as a precaution ( I think had I done a better job of rinsing the underside each spring and spraying something on the steel axle, (plus 1 year my storage place left it parked on the grass all summer) I likely wouldn't consider replacing it now. Otherwise, the alum is mostly in good shape, except where any steel bolts or screws go thru (again a better rinse and anti-corrosive spray in the spring can go a long way);, 3. Krown is designed for inside channels and spaces (does swell some rubber), does drip (for days); 4. Oil - same a Krown (in my opinion) Here is the 2004 trailer, and the old axle pictures, for you to judge, and make a call. I think if you do a good rinse each year, and target specific areas with a store anti-corrosive spray, you should get 18+ years, like I have. Cheers
  4. Thank you. I need that section open by 12 Feb, which I expect it will be. I already have a KL alternate start point instead of NL, if the NL area isn't open by the 12th of Feb. Contingency planning.
  5. My buddy and I did 155Km yesterday East of Ottawa, and north of the A trail outbound and A trail (rail bed return). Trails are Yellow, but closer we got to Hawksbury, snow was less. A trail - old rail bed, had almost no snow in wide open areas, sheltered areas was bumpy but snow covered. Tried the new FXR coat and gloves. Burned off the storage gas. Temp was =1c, with water droplets freezing to the front of the sled and visor. Assisted a Cat guy who was about to abandon his sled for later recovery. He had a warning light. Had him restart the sled, no warning light, short test drive was good, suggested may have just been some bad gas, as we saw he was fueling at a station when we passed him, earlier.
  6. Update: Perfect, it shows as Yellow as of today.
  7. Anyone have any updates on when it may open? Or is it a low snow area also?
  8. Here ya go. Found this sled frozen in to the side of the trail, last ride of the season, last March north of Mont Laurier. Called the club for the area, and they were already heading out to retrieve it, as the trail was disappearing fast. (This is after a large wash-out on the trail, which caused us to turn around.)
  9. If you plan on riding out of QC Mont Laurier in Feb 2023, suggest to look for rooms soonest. Some hotels only had 2 night weekend stay, Complex Dix 80 wanted over $280 for 1 night Feb 24th. Ended up booking the Super 8 for under $200 for the 24th, Friday night. Comfort Inn only has a single King or Queen bed for the 24th.
  10. Agree. Hopefully, a restaurant will also open close by.
  11. If you have a TPMS sensor, that nut has a very low torque to it. I had a situation where for some reason the nut holding the TPMS sensor valve stem loosened, and my slow leak was at the TPMS sensor, but only when driving, as the sensor was subjected to rotation forces. When the car was stationary, no leak. (Last resort item to check.)
  12. Hi Andy, Thank you for your local support. It's great to hear from members from other regions. A Motel 6 is slated to start construction in the spring in hopes of being open for the 2024 season. Hopefully then, we can choose to stay locally and enjoy the local loops and touch base. Happy Trails. Denis - President Hornepayne Snowbears
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