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  1. That's funny. As the email said, FCMQ didn't have anything yet, plan was for the 2022-2023 season, BUT, check back 1 Nov. I've decided to buy the QC week pass for our saddle bag trip this year, too many questions on where we end up with COVID (and exactly when the new sled shows up) to drop close to $400 on a QC season permit. But, thank you for the update.
  2. Its the voyage, not the destination. So, depends on if you want to say you've done the big loop, or just want to the Gaspe.
  3. Ah yes, the Gaspe storm of 2019, Feb. The end of my trip roll over. Here are some pics on why anyone considering doing the Gaspe should build in a contingency day (or two). No one was sledding for 2 days with that storm. Can you find the trail sign in the sunny picture?
  4. What Piston Lake Cruiser said. Two trips, 2014 and an incomplete 2019. You need to factor in that if they get hit with a storm, you can be at your hotel for more than 1 day (2019.) Look up some of my videos on youtube. apexltx56 for some helmet cams. 2019 I rolled heading back to the Quality inn in Matane, and severed my quad tendon. The storm also caused the rest of the group to cancel trying to go to the Chic Chocs. Don't count on small town gas being open on Sunday. you will experience fantastic grooming and "that is a SNOWmobile you are driving" after some snow falls. 2014 we did
  5. I put an Ice Attack on the Vector, and was completely happy with it. I wanted the "pics" for ice, and I found that the Attack is more web like than the Ice RIpper so traction on the trail was fine. I think the Attack also seems to have more rubber support around the lugs. New sled is supposed to have the 1.5 Ice Ripper. If BRP delivers minus the ICe Ripper, then an Ice Attack will go on, or I will stud. It would be a bit tough to justify a new track to the boss on a $20K sled.
  6. Reached out to the FCMQ asking about a gift card option for a season pass ($375 - discounted) for the 2022 season. The response was that the issue came up last year, and that they plan to have a solution for NEXT year, to solve the issue of not having a VIN for new sled purchases before the discounted cost period expires. 2022 Rates attached.
  7. My buddy with a Mach and my Ren X, dealer as of yesterday is still forecasting mid December delivery, based on his info from BRP.
  8. I and my buddy ride with the Gears heated jacket and thin glove liners, for many years now. On the jacket, one warmth element is on the back of the neck which is great for the helmet stiffness. It cuts down on our layers, and the glove liners eliminate heat packs. The glove liners are a balancing act, and are most often damp by lunch time. When I upgraded the seat foam on the Vector, I considered installing the heat pad, but the new foam had a saran wrap type material between the foam and seat cover, which was too high risk for melting in my view. To run the Gears jacket, you need t
  9. Exactly! My dealer fully expects to have some back out for whatever reason. My riding buddy has money down on the Polaris and Mach Z, may be whichever comes in first may be his new ride (Mach Z appears to have "talk" delivery of mid Jan 2022). If you reach out to the high volume dealers, may mean a drive, but much greater chance of getting one. My dealer was over 300 sleds sold, mid March. Loiselle Sports Inc.
  10. Years ago, in my subdivision, a guy was installing a pool and the contractor came across a rock about that size buried in the back yard, cost the homeowner about $6000 to get it lifted out with equipment that about that same size, or perhaps bigger.. Rock now sits on his front lawn, since he paid $6K for it. And thank you for the trail work. Being from Ottawa, I do ride some of your trails over the course of the winter.
  11. I suggest anyone considering getting a "start" battery consider purchasing a product that offers more than just a vehicle boost. I've been using the Antigravity products for several years and currently have the XP1 (lots of functionality, but the case is a bit big). At the hotel, I can use it to charge my phone, helmet cam, etc. Therefore, I only have to search for 1 outlet in the room to charge the battery while I'm sleeping. They come with adapters for most/all phones, battery boost cables, and a Boost switch - which has turned over a Dodge RAM truck. Comes with AC and car charge connector.
  12. Word I got in the Spring from Reinhart trailers was that Triton had opted to not deliver Clamshell trailers this year, and only deliver enclosed "box" trailers. I don't know if that has changed, but I don't see any new Triton clamshells anywhere. And since it looks like I can get the new REN in mine, mine stays with me. Keep in mind that the big advantage of the box trailer is not having to clean all the snow of the roof, just to open the clamshell. Good luck. @ScottyCampbs just found this 2010 https://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile/kingston-on/snowmobil
  13. Holy cr_p.. $5K and I thought mine (2004 Prototype) was only worth $3500. Mine is mint compared to that one. New hubs and wheels, floor coat of Thompsons again this year.
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