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  1. I'll bet you are finding a windshield and installing it when you sled in the Algoma area in February. (I think there is only 1 Algoma area, unless you have one down there also. )
  2. I'm 5'10", and think like you. Yes I'm older than you, but I don't drive a Buick, and I really don't want to have a tall "old person" windshield (no offence to your bride). Medium it is. thanks
  3. I'm giving the hotel, from an accommodation provider perspective, the benefit of the doubt, and consider that they had for the first time a situation where they had that many trucks and trailers staging out of their hotel. They did make an effort to find an alternate place to park when you left for another hotel. If I'm arriving and paying for a room, but have no place to park, my position would be the person paying for that night should have room to park at the door. Kap has always been good to sledders, that I know of, for the last 20 years. I'd be surprised if the situation occu
  4. On the medium windshield, where does the air blast hit you, i.e., on my Vector the blast hits at about the helmet; and do you find the medium works for you in most temps? Thanks
  5. I know, but you see it is like this; I'm trying to retire in the next year or 3, (I'm hoping 2 years at most, as I really don't want to spend some of a summer in Kuwait again (I don't do 48/50c temps well at all) and she laid out 2 very simple conditions for me to retire: 1. Stop spending so much on toys (I have another sport which is also expensive), or 2. drop dead. So, the "Harley wanna-be" was just traded in on the REN X.
  6. Stock low windshield on that sled. My read is that the Medium is 3 inches taller, so I'll buy the medium at this point.
  7. Stopped by the dealer today and they loaded up a 21 REN X for me. @Willy Just as you and Usedtoskidoo say, fits (at least in my 10ft clam shell, which is a drive on drive off trailer (plates which mount the clam to the trailer appear modified). Snug fit, but fits. Looks like I'll go the the Super Clamp Rear for the back end, but otherwise GTG. With the windshields coming off that easily, I'll get my son to sew up some bags for mine and my buddy's windshield when removed from the sled.
  8. No new trailer required (phew!!!). REN X 137 fits my model of Triton 10ft Clam shell. Stopped at the dealer today and they loaded up a sled. No room to spare, but fits. Posting pics in the other post. Thanks for the input on trailer options, but my Triton just keeps on working.
  9. @revrndI must carry way too much stuff for me to get away with that 21l bag, on a 5 day trip. Our packing list originated close to 20 years ago, when all kinds of things would go wrong. I am trying to remove some spare items, "but you never know" when you need a dry pair of socks! My 5 day saddle bag is always stuffed.
  10. Good to hear only short tracks. I thought it was another thing was loading up on my son to build or more work for you, alternatively.
  11. As I'm moving to BRP, I'm puzzled why the need for the fabricated pieces on the LinQ to only lift off the tunnel?
  12. While I'm sorting out if I have to go to a new trailer or not, anyone running the Pro Starr Hybrid Rear Ramp 12' trailer; impressions, handling, build quality? Also, any comments on ACTION trailers, good or bad? Thanks
  13. Do you have the medium height windshield and how do the windshields attach? Thank you.
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