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  1. Where I've found the best prices on BRP fuel tanks.
  2. Reached out to Dennis at the Hornepayne club on the build progress of the new Studio 6 Hotel. He reported that ground isn't yet broken, therefore at this point winter 2025 is the earliest it may be ready.
  3. Some interesting "out of the box" ideas for sure. I agree that the sport needs new ideas to continue to be viable. My thoughts are simplistic in comparison, I would like to see some functionality on the OFSC Trail map: 1. FCMQ has has a layer which shows when last groomed, why can't the OFSC map do the same; (Heck, New Brunswick shows the groomer in real time.) 2. I would like a third color (purple?) which identifies road running, and or bridges when the trail is open but be advised lack of snow. I see some clubs flip to Yellow for lack of snow, but no snow for a few KM's is a whole other matter for sleds. Example, the section in red is a long bridge, which is a road way, I expect that the club has identified that there is no snow on the bridge, not that the province told the OFSC that snowmobiles can't use the bridge. Flip that section to Purple - no snow road way. As we all know, no snow on roadways or shoulders is very different than in the dead of winter when the ground is at least frozen. Also, I'm not talking about simple road crossing, I'm flagging when we have to drive along a road for hundreds of meters, and it is dirt, or rocks, or bare pavement. My 2 cents.
  4. Same situation. with about 5200KM on the 1.5 Ice ripper. Tried the very small rubber hammer and found its effectiveness limited. I may try to spray the sides (NOT on the Heat exchanger - has been the warning) of the tunnel with the Dupont Snow and Ice spray, which some people say it helps.
  5. Trail 13 wasn't groomed yet, missed turn was about 22Km south of the Inn. Also, snow got deeper as we headed south to ML. I think why I missed the split, both the trail and road had a bout 1.5ft of new snow. Road had an ATV tire track on it, otherwise pretty deep and not used in the winter as best I could figure. Overall, this year I found the trail signage not as frequent as I have in past years.
  6. Yes. Replacing all the old ones with this style, my guess is varying sizes. I think at least 4 or 5 new cabins already.
  7. Saturday – Mont Laurier (Super 😎 to Mekoos to Pourviore Lac Du Repos (250Km day) Route: Local E, 63E, 53N, L by lake, 53N, 319W – Mekoos (99KM) Mekoos – Lunch starts at noon. Fuel was 2.423\Lt. 3 hot chocolates was $10. Route: 53N, 33E – Repos (152KM). Fuel was $2.899\Lt (Cash\debit) (I used 22lt from Mekoos) Cabin 7 – β€œvery Rustic” – hunting\fishing cabin. Cabin was cold on arrival. Can of Stella 476ml was $10.50 each. Dinner was good. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, patats. Sunday – Repos to Wemotaci (155Km) to Relais 22 (125KM) (280KM day) Route: 345N, 83E Wemotaci – snack bar – around the corner from fuel station starts at noon. Basic fare. (Skipped on return trip.) Grocery store across from fuel and next to 83 outbound. Gas was $1.70\Lt. Reg only. Steep climb out of town, with look out. Relais 22 – fuel was $2.23\Lt Reg. Sleeping building has a common area and wings with rooms of different sizes. Our room was 2 single beds next to each wall and 3 ft between the beds, with a sink, all else down the hall. Main building you have a reserved table, place was busy. Monday – Back to Repos, same route Wemotaci – fuel, ate what we brought at the lookout, picked up beer in store to bring to Repos. Repos – Cabin 6 – not as β€œrustic”, cold cabin, had to fetch firewood. Dinner was good. Tuesday – Repos to Club Notawissi (265KM day) Tough day – significant snow all day, very hard to see the trail in the forest cleared areas. Route: 33W, 33N, 13S. Fuel at Depanneur, Relais Lu-Nic , (103KM) Fuel $2.25\Lt Super Cash (maybe no debit either). Club Notawssi – brand new chalets, ours had 2 bedrooms with 2 doubles and each BDR had its own bathroom with shower. Chalet was warm and roomy. Staging out of here with your wife is recommended. Pictures attached. Dinner at main building – Smoked salmon appetizer, great main meal. Breakfast – made to order. Wednesday – Club Notawissi to Relais Diable to Mont Laurier (113KM) Route: Should have been -13S, 322N, 322S. Ended up on a closed road which caused us to by-pass Saint-Anne du-Lac. Luckly, the closed road joined the local trail north of the 13 before the 322. Did enjoy running about a foot and half of new powder on that closed road for many KM’s. Did the look out at Diable – pretty impressive. Opted to enter ML from west side, much shorter than crossing the town from the 63. Stayed Friday night Super 8. Best Super 8 breakfast ever. They have a large parking lot across the main road and just over a bit for truck and trailer parking, while away sledding
  8. Trail to HP wasn't open yet when we were up at Hearst a few weeks ago. However, year before we asked the Companion to make us sandwiches which we ate on the trail for lunch. One year, we bought hot dogs at the Esso station and ate them in the parking lot. With the new hotel planned, hopefully it drives a full-time restaurant.
  9. Yes, it is that goat path up to the Casey's restaurant parking lot, and yes, best I can remember it has gone from a groomed snow filled trail many years ago to overgrown bush. The Super 8 still contributes to the trail map, why I was so surprised of how many fallen small trees are across the trail. Well, he responded and said he would take a look, which is reasonable. If he opts to do nothing, then I guess it becomes the Comfort Inn down the trail in the future, because crossing the highway is a safer option than that trail, according to our group.
  10. Our group have been using the Super 8 in Timmins for over 20 years. I have pictures of me sitting in the lobby in my PJ's after my first blown piston. Years ago, they had a groomed trail up the back side, which is steep. We've watched it go from a groomed trail to what it is this year, having trees down across a goat path, which required us to climb over several trees and then hill climb. Therefore, I gave the Super 8 a harsh review. Credit to him, the GM responded and identified that the trail was the Timmins club responsibility, which is what I thought. I accepted that but replied that every club is struggling for volunteers, and the fact that he is a business with a maintenance guy, and just 30-60 mins with an electric chain saw could make the trail at least safe for all levels (and ages) of riders. His reply was that he and his maintenance guy would walk out and take a look. If someone opts to stay at the Super 8 in Timmins, can you let me know if the rear sled trail was cleared of the fallen trees? Thanks
  11. Tough day. A trail from Matheson was ok to good. Trail Base is rock hard, throws you around but enough loose for cooling and sliders. Took 191 and 192, any road running is bare and brutal. Fields around Nl will struggle with any more warm weather. Waterfront parking lot bare and almost empty compared to snow covered and packed last sat and sun. The river from Waterfront north is BRUTAL, deep ruts from when it was soft, and had no snow unless to tried to sweep up onto the steep sides. I wouldn't stage out of NL without new snow, especially for the river section, fields were passable, but any road or lots were bare. I would not touch Timmins without 20cm of new snow, my opinion folks.
  12. Slow and rutted trail (especially corners) out of Timmins to Cannaught. Had about 3cm of new snow. Base is frozen solid. A trail south from Matheson is fair to ok to good. Some Corners rutted. Sitting in Ramore. Cheers
  13. Running from Timmins to Nl today, I'll let you know tonight. They have cold now but trails rutted and less than 1cm last night. I'd make a backup plan.
  14. Wet snow from Hearst for about 1.5hrs and then rain all the way to Timmins. Suggest you avoid C trail from Smooth Rock to A106C. No base, and unless they get a good storm it will very tough to recover from this rain. Staying at Super 8, avoid both the Timmins area and Super 8. No snow base, trails are dirt exposed in many areas. Super 8 no effort to clear the downed small trees on the back trail to the hotel. Had to climb several small trees, and we know where the the trail is otherwise not marked. Good thing we brought Goats to help us navigate the path! Everything bare pavement at Timmins.
  15. Back in the day, when the big loop was Timmins, Folyet, Chapleau, White River, up thru Manitouwage, Caramat and into Longlac, and then back to Cochrane we would come back across the top from Longlac. I remember the A was open and quick, maybe following a gas line? 195KM between fuel stops. Have fun.
  16. Brand new, with side pieces. Came off on day 1. It is 14 or 18 inches depending on where you wish to measure, which I believe is the Low, since I installed a Medium. I'm in Ottawa. I'll be trailering to the Waterfront at New Liskeard on the 11th of Feb. (I can arrange to drop it off in the Kearney area as 18 Feb.) Looking for $145.
  17. Here is their FB page, their trails are in rough shape from trees down and a warm winter start. https://www.facebook.com/groups/188208353029/
  18. Looks like thought to assist snowmobile riders and their gear being included.
  19. Having done the big loop once, a second trip that we had to abort at Matane, when I rolled in a snow storm. Keep in mind that the weather there can shut the trails down for a day or two. South side of the big loop is sparse on fuel stops, but faster than the north portion. Check the Sunday hours on small town fuel stations. Some of my videos from our first trip and 2nd trip, if you look up apexltx56 youtube user. (Our 2nd trip was going to only be the North side and down to Murdochville and back type of thing.) Also great that you don't have to carry beer, just get some at the gas station at the end of the day.
  20. A route is now available from NL to Cochrane, and with still almost 2 weeks to go, should all be Green by the 12th. I will cancel the backup hotels at KL. Thanks
  21. Some considerations: 1. Aluminum does oxidize, just much slower than steel does (salt is a challenge though); 2. I have a 2004 Triton Alum which the steel axle is being replaced this week as a precaution ( I think had I done a better job of rinsing the underside each spring and spraying something on the steel axle, (plus 1 year my storage place left it parked on the grass all summer) I likely wouldn't consider replacing it now. Otherwise, the alum is mostly in good shape, except where any steel bolts or screws go thru (again a better rinse and anti-corrosive spray in the spring can go a long way);, 3. Krown is designed for inside channels and spaces (does swell some rubber), does drip (for days); 4. Oil - same a Krown (in my opinion) Here is the 2004 trailer, and the old axle pictures, for you to judge, and make a call. I think if you do a good rinse each year, and target specific areas with a store anti-corrosive spray, you should get 18+ years, like I have. Cheers
  22. Thank you. I need that section open by 12 Feb, which I expect it will be. I already have a KL alternate start point instead of NL, if the NL area isn't open by the 12th of Feb. Contingency planning.
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