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  1. I'm creating a thread over in the Tech forum to continue the Premium Fuel Temp discussion.
  2. It is funny that you guys mention that (Prem not burning higher), as that was my position on the matter for the last 40 years, and often debated with the Mach owner over the last 40 years. I could have sworn we came across some info during one of the beer on a porch debates last fall that said Prem burned hotter, much to my surprise. A quick check confirmed what you guys ae saying, not hotter. I now need to find the source of my miss-information. If I do, I'll start a thread in the Tech section to continue, should "we" be interested. Thanks
  3. We both had a single scratcher. He runs Prem fuel this time of year, which burns hotter. His Mach is almost always 5-8c warmer running temp than my X. (I have the IR 1.5, he runs a studded track with the big plastic mounts) I run 73-75c temp. On that road I reached 95C. There was no snow to scratch on the road or shoulders. Love the new Ski-Doo. I can't stop raving about the rear suspension comfort compared to my Vector LTX. Front suspension is also way better than the Vector; that said I think I will get Accelerated Tech to put Dual rate springs on the front when I take the sleds to storage later this Spring. Two days of pounding moguls on the week trip convinced me that front suspension has room for improvement, compared to the rear. Last ride. Already planning next years trip, in QC.
  4. 27 March Trailered to Mont Laurier for a day trip. 13North to 322, plan was East on 322 up to Mekoos and back down thru the mountains. I'd say this applies to all Spring riding locations, although my experience Sunday was in QC, north of Mont Laurier. First total obstruction was this washout (trail marked as Green), only 40KM from our staging place. More than a sled wide and 3ft deep, with steep sides. For those that think it was worth taking a shot at it, this guy did, I’d say the day or night before (ON plate), and coming from the other direction (Yes, that sled is frozen in the ice). Looks like they tried to get him out, no luck. (322 between Ferme Neuve and St Philip - called the St Philip Pres when I got home - they have now closed the trail and they said they would go Monday and recover the sled for the owner.) 2nd Obstacle: Tried to take the lake trail parallel to the 13 North out of Ferme Leuve. Saw two sleds earlier in the day and it looks like they took this route. However, they broke the top layer of ice for about 10ft from shore, and we couldn't tell how deep the water was, or if there was a bottom layer of ice. So, aborted that. Drove back to the gas station. (note pretty well no snow on roads in town.) 3rd Obstacle: Saw that the 13 North runs along the lake, so back thru town to take it. But that part is road shoulder, so no snow. Look back, no Mach Z anymore. Turned around, and found the Mach Z shutdown at 115c over-temp. Waited about 25 mins for it to cool enough to head back thru town and abort the day, and ride back to Mont Laurier. total was 78KM. I'm afraid to look at my carbides, especially with the TX ski. Summary: Spring riding conditions mean –“You’re on your own, watch out for obstacles”; Ice on trail – “The trail bed is all ice, scratchers needed and good luck in town”; Green Trail (QC) – “Doesn’t mean trail conditions are great or even good – just mostly safe”
  5. 100%. Having done the Gaspe 1.5 times, the .5 caused by major aborts because of weather and my injury. Any Gaspe trip in the future as a min of 1 day contingency for weather. When they get a storm, they get a storm, and you can be at your hotel for 2 days.
  6. Even fuel efficient sleds would have to carry about 10litres of fuel to do 260KM. Shows this season,
  7. Too old for that "stuff"...
  8. Booked 1 night on 26 March. If possible, can you PM me with some trails that you took\recommend out of Mont Laurier. I'll be day tripping Saturday and Sunday, then drive back to Ottawa. Thank you if you can. If not I'll start searching the names or places. Thanks
  9. Since Mont Laurier is only 2.5 hr drive for me, this pretty well confirms a trip either this year or next for sure. Thanks for posting the info.
  10. I heard they ran out again this week and had to shut down. Apparently, there deliveries are based on last years volume, which was lower than sales this winter. Keep that in mind when setting your fuel stops.
  11. Sent you a PM. (Just back from the week long trip.)
  12. Not me. They are staying at Westway, room 30. Offering beer and drinks to anyone who brings them the tank they lost.
  13. JR is closed tonight, Sunday. So not sure what happened. Terry's restaurant was going to close at 8pm, let us eat in.
  14. In years past we have taken the L162 and L161 to get back to New Liskeard. Great enjoyable trails, when status Green. Unless the status changes to Green, Sunday I will lead us up north along the A trail, as Yellow can mean not groomed in a long time, logging and minimum snow, all of which make for a tuff and/or day. I hope someone has more info, for both of us.
  15. Which is more fun, GM or Ford? All trails up there, in the last 20 years have always been a pleasure to ride. The loops north of Hearst are always very nice. The loops south of Kap are always great. Comes down to how far you wish to go in a given day. Even riding the same trail in the opposite direction is still enjoyable. Good luck
  16. Web shows closed on Saturday and Sunday? Restaurant at Thriftlodge? I see Harveys at the Petro, and the Subway. Any recommendations on Pizza delivery? (I went to Cochrane instead of Timmins because Caseys is closed on Sundays - figures.)
  17. This year Day 1 (Sunday) is NL to Cochrane, because in 2020 we learned that Casey's isn't open on Sundays anymore. We ended up walking down the road to a take-out style fast food chain outlet - Ok but not a Casey's. We have been using the Super 8\Caseys for many years (even back to when they use to put up a cage for the sleds.) No complaints with the hotel and easy enough to get to by sled. 2020 trip 1 Yamaha\Cat had an issue while we were at lunch in Folyet, called Timmins dealer for pick-up, stuck at Timmins a few days, staying at the Travelodge. This years trip we will try the Travelodge, based on his recommendation East Side Marios next door. Hotel lot looks big and the trail seems to run to it. Super 8 - if not a Sunday stay. Travelodge - Waits to be seen.
  18. Polaris Under Seat Oil Storage NIB - $100 Shipped. Retail is $176 tax in. PN 2889363
  19. If the trail is Green - the river is frozen and you are GTG. I see some contour lines, so it does look like you have a descent and therefore an ascent. I can tell you exactly next Sunday on my way to Cochrane from New Liskeard. I'd say our trips have used it at least 7 times, no issues, over the years. Welcome to the forum, many very experienced travelers and riders to help you out.
  20. I want to offer a 2nd option on our 3 March day , Cochrane to Timmins. I already have going up to the Base Camp and then down to Timmins. But, I (most of us) haven't been on the C trail south of Timmins in about 15 years (the old Tree Bears Cabins). I'm considering going straight to Timmins, fuel up and then head south on the C to the Tata Chika Pika Lodge. I've pinged then to ask about a trail from the C and if they can provide a lunch. What is the C trail like south of Timmins - Hydro Line or bush (or both based on the map)? As anyone stopped there for fuel or lunch in last few years? There is a look out just south of the lodge off the C, great view?
  21. Not doing the big loop now. Back in at Hearst that night, and with Dubreville being 294KM, not an option round trip. The Hearst/Hornpayne day trip is an easy day, leave at 9, lunch around noon, maybe the L191 and back to the hotel. Years ago got us into the hot tub before the water got grimy at the hotel. I think we hit Cindys a few years back, not sure if that was before or after the place across from the Esso closed after I think 1 season or so. I think I'll suggest the trail side dog roast that day based on the forecast I'm seeing. Thanks
  22. We all snore - why ear plugs are part of our pack list. 1 week too early for me, as I'm on our trip the same week.
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