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  1. Years ago, in my subdivision, a guy was installing a pool and the contractor came across a rock about that size buried in the back yard, cost the homeowner about $6000 to get it lifted out with equipment that about that same size, or perhaps bigger.. Rock now sits on his front lawn, since he paid $6K for it. And thank you for the trail work. Being from Ottawa, I do ride some of your trails over the course of the winter.
  2. I suggest anyone considering getting a "start" battery consider purchasing a product that offers more than just a vehicle boost. I've been using the Antigravity products for several years and currently have the XP1 (lots of functionality, but the case is a bit big). At the hotel, I can use it to charge my phone, helmet cam, etc. Therefore, I only have to search for 1 outlet in the room to charge the battery while I'm sleeping. They come with adapters for most/all phones, battery boost cables, and a Boost switch - which has turned over a Dodge RAM truck. Comes with AC and car charge connector.
  3. Word I got in the Spring from Reinhart trailers was that Triton had opted to not deliver Clamshell trailers this year, and only deliver enclosed "box" trailers. I don't know if that has changed, but I don't see any new Triton clamshells anywhere. And since it looks like I can get the new REN in mine, mine stays with me. Keep in mind that the big advantage of the box trailer is not having to clean all the snow of the roof, just to open the clamshell. Good luck. @ScottyCampbs just found this 2010 https://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile/kingston-on/snowmobil
  4. Holy cr_p.. $5K and I thought mine (2004 Prototype) was only worth $3500. Mine is mint compared to that one. New hubs and wheels, floor coat of Thompsons again this year.
  5. Used slightly last couple of years when doing sled work. Manual included. I'm in Orleans/Ottawa. I can drop off between Ottawa and Huntsville, 30 June, as sled trailer is half empty. Otherwise it is a pickup deal. $250
  6. Plan is complete. thank you guys for the input which greatly assisted with finding a new start point, vice NB or the 10-15 years of NL. Book the rooms in the coming weeks. Now, wait for the new sled and deliver the Vector up north to Kearney next Tuesday.
  7. Thanks. Based on the sled sales numbers, I don't think it wise to leave planning until November, like in the past. I figure warm places to sleep may be in very short supply this winter. So, yes, earlier than normal planning. I may also have a busy business travel schedule to the USA in the fall, so banging this off now is better for me.
  8. I put higher foam and a new seat cover on my 2013 Vector last year. I have now sold the Vector. I have the original foam and seat cover, no tears, in great shape. (Always stored out of the sun.) All black. No seat pan. If someone is interested in it, let me know and we'll see about figuring out a price. (I'm in Ottawa.)
  9. It would be from Sat to the following Friday, and based on my drafts, we would only stay the first night (Sat), and we would pull out Friday, instead of staying that night. Mind you, I find that freeing up rooms on a Friday night during sled season is fine with most places as they have waiting lists. I also figure empty trailer and SUV is less appealing than a sled loaded trailer.
  10. On the off chance that you may know how many rooms with two beds they have, I would need 3 rooms with two beds in each room, in other words it is 6 guys, (no couples). The web site isn't clear on how many double bed rooms they have. I'm still awaiting word from the group on switching to TEM from NL. Ups Day 1 to 313KM from 246Km, which is fine. Adds about 38Km to the last day, but landing at TEM puts us in striking distance of trailering home that same day. Thanks
  11. Link shows that the work is expected to be complete by July 31,2021. Are you parking your trucks and trailers at Tem Rose, and leaving them for the week there? I would need space for 3 SUV's and trailers. Looking into this as an alternate to now flipping from NL down to NB, based on the recent council decision to open more of North Bay to sleds. Thanks
  12. I reached out to the FCMQ, who directed me to a club contact, who has not responded as yet. I've now planned a 2nd night at the Quality Inn at Rouyan N instead, with a day loop in the opposite direction, should we chose. I now also like to factor in weather delay days, since the Gaspse storm caused us to abort 50% of the trip.
  13. I'll reach out to the FCMQ to hear if they have information on the plan for the trails south of Val d Or for 2022 season (it would be a dead-head out of the Forestal and back to the Forestal). Alternatively, I can plan a day loop out of the Quality Inn at Rouyn-N on the 93 and 83, which covers some of our previous day ride, but in reverse. (If someone complains, then the trip ends on Friday instead of Saturday.) Attached, is my draft, I'll get the hotel list together, then send it out to the group for comment, then we book hotels; then wait for snow.
  14. New Liskard. I'll post the plan tomorrow. This was a consideration for a 2nd day trip before heading to Matagami. instead I'll look at a day trip out of Rouyan Noranda instead., where we head to after Matagami.
  15. Planning next years week trip, and looks like it has moved from New Brunswick to QC. Looking for a 2nd day trip out of the Forestal hotel, but the FCMQ trail map says these trails are closed. Anyone know if that was simply logging last season or something like that, or if the trails in red are closed permanently? The next day is to Matagami. Thanks.
  16. Apparently not enough. (I've sent this to a friend who both he and his wife now ride Harley.)
  17. We stayed at the Lydia Lake "Lodge", outside (further than we thought) of Longlac, so don't know about Qwissys. (Long cold day, dark already, low oil lights on, some deep valleys and hills, (all according to my brother), getting into the lodge.) Itinerary for 2005 Day 1 Kirkland Lake – 204 km – Timmins Top A – A101 – A111C Day 2 Timmins – 255 km – Chapleau C101F Day 3 Chapleau – 290 km – White River Top F – Top D Day 4 White River – 300 km – Longlac Top D – D109A – Top A Day 5 “Day Off” for some fishi
  18. Hey, I thought you were selling me your XRS if my X didn't show up, and you would ride your new Polaris . I sold my Vector to my nephew, who is buying it as a 2nd machine for his family; using it next season is no issue, so I too am not sweating delivery. If my knee replacement slides into November, I may not be able to ride until Feb anyway.
  19. That appears to have changed slightly: Stories about an international shortage of semiconductor chips have been flooding the airwaves in the past month, as a supply-vs.-demand push and pull has affected everything from the automotive industry and smart phones to personal computers and household appliances. And, yes, powersports including snowmobiles are affected as well. In a story on Yahoo Finance Canada, the president and CEO of BRP – maker of Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Can-Am and more – admitted the challenge last week. At the same time, his words were intended to sooth concern
  20. Covering the tampon in Vaseline much safer, gives you slower and longer burn time. I avoid using gasoline for fire, ever since the military water immersion heater tried to take my face off. (I have about 2/3 of your kit. Basically, I can spend 1 night outside if I had to. Left over mind set from the first decade of sledding up thru Caramt and Longlac, where you never knew what the trail had in store for you.)
  21. Standard Issue for anytime you are lost in the Woods. Sit down and start playing solitare, sure as poop, someone will step over your shoulder and tell you where to put a card. Not lost anymore.
  22. We ran 6 Yamahas, Vectors and Apexs and Ventures, since 2010, all of us went to the SS solenoid, and never had the cold start problem (because of the solenoid) again. The Apex had an in-line heater, so even Cochrane cold, no problems. The Vector, no in-line and a 4 year old battery, no go -38c; hair dryer and many boost attempts, and as mentioned, most sleds in the entire Westway parking lot didn't started that morning. (I also severed my subscapularis on the right arm, the day before the trip on that 700 Formula, trying to pull start it in the cold, years ago. Sledding that week was 80% left
  23. tow strap use. oddly enough a Cat. :-) 



    1. stoney


      It is not the sled...but the rider :)

      Sounds like he smacked the pole too, hopefully no damage.....but ya know if it was a Doo, it would be a right off, Cat has a better chance of survival....LOL

  24. Hi Stoney,

    I'm also about to discuss with CYT Bags about these touring bags, as I don't like anything that Doo currently offers. Looking at the tunnel bag for weekends, and then snap on the outer 1 or 2 bags for our week long trips. He told me to call back end of June once his boat stuff settled down.

    I was considering a battery blanket or pad, but with the block heater, should be ok. I always have a spare fuse for the face shield. I've decided to go the E LinQ. 



    Bags both.JPG

    1. stoney


      HI Andy,

      I have not looked at luggage yet, but will need to for the new Doo....have you considered the new Kimpex ones?


      I saw the block heater and I am pretty sure the heater pad is what Big Pussy does to fix the cold issues on 4-strokes and 2-strokes....I am sure I read a tech post from him on that in the past.


      In my mind it is a possible weak battery that is the fault for a non start on a cold morning, so with a booster pack, I think that will be the resolution and an easy thing to carry/pack....and with the synthetic oil used these days, the oil does not thicken up as much anymore. 


      Looking forward to the ride as I am sure you are too.....will likely look at more things to improve after I have some miles on it though.



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