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  1. This was 2yrs ago this time of year in Haliburton. What a difference.
  2. I use Blackstock Motorsports for just regular parts I need, always seem to have everything stock but never had any work done by them. Don't like trashing dealerships usually but had a terrible experience with Haliburton Outdoor Equipment. My daughters were alone at the cottage when they had a mishap with my Nytro and unfortunately I was 2 hrs away. Towed it to Yamaha, told my girls they couldn't look at it for 4 days. I got in touch with them and asked for an estimate which took another week. Finally came back and said $1200 without labour. I said no and told them I would
  3. Well said!! Really enjoyed your pics and input
  4. Great day, way better than I thought
  5. Thanks, I'm up there this weekend so I might drop in there Saturday for a final ride. They stopped grooming as of Tuesday so might get a little choppy. I think they will close after this weekend
  6. How bad/ good was it? Scratchers a must?
  7. You will need scratchers for sure in the morning, things should loosen up in the afternoon. Might want to consider dropping further north on their trails (behind Little Kennisis) better conditions that way
  8. Tall Pine trails were amazing all weekend. 62, 64,65 and 66
  9. Wonder why the lake isn't staked then
  10. Might take my wife there to check them out. Any good? Looks to be a short ride, lake is all Red to get there though. Would have to trailer I guess
  11. What happened to losing the trail through Moose and Eagle? Landowner? PIA to go all the way around now
  12. Yes tons of sleds out on Kennisis and redstone all weekend
  13. How was the wolf loop? I was tempted today
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