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  1. Some people park on the side of Paradise Boulevard. I’ll take a look this weekend when I’m up at the farm. When are you planning on riding?
  2. I totally agree. That’s why I said next time I will spend more money, and buy a better trailer suited for my needs. Ox pointed out that cheap and strong doesn’t exist.
  3. I used the trailer for transporting my snowmobiles in the winter and for my business the rest of the year. It got a lot of use and I may have over worked it. I will source a stronger trailer next time, and pay the extra money. I couldn’t afford a Triton at the time so I bought the cheapest one available at the Toronto snowmobile show. I got what I paid for.
  4. You’re correct Ox. I bought a cheap brand new trailer a few years ago, and I didn’t know the difference in build quality. I found out a few years later when the rear top corners of the trailer failed prematurely.
  5. And they are always looking for volunteers to help get trails open.
  6. I agree with signfan, skidoo 900ace would be my first choice.
  7. We are neighbours. Come over next time you’re up at the cottage.
  8. I’m not on the lake front, but I know what you mean. The ice can pile up high towards the end of the season.
  9. We installed a “Ring” security camera at the farm on the weekend. I can now post pictures of the snow amounts for the east side of Lake Simcoe.
  10. Welcome to the forum jd8430 and congratulations on your apex purchase.
  11. Did you ever get the opportunity to ride with Sledjunk? It was never boring 😂
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