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  1. I think he’s upgrading to skidoo...
  2. You will be lost without it
  3. Hi Scott. Will Paige be riding arctic cat next season or switching to Skidoo as well?
  4. I think you will be very happy Gadgetman.
  5. My neighbours 600etec surrendered on the L159. The great team at the Hearst dealer diagnosed the problem but no parts were available. We loaded his sled on the back of my truck and he headed home.
  6. Who is ordering a 2022 arctic cat or yamaha? So far skidoo and polaris seem to be the most popular.
  7. I believe it’s a problem with the stator. It’s in the shop now, and I’ll let you know when Rick gets it back. The awesome people at the Skidoo shop in Hearst did the initial diagnosis and let Rick know that his trip was over.
  8. We definitely won’t forget our first ride on the L159. We got to experience the first quarter of this trail heading north and then suddenly Rick’s 600etec shut down (electrical issue). We will see you again next year L159. Great memories with the great people we met on our trip.
  9. Blake has ice scratchers
  10. Riding from Cochrane to Hearst and back is 560km depending on the route you take (280km one way). Riding 560km in one day is an incredible achievement for you and your son. Dubreuilville to Hearst is 320km approximately plus 280km from Hearst to Cochrane equals 600km. Some 13 year olds ride 560km (Virtually) in a day playing PS4 while laying on the couch and texting their friends at the same time. The bumpy section on the A trail between smooth rock falls and cochrane is a great life lesson for your son. Navigating through rough times in our lives can lead to amazing groome
  11. Ontario F7 and I rode with Techdenis007 and his GF from Hearst to Hornpayne, and back. We met 1049 and his wife at the moose land warm up shack. It was another beautiful day riding with amazing people from this forum.
  12. Techdenis007 will be riding a yellow skidoo expedition 1200 with his GF Melanie. Sean will be riding a blue Yamaha sidewinder, and I’ll be on a red viper. Wave us down if you see us.
  13. We are riding to Hornpayne as well, leaving the super 8 at 9:30. We’ll have lunch at Cindys and then ride back to Hearst.
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