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  1. Some of the trails are getting iffy due to all the traffic and no snow mainly the fields, you might be better to trl. a bit farther to Fenlon
  2. Yes Jerry it is getting crowded at the Sunderland co-op with all there new trucks etc. .I am sure you will find a spot at are club house , if not go north of the club house and turn right at the first side street that will take you over to the park and arena , you can park anywhere there no problem .I imagine you can google it
  3. Hi that trail is a Port parry club trail ,I am Heart of Ont club I am sure that trail is posted closed on there web site and the ofsc interactive guide due to logging it this season . Go on there web site I am sure they will help you out
  4. Thanks snocrazy yes this is a major issue we are dealing with due to private land owner abuse , thanks to some fantastic volunteers who worked all weekend to help with the damage things are looking much more positive with the land owner.It will only take one more issue to close this trail .
  5. Hi MIike The parking erea on Thunderbridge Rd. is east of #35 most just park on the road before the rail line ,you cant miss it . I just got back from from Haliburton now it was fantastic kawartha has been grooming non stop . It snowed heavy all the way from eagle lake .
  6. ontario7 I am working on it ,made some phone calls ,let you no soon as I here
  7. Thanks snowcrazy as this trail has not been open for 3 years I can sure use the help .think snow
  8. Hi Paul contact me at hoosc trails ,I am sure I can help you out
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