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  1. I talked to the club about it an they told me it’s one of the last lakes to freeze an there going to be a new route for it.
  2. I just got told it’s not staked yet and the person was wondering why it wasnt yet as there 16 inches of ice on it.
  3. Haha guy says doesn't do boondocking just the odd jump here and there lol
  4. Yeah there was 7 of us right when the road ended just for a break. Yeah today would have been bad for that road would be stoping ever 2 mins to cool down lol
  5. That's good to hear can't wait will be there Sunday till Friday
  6. denny


    Yeah there 10 of us going canyon and Timmins are 2 days already planned looking for maybe a 3rd day big ride
  7. denny


    Heading there feb 5 what are some nice loops to do other then the canyon ?
  8. We should be showing up there feb 5 for the week
  9. denny

    Parry sound

    Okay that makes sense now thanks a lot was just confused that's all
  10. denny

    Parry sound

    No I mean like the map says yellow but no stakes out on the lake wildbill not being a dick was just wondering why open and not staked or if that was a mix up and shouldn't be open
  11. denny

    Parry sound

    What's going on with little white fish
  12. denny

    Parry sound

    Greats trails today wildbill best trails this year keep the work up boys doing a amazing job little white fish says trails open but once we got there it wasn't staked and we had no idea where to go once we got there we guessed what's he deal there
  13. denny

    Parry sound

    Awesome will be starting in orrville
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