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  1. I have marked this date on my calendar. Nunz you might recall that you and I met at StOnge this spring and had a snowmobiling chat. My name is Chuck (snowbiz) and I would love to meet all the passionate riders that I might be able too hook up with for a ride during the upcoming season and / or beyond. I will travel to Gravenhurst on my motorcycle so I will arrive with no booze and no lawn chair. If I'm lucky, Carol will come along with me. Hope to see Y'all then Chuck
  2. H'mmm. You had a 2010 LTX APEX (as did I) and you went to the Viper - I buy that as I went to a 2013 Vector LTX with Power Steering after my shoulders had to be re-built. But, now you went to Ski-Doo, after being a Yamaha guy.

    I left Ski-Doo after blowing 2 pistons in 3 years, 1 of which was just south of the Canyon. If you read the story of the couple broke down south of the Canyon, my story is much longer.

    Anyway, back to the fact that you went to Ski-Doo from Yamaha - Oh the horror.... :-)


    Safe riding..

  3. All my arrangements are in place. Leaving around 0300 from Barrie and with reasonable road conditions, should be in Cochrane before noon tomorrow. Staying till Thursday then returning home. Couldn't talk anybody into playing with me so going on my own. If anyone is going or is in Cochrane over this time period and wouldn't mind another sled tagging along just let me know.
  4. I agree for a couple of reasons. I was on my way from Alliston to Barrie when the storm was just getting into high gear. I made it to Thornton where my pickup truck had had enough of drift busting and quit. I got backed into a farm laneway and walked a short distance into the village. Went to the only garage in town and I went with the tow truck to bring my pickup to the garage. We where the only vehicle on the road by that time. We towed it to the garage where it stayed for four days until highway 27 was plowed using dozers and graders to clear the snow. The above was the first reason to
  5. I am leaving for Cochrane dark and early next Monday morning, be there before noon and in time for a good ride Monday afternoon. Staying over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, riding Thursday for a few hours then driving home Thursday pm. Haven't booked yet but plan to stay at the Thrift Lodge.
  6. Hey Blake, do you have poetic license to that line???? I love it. Can I use it when the appropriate occasion arrives?
  7. So I never made it to Mattawa. I started out and had a great ride until I got on over 12km's of road running on the "D" east of Powassan. The Near North Trail Map indicates 13.2km's in that section and my guess is it's all on the road. The road running actually wasn't that bad today but the further I went along the more I thought about having to ride back on it on Wednesday after the thaw and freezing rain. So I turned around, went back to Emsdale and now I am back home Sorry I didn't get to meet everyone that are at the Valois Motel. Maybe next time I wont whimp out
  8. Leaving from Emsdale Monday morning going to Mattawa , Valois Monday and Tuesday nights then return to Emsdale on Wednesday. Hope to see you on my travels.
  9. Sorry to hear you lost your Edge 810. Hopefully someone will find it and get it back to you. I'm also a cyclist who uses my Garmin Edge 800 on my sled with the Ontario trail maps installed. Using this device on our snowmobile is a big advantage over many other types of GPS in that we can use Garmin Express and Garmin Connect to record our rides and collect a vast quantity of data that at least I find very interesting and valuable. The only piece of data that I think might be a little obscure is the "total calories" per ride. Anyone who has a Garmin Edge Cycling GPS and is n
  10. Just to let you in on the meaning of red! ! ! Red means the trail is closed whether it was really good or not.
  11. I have just seen this thread and it looks like there is a lot of interest. The idea of parking at the Shell / McDonalds / Go Cart Track at gasoline alley on the Hwy 11 southbound side at the 2nd of Oro is a very good one for the following reason. The B112B has been rerouted and no longer goes along its original path from the Hwy overpass at the 3rd line of Oro to the 2nd line of Oro on the north side of Hwy 11. Now when you cross the overpass at the 3rd line you have to follow the 3rd line all the way to Ski Trails Rd then west on Ski Trails Rd to the 2nd line then down the 2nd line
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