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  1. Pic taken of said bridge back in march 2017.
  2. Nope, Haven't been on my sled in over a yr. I do still have it though. I had my Grizzly stolen this past spring but ended up getting a replacement late summer.
  3. Looks great up there. Would love to be back there making some tracks.
  4. Awesome Video. Bout as close to Missing Link this season I'll be getting is through that Video.
  5. Wow looks awesome! Really missing this time of year back there,
  6. Wish I was there to go. Havent missed one in years until now. Moving to NS has had some negative impacts. Enjoy!!
  7. Lol Yup. Be hard to send you any from the NRSA now unfortunatly. I do miss ontario and ive only been gone 4 wks. The Petawawa to Stonecliffe area has a lot to offer us outdoor folks. Guess will have to spend some time explorig locally now. Im back for a few days end of next week for a visit then back to work.
  8. Link may not work. If you search the first part of the link there is some interesting history.
  9. Apparently it was demolished along with the service station back in 99 to make room for hwy 17 expansion. Will see if i can post the link. http://www.museevirtuel.ca/sgc-cms/histoires_de_chez_nous-community_memories/pm_v2.php?id=story_line&lg=Francais&fl=0&ex=00000311&sl=9148&pos=1&pf=1#37
  10. Be interesting to actually know where that was if so indeed Chalk River at one time. I will ask around.
  11. LOL, Nope never seen anything that looked like that either, mind you, judging by the vehicles, I may not of been around when this picture was taken. Who know's, there are places where that could of been there at one time. Trying to see if I recognize any of the buildings in the background but nothing coming to mind.
  12. Pretty cool. Trying to understand the theory behind them. Watched a couple other videos to see how they work. Still not sure how they remain so far outta the water at times.
  13. I looked at the pictures and they both showed 1017 on their displays. Thought at first, what are the chances they'd both have identical kms, but then re-read the add and noticed one had 162kms only on it. Looks like the picture was taken at 10:17 and the kms on the other were 1017.
  14. I think some were groomed this week. We're up in Stonecliff for the wknd now and they said groomer was heading out soon here. 6" of fresh snow today.
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