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  1. Yes to the studded track and scrachers, I would not want to do it without.. when we did it, was not a stitch of snow
  2. Friend took me out last year riding over the island, we got to the island from south of the swing bridge. The conditions were not the greatest when we did it, as it was glare ice, but it did look rather safe other than the 5 or so bubblers that we had to skip. I'm sure we could have went around them, but as a follower i followed...lol I don't know what the safe time frame is for sledding across. Closer to the upcoming season, i could send you some gps tracks that we took. We ended up getting off at Glenn Burney marina and hopping on the fitness trail and heading north.
  3. If you still have a problem, Georgian bay trailers is the one mentioned above off of ostler park drive. If its a bolt you just need? hit up parry sound auto parts or muskoka auto parts. I am always in parry sound, usually daily if you should need a hand or any tools.
  4. They have some heavy equipment in on the hydro line doing work in that section. i seen a excavator there last week on my way by, not quite sure what they are doing, because i had thought that there was already a new bridge over the creek in that area. There maybe a little lake jump around that spot, but like you i always run nine mile.
  5. My sidewinder 141 xtx has a 1.6 cobra, and i just hit 17k km for the track. It still looks like great, and i should get another few seasons out of it. I put in dupont sliders 2 years ago. I do not ride roads too often(when i can avoid them), and i am careful not to hammer it in low snow conditions. For my riding i will most likely stick to the 1.6, but if i think i was going to road ride alot and hammer it on low snow/rocky conditions i would for sure want something smaller.
  6. I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good parking spot as far south on the C as possible? i am having to trailer from Parry Sound...what a joke... Ramsomair are you in for a weekday ride? Anyone else from the forum wanting to meet up for a ride?
  7. i was ice fishing in some back lakes yesterday when a conservation officer stopped to check things out. He had mentioned that the trails are being used by lots of people, and had no sign of any opp on the trails. Not so many road crossings for them to sit up in this area, as they will be waiting a long time.
  8. I had found it reasonable for what you get. Seemed the same prices as tapatoo, only the rooms were nicer we had thought. And yes it seems like a crap meal at mc d's is over 15$ now..haha......cheap=no nice=YES
  9. I Dont think it was mentioned, but the Log Cabin Inn, off the 209 is a pretty nice spot. Wife and i usually hit there once a year for a nice dinner and stay. Rooms are nice and the food is good. It is listed on the sled map.
  10. Thanks Slomo, licience stickers ordered! The send me a pdf just in case until the new one arrives.
  11. Stupid Question: Just noticed that i have not updated my license sticker on the side of the sled since 2020. Is this something that i have to go to the drivers license office to renew or is it something that can be done online? I am assuming that the renewal was sent to my old address, so never thought anything about it... Thanks in advance for any help...
  12. Not up north but in Parry Sound, most restaurant log books have been largely from the 519,416 area codes all summer/fall. The biggest complaint that i have heard is not from the visits from the city people, but the attitude that some of them bring. Its been a hard year for all restaurants and the wait staff, and i think they are fed up with the crap. All the locals here seem to understand that we want the business, but it does come at a risk. Some restaurants would have rather stayed open for take out with all the travelers, and some are doing that like the Duck Rock Restaurant in my ho
  13. As many small businesses are hurting badly during this time, people just won't keep still or stop with gatherings sadly. I somewhat understand why the full lockdown. My wife's parents in Burlington are pretty well out running errands every day it seems. We just shake our head. I live in a remote community in the green zone and our numbers have been good since the start, BUT the amount of cottagers from red and lockdown zones have been outrageous. They just are not coming up and staying to their own they are living life as usual up here. (Don't want to say everyone, because it's
  14. This will be a handy map for many. The parts shops will be busy this year with all the stump and rock hits. Bring ur shovels
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