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  1. It's ok for now but if we get a bit warmer just be careful running down the lake the Grand River can really start flowing!
  2. How did the virus get here? And what about the other variants? Hmm ! I wonder what government could have possibly done a year ago? Strange!
  3. Should have told them you just came from Haiti!
  4. Where is this conversation going? The title of threads is permit sale? Lol
  5. Go out and exercise your permit just don't get hurt you don't want to have to be in a hospital!
  6. Are they plowing the 201 again this year Bill?
  7. I can sled down the lake and avoid the trail and no one says a word!
  8. People park on side road and walk their canoes, kayaks, tinners down and launch them anything bigger you have to use the launch
  9. People walk, bicycle, ride horse and fish/boat and don't pay a cent to access land, or water I live there and witness it everyday
  10. Funny how people were able to go boating on GRCA waterways all summer with no issues?
  11. I still ride my 96 xlt don't having matching suit though! And my hair not as long!
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