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  1. Excuse me but I resemble that remark. There is something that may be missed here. Technology has come a long way, we now communicate effortlessly. We always have a lead out front, he tells us about all oncoming traffic. The sweep also relays info on faster sleds form behind, we pull over at our earliest and safest opportunity. This allows a much more enjoyable and safer ride with little worry. The whole trail is yours. Check them out.
  2. I flew a Cessna 206 in this same capacity 30 years ago. We flew with a heading indicator and a spotter with a topo map and a zoomed viewfinder. No GPS. It is a grid pattern, about 100-200 yards between lines. All day "Ta me, Ta me.....Ta you Ta you." I was moving 1/2 a degree at a time, very fatiguing. We were at 300 feet, with "the Bird" 200 feet below. We had to climb fifty feet over powerlines. Creepy. On the winch behind us was a pair of linesman's plyers. In case of a snag we were to swivel and cut the 1/4 inch steel cable???
  3. C102D and C114 After all the snow they go yellow. Grooming issue? I would like to try the trails into Bala. Anyone been south of Port Carling?
  4. I saw a guy towing an old set of single bed springs a few years ago. Works great for tight forest trails. He just added cinder blocks as required.
  5. Do you put the mic up under the face seal?
  6. I rigged up a test lead with leftover cables and a red 12v light. Trouble shooting is easy on a cold day. It is usually the cable.
  7. I tried one on at the Cove yesterday. I paused just for this reason. The mic will be awkward.
  8. Getting really close. 102D was not bad on Saturday north of Bala. If Gravenhurst opens we may have a loop for the up coming Sno-Bomber weekend in Bracebridge
  9. The Ramada Pinewood has a great model train display. Check reviews though, looks like it has deteriorated quite a bit since our stay 10 years ago. It was called the Clarion then
  10. Does anyone know if the groomers are out around Gravenhurst? Trying to book a week ahead in hope that a few trails will open.
  11. J-Fly


    If you really want to get technical you can monitor water temps. A very good indicator of weather and temperatures to come.
  12. J-Fly


    Just add a little snow and we are looking good.
  13. The GPS is far better. It is powered directly and has a larger screen. The POIs are already there for free. You mount it on your sled and keep your phone warm and charged in your pocket. There are continuous map updates for the GPS, the OFSC could piggy back on that. I would pay more for this service.
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