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  1. Great topic. I have experienced this situation as everyone else. I remember we had an issue at work with one of our propane dispensers that was covered in ice. Tech came in and sprayed some stuff on the ice and it disappeared almost immediately. He said it was alcohol he sprayed on the area. Maybe some isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle would work? He had a big spray bottle...like a litre bottle but the ice disappeared immediately and the mechanism that was stuck was now free. Might be worth a try to see if works on stuck areas and in a spray bottle its easy to apply and you get decent use from the amount of product you have. I know usually isopropyl alcohol is expensive if you have to buy it retail. Better deal if you can get it wholesale.
  2. Thinking of doing day trips out of New Liskeard next week. I see L162 and part of the A trail south of L162 has been showing yellow for a while. Anyone been on it lately and can advise how rideable these trails are or the reason why they are yellow when the trails around them are green?? Maybe logging or contractors working in the area? Dont mind riding a few km of tough conditions but dont want to do it for 10k or more. Thanks
  3. Sorry to hear this news. I met Gary briefly several times on the trail over the years. Always was a great supporter of the club. RIP 02. My condolences to his family and friends.
  4. I have a cinder block basement that was built in 94 when I put the addition on. Its on bedrock but uneven. Minimum space is 3 ft and the highest about 6 ft. The blocks are not filled with cement. I built a mechanical room at one corner and it has all the water connections in there except for the pipes running to the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. I heated the mechanical room with a baseboard heater (1500 watt) but the room is very well insulated. I have a submersible pump in the lake and run heated lines from the lake to the room and from the room to the septic system about 180 feet away. The main basement is not heated. I have had a thermometer in the basement since it was built as I was worried about the pipes freezing running along the floor. Most of the time we were only up on weekends but I can say that the temp never went below 26F that I saw and that was at a really long cold snap where is was continually cold at night of -20F or colder. Most times the temp is at 30F and above. I never had a pipe freeze. I always drained the water down to the heat room when I left at the end of the weekend as I never wanted to have to worry about something going wrong when I was not there but it only takes seconds to drain. Shut pump off and open all the taps in the cottage then open 2 taps in the basement and drain all the water out of the pipes. Put antifreeze in all the basin traps and shower trap. The basement itself is roughly 24 ft by 28 ft and the heat room is contained in that. Hope this helps.
  5. I agree on P&L. Great service (inc after hours if thats whats necessary)and they try their best to do whats good for the customer. Marc and Simon the mechanic just great folks. Heck they even remembered me from one year to the next and I was only there once each year. They will do what ever they can to allow the touring rider to complete their trip with the shortest delay possible.
  6. Thanks for the tip... I will check that out for sure
  7. Unfortunately no. For some reason you always wanted to have your sled tarped up when parked. I will have to call around to a few dealers and see if they have any in stock. I imagine not but its worth a try.
  8. Thanks for the pics. I was thinking of buying 2 of the smaller bags but maybe I should buy a small bag and the SR21. Never seen the SR21 in person and was just wondering if it had noticeably more capacity than the smaller bag for the more money it is. Always like to have as much storage as possible but I think I like the looks of the shorter bag better.
  9. Is there much difference in capacity with the new bag compared to the SR21??
  10. Very nice set up! Really like the seating arrangement for cruising. Did you get the 250 Pro XS??
  11. I use clear Mylar from a sign or label shop. Cut it so that its just larger than the trail pass decal. Put trail pass on the Mylar. Put Mylar with pass on it on the sled. The Mylar can be slowly and carefully pulled off if necessary (broken windshield) without the pass showing the "void" . Reapply to new windshield. There is also a spray label remover (cant remember the name right now) you can buy from the professional sign or label maker that takes the glue off what ever the label was on without damaging the surface the decal was on. I have been using it for years and never had an issue damaging any surface. Especially a plastic windshield.
  12. Sorry...I am wrong on this. We stayed at the Comfort Inn and left the trailer. We sledded in and stayed at the Super 8.
  13. I think Kirkland may have changed their policy on this. We stayed there last year and went on a saddle bag trip for 4 days. I told them when we booked thats what I was going to do and they said no problem leaving the trailer there as long as it was put in the newly plowed area adjacent to the hotel parking lot. We were the third trailer there when we left for the trip and there were 4 more parked there when we got back 4 days later. Never charged us to leave the car and trailer.
  14. I would be interested in that as well. Always fun to explore new trails and always better to be in a new area with someone who knows the trails. We will be in the NCDN next year for sure and also hope to do a couple of tours in Quebec if this Covid thing gets behind us by the end of the year. Revrnd's hammer has a few dents in it that it didnt have before but I look forward to putting lots more dents in it next year!!!
  15. Just brutal customer service on behalf of the GM. I would have thought any customer willing to drop the money for a 4 or 5 night stay plus room tip would have the red carpet rolled out for them. Seems like they sprung this rule on you guys after you arrived? They should have advised you about these rules when you were booking your stay there, not after you arrive. Not sure if it would do any good send an email to head office about this but I am sure if they are any type of quality organization, head office would like to hear about this. I know we always investigated customer complaints when it appeared the customer had a valid concern. Then again expressing your concern to anyone at HO not familiar with the sledding situation and trailers would probably require to have the circumstances explained to them over and over.....
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