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  1. We are supposed to go to Quebec from the 8th-13th and even that is looking questionable by the looks of the long range. Early next week is really mild everywhere in Quebec followed by zero snow. I am seriously tempted to go to Cochrane or somewhere on Thursday, ride Friday and Sat and come home Sunday, by myself.
  2. I was talking to my dealer today and he said that the prices they are offering on trades are disgustingly low. He just offered a guy $15K for his full load 24 MXZ850 XRS on trade with only 300kms on a new SXS and he is afraid that the guy is going to do the deal. I dont think we have hit the bottom for pricing yet. Used trucks and RVs are in freefall today. No reason that sleds are any better.
  3. Lets be honest, you would have to be on crack to buy a sled today. Prices are only going to fall on them from now until next season.
  4. That bend will come out. You will need somewhere good to strap the sled down good and tight and start pulling. A small amount of heat will make life easier. If you are on Dootalk, someone had a very similar kiss on their Lynx. I will try to find the thread. He got it 90% out but did say that the running board had a lot more memory than he expected.
  5. If you get another chance to ride it, do your self a favour and take that riser off. I guarantee that the sled will handle better without it. Once you try it without the riser, that that FAR off and try a std 95mm fixed riser with the riser inline with the steering post. There is a reason that all of the MXZs and Lynx do not come with FAR. The FAR is a great idea on paper but really messes with geometry and makes your sled handle like crap.
  6. Yep. Changing plugs on an 850 ETEC is a PITA, but they very rarely foul and if they do its generally on sleds that are 3+ years old and on the original plugs. My dealer recommends doing them after the 2nd season. The plugs are pretty easy to do if you pull off the secondary clutch so you have more access.
  7. I do like that seat bag but it doesnt fit on a Lynx. I could get 3 x 1L of oil in it and 3-4 beers.
  8. I carry 2 x 4L of oil, a pair of shoes and 8-10 beers (for the evenings) in the combo bag and carry all of my clothes and a lap top in the Adventure bag. As mentioned, I do not want to take the chance of any leakage from oil or beer on my clothes.
  9. Agreed. The combo bag is by far my favourite linq bag. That and the 40L Adventure bag and you are good for a week on the trails.
  10. My buddies are flaking out on me for this weekend. I am still tempted to do a 2 day solo run from Rouyn to Val D'or to Amos and back to the truck. I have a bad feeling that the season is going to be over really early even in Quebec.
  11. Agreed. I owned a 22 600 XRS and LOVED it everywhere but when we were running the high speed trails in Northern Ontario. In the tighter trails it was a weapon.
  12. The throttle response or lack thereof is was keeps me off a 900R. For the riding I do, it would make the most sense but I just hate how far you have to get into the throttle to make it do anything.
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