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  1. I have not heard many good things about those tracks. I wonder if Composits will even be allowed in Canada seeing as they are made in Russia?
  2. Royal must have got the memo as tracks are now not included in their 15% off sale.
  3. I cannot believe how expensive the 23 Cats are considering they are running a good, but yet old platform?! They are quite a bit more $ than the comparable Yamaha and Yamaha was offering a 3 year warranty during their pre-season sale. A ZR8000 is more money than a 2023 MXZ850XRS. Makes no sense to this guy?
  4. Talked to my buddy today and his Gamma Rep told him that tracks are going up 30% in the fall and are going to be just as hard to get as they were last season if not worse.
  5. Yes. Palmerston Motors is building that new shop.
  6. haha. I was thinking the exact same thing. You would swear that he was involved with that place somehow. Custom John, Joe Exotic and the Basecamp guys are all cut from the same cloth.
  7. Its becoming one of those loops that you take a newbie/first timer and then the novelty wears off it pretty fast. The $6/L for fuel turned me right off this year. Chances of me doing the loop next year are 50/50 at best and 90% that I will just use my Linq can if I go at all.
  8. These guys just cant help themselves... PBR really should consider just shutting that trail down next year. Truthfully, with the Base Camp hassles and the hydro work/logging that took place on both the east and west side this year, the trail was actually one of the roughest trails up there this year.
  9. If the trail is red - it is closed.
  10. They want it registered and paid out so it will qualify for any Snow Check programs and for statistics. If it’s not registered Polaris cannot say it is SOLD when sending out shareholder and industry/market share reports.
  11. Just checked this am and the Abitibi Loop is showing red on the ITG and at the same time the Base Camp guys are posting on FB to come on up and the trails are good?
  12. I see Ville Marie has closed their trails. I generally leave my truck in VM and head towards VD from there. I think some buddies of mine are heading to VD tomorrow. I already told them not to even ask me to go ask I will just get mad because I cant go.
  13. Its pretty cold up there until mid next week. I bet the groomers are out for one last run before the temps are too warm.
  14. If anyone is thinking about heading away but doesnt want to drive to Hearst, Val D'or got 6" last night. This was just posted on FB.
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