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  1. TD will not give $2M liability. I asked as well. The local Desjardins agent is a nice gal. I can call them and speak to someone who I understand.
  2. All perils. Collision, comp, $2M liability. $500 deduct.
  3. If I was forced to pay that kind of money for a used sled or have no sled, I would sit out the season. These guys who paid drug money for their sleds are going to have an eye opener when supply comes back to normal.
  4. I just the renewal for my 21 Renegade 850 XRS with full coverage at $620 tax in with Desjardins. I did a quick online quote with TD and the same policy was $680.
  5. Its a bit of a dick move that your dealer wont let your buddy just take the Mach at the same terms that you bought it for. My dealer told me that he has had a few of his customer post their Mach Zs on Kijji before they have even arrived and are trying to flip them at a substantial profit. He said he will not participate in that type of sale. I dont blame him one bit.
  6. Problem is there is a lot of sales tax on a Mach Z which makes it pretty cost prohibitive to "flip" to your buddy. Just being Devils Advocate here, BUT unless you have a bill of sale with your name, the VIN to the unit and the sale price, with any additional terms such as assignment, the dealer owns the product. The dealer can do with it what he chooses. I always say that if it isnt on the contract, it never happened. I have a new C8 on order and I did have the dealer write on the bill of sale that I can assign the contract to anyone before date of delivery just in case I choose not to take delivery of the car when it finally arrives.
  7. Thats totally different than the guys who are speculating and trying to make a profit. Most contracts have written in the fine print that there is "no assignment" of the goods to another buyer without approval from the original seller - but no one reads the fine print.
  8. As someone who has been on the dealer side of the desk, I wouldnt let anyone assign their Snow Check to anyone in todays market either for a profit.
  9. Any ETA on your machines? My buddy at St Onge said that there is a ton of 900Rs getting built/shipped in Dec. Hopefully yours gets built and has all the parts.
  10. We generally unload in Cochrane and ride to Hearst. Spend a couple of days in that area and then head back to Cochrane.
  11. I like staying at the Companion in Hearst. Clean rooms, good restaurant on site, secure parking, close to Beer Store/LCBO and right on the trail. Hearst doesnt get 1/4 of the traffic that Cochrane gets.
  12. Here is a prime example. This was Day 1 on our Gaspe trip in 2020. Buddies Backcountry died - took it to dealer they told him it was blown up and they couldnt touch it for 2-3 weeks. It gets loaded up in the trailer and buys this Summit from a different dealer so he can continue on. The best/worse part is that he took the "blown up" sled to his local dealer to get fixed as it was still under warranty and it turns out that all it needed was 2 spark plugs.
  13. My buddies 900 Turbo X arrived at St Onge on Friday. Only thing missing is DESS. It can be picked up anytime.
  14. A bit off topic but has anyone actually seen a new Triton trailer for sale anywhere? All of the big dealers dont seem to have anything in stock.
  15. I guess the frame of the PWC trailer is fine but it was new in August. I just feel that I shouldnt have to ask Triton to warranty both alloy wheels, both winches and 2 marker lights in such a short period of time. I just dont feel like I got good value in this "Premium" trailer so far.
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