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  1. I just ordered gift cards. It was a fairly painless process.
  2. Sorry guys. Ontario sledding is going to suck balls this year because I just bought 2 OFSC permits.
  3. Haha. You are correct - the best 2 weeks of sledding in our area was when I was the in the DR on vacation. I dont think we will be going anywhere this winter. My wife and daughter are RNs and they cant leave the province without guarantining for 2 weeks before they can go back to work.
  4. I have to permit 2 sleds and I am not sure whether to buy 2 Ontario and 1 Quebec or the other way around?
  5. I can understand why guys still keep them. A well maintained 2001 MXZ700 is still a pretty decent sled. Sleds had a huge improvement in ride/handling/power from the mid 90s to the early 2000s.
  6. Everyone slows down because they think you are a cop. LOL!!
  7. I can see why they froze it at 99. You still see a surprising amount of early 2000 era sleds on the trails.
  8. I was in Dominican for the week that we had snow around Mitchell. Its ok. I went to Gaspe for 7 days of riding and did most of the Northern Corridor loop in March just when things started to shut down. I missed my last trip to Amos though at the end of march.
  9. I have not ridden south of Muskoka in the last 5 years. I couldnt even tell you the last time I have ridden around Mitchell. My girls went to University in North Bay so it was always an excuse to go riding up there as I could stop and see them both on the way and on the way home.
  10. My parents normally rent a condo in Florida for 4-6 weeks every winter. They already cancelled their place for this season and my dad told my mom he is buying a sled. Its probably his last chance to get riding with me before he is too old. If this winter sucks, it will be my last as well. I spent WAY too much money chasing snow the last 3-4 years.
  11. My Cat dealer is well connected and the factory has apparently launched an appeal today and have told dealers that they will continue to ship/sell sleds in Canada like normal.
  12. We got a dusting in Mitchell - thats it.
  13. I paid $725 from Desjardins for my 2020 850 XRS which was a bit disappointing. I do pay a bit extra and get $2M of liability and full coverage. I dont think thats a good deal at all.
  14. It appears that unless you belong to a group or an association, The Personal doesnt really want your business.
  15. scottyr

    AJ Lester

    The dogs will have to be in quarantine for 10 days per Health Unit regs. I am 100% positive they will be put down on the 11th day. There is a Go Fund Me page for Sadie if anyone is interested in helping out. Friends of our kids had a St Bernard that was borderline vicious. I am not afraid of dogs generally but there was no way I would get out of my car when I went to their house if the dog was loose. It finally bit a young child and they put it down.
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