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  1. I called a contractor buddy about re-doing my downstairs bathroom. I asked him 18 months ago and he said it would be 6 months min before he could start it. He told me he could start the Tuesday after the Long Weekend if I wanted to go ahead with the job now.
  2. I am seeing the same used sleds on my watchlists just sitting and sitting. There is zero motivation today for people to buy anything recreational according to my buddies in the boat, motorcycle and RV business.
  3. Don Coffey Sales tried that about 30 years ago and it put them out of business.
  4. I know and its not my place to say, but they are not as bad as people are saying. I know of several dealers that were down 80-90% from last years #s.
  5. Most of the smart ones know that they are going to give some of that money back over the next couple of years.
  6. I talked to a guy in Sudbury a few mins ago and those prices are legit. $17200 out the door for a Sidewinder.
  7. How is this for a deal? Not sure if this is some type of April Fools joke? https://sudburyyamaha.ca/en/Snowmobile/adid/31183921/2024-Yamaha-SRViper-L-TX-GT-Sudbury-ON/ Waiting for Farmer to say that he might offer them $8K and see if they take it. LOL.
  8. New sleds arent going to be more money in the fall than they are today. Once the manufacturers wipe the tears and/or puke off their desks after seeing Snow Check orders they will have no choice but to heavily rebate non-currents. I was told 2nd hand, but by someone in the Powersports Business that the Polaris dealer in Sudbury has well over 200 new 2023/2024 sleds in stock right now. They will need some serious assistance to get rid of those or they will risk going broke.
  9. Thats not a surprise based on the #s I am hearing that St Onge did. That being said, there were still SRXs available as of last Thursday and they were only building 998 of them.
  10. That sled has been for sale since last fall. The decals are not the correct ones for the machine. My spidey sense is telling me there is a story about that sled.
  11. 850s from any brand are a gamble out of warranty. That is why I am looking for a 600R. I have no problem buying a lower mileage one that has no warranty.
  12. Is that Jens old sled? I am not in a huge panic but I am definitely keeping my eyes open for a nice 600X or something comparable for $10K. All my buddies are getting rid of their sleds and I would have ridden more this winter if my dad would have come with me. My mom wont let him buy another sled but he is always up for rip somewhere.
  13. I am keeping my eyes open for a nice 21-23 Skidoo 600 just to have as 2nd sled.
  14. My buddy just bought a really nice 22 Renegade 850 XRS with 4000kms for $10500 privately. I saw the sled - its really nice. I wish I bought it.
  15. scottyr


    Is it still open? I assumed that most ski hills closed down already? It will have snow on it until May and often small patches are still visible into early June.
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