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  1. Weird that they get smog warnings in the winter? Apparently it’s from all the wood stoves.
  2. I just got back from 5 days in Quebec. We saddlebagged it to a different lodge/hotel every night. Trails were "good". Not amazing, but better than what we have in the South.
  3. https://www.citybiz.co/article/370777/kcm-capital-completes-acquisition-of-powersports-aftermarket-retailer-royal-distributing/
  4. Why ask to have your account deleted? Seems childish to me?
  5. As I was standing in line to check into my room in Mont Laurier, I was chatting with a lady from Lasarre and she was saying there was no snow there.
  6. We got rooms no problem but I was a bit shocked at the pricing.
  7. A couple of years ago in Quebec we were noticing that someones saddlebags let go and there was underwear and misc clothing along the trail for about 20 clicks. All of a sudden I noticed a big bottle of Crown on the side of the trail and immediately turned around to check it out. It was new, unopened. We didnt want it to go to waste to so we took it to the hotel in Amos and polished it off that night.
  8. We made a snap decision and are going to Mont Laurier on Sunday. Saddlebagging it for 4-5 nights. My buddys and my wife are in Costa Rica until Sunday am so as long as we are back to pick them up at YYZ are good to go.
  9. If you go north to some of the smaller lodges the "package" is kicking the crap out of $190 PP.
  10. The rates sure are up. The sledder package is becoming $260 per night real quick in most places.
  11. FYI. Comfort Inn in ML will no longer let you leave your truck on site if you check out even for a night and want to go somewhere else.
  12. I read on a Muskoka Cottagers page that the previous owner of the store was holding the mortgage and he has called it in.
  13. Honestly, who cares about the name change. I have never been asked to show the receipt for a permit in Ontario. In fact, I havent even been stopped by the OPP in at least 7-8 years. I used my 1st gift card mid December and had the permit in my hand within a week.
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